Bouncers At McGarvey’s Bar In Manchester Curb Stop A Drunk, Assault Good Samaritan, Cops Arrest Good Samaritan And Ignore Victim In Pool Of Blood


A violent incident at a Manchester, NH bar called McGarvey’s was filmed on New Year’s Eve, and it’s pretty disturbing. The video begins when a man is being dragged out of the bar by several bouncers, and is then violently assaulted by one of these ogres on a power trip. Watch.

I’ve always hated bouncers. Not all bouncers. I like the ones at the Blarney Stone and other places where they just sit at the door and check your ID and they look like regular dudes. It’s the ones in the black STAFF shirts, that are always two sizes too small, who get off on the minuscule amount of power they have (letting hot chicks pretend to be interested in them in order to cut the line mostly) that really set me off. I ranted about it on the live show/podcast last night (along with discussion about the Pembroke DUI tragedy and Kylie Kirkpatrick’s court records).

Just to be clear, I’m sure the victim was probably a completely douchebag. He was more than likely drunk, acting a fool, and you can see him resisting throughout the video. But none of that makes anything that happened in that video OK. It’s the bouncers job to get him out the door and then it’s no longer their problem. Call the cops because unlike guys in tight STAFF shirts, the police are trained to deal with people like this.

The video begins with Bam Bam Wigelow kicking the drunk in the head.

But that was nothing compared to what happened shortly afterwards, when they already had him pinned to the ground, and gave him the Edward Norton American History X treatment.

His head was split open and there was blood everywhere. No attempt was made to call for an ambulance or get him medical treatment. I don’t care what he did in that bar, he didn’t deserve that.

Luckily one good samaritan stepped up and said something, and for that he was also punched in the face by one of these goons, completely unprovoked.

The good samaritan swung back, lost his balance, and fell in the opposite direction. But instead of just letting it go, the bouncer ran after him with his STAFF friends, and four of them drove him into a snow pile too.

The most aggravating part about that video is that the police immediately arrested the victim in the snowbank when they arrived. They didn’t ask any of the dozen or so witnesses, or the guy filming it, what happened. They saw guys in STAFF shirts and assumed they were the good guys, when in reality they had just committed a felony on tape.

Meanwhile, the police completely ignored the fact that a man just feet away from them was sitting in a pool of his own blood. They didn’t ask the bouncers what had happened to him, because for whatever reason the police assume black STAFF shirts make you a de facto member of law enforcement. It goes without saying that the charges against the good samaritan should be dropped, at least two of those bouncers should be charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon (shod foot), and the drunk should sue McGarvey’s until they beg for mercy.

This is what used to happen in the South to civil rights protesters during the Jim Crow days. Not that some Manchester drunk is Martin Luther King Jr, but the idea is the same. When black people conducted sit-ins the mobs used to kick the crap out of them, and then the cops would show up and arrest the protesters for instigating it. The mob, just like the bouncers, were protected because they had good ol’ boy status with the police. That needs to end. There’s nothing special about a bouncer just because they have a STAFF shirt on.

I’d love to speak to the good samaritan and get him on the live show tomorrow night. If you know who he is please have him reach out to us by emailing me at [email protected], or by messaging Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook. I’d also love to know the names of the bouncers involved in this so they can properly be named and shamed. Hit me up.


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