Boxer Khiary Gray Has Avoided Jail Despite Attempted Murder On Homeless Man Derek Thomas, Countless Other Crimes


This morning we published a blog about Khiary Gray, the formerly hyped up Worcester boxer turned gangmember who was caught on tape nearly beating a man to death outside of the Dubai nightclub on Pleasant Street.

This was hardly his first run-in with the law though. In the last 9 years he’s been charged with statutory rape of a child, kidnapping, disorderly conduct, skipping jury duty, driving with a suspended license twice in two weeks, driving without a license again a year later, and finally the assault and battery with a deadly weapon charge he picked up from the Dubai beating.

The 2010 incident was a well publicized crime in Worcester due to the fact that the perps were all teenagers and the victim was a homeless man who almost died, and whose few possessions were stolen from him during the beating.

Khiary only received probation for his involvement. It’s a really sad story because the homeless man they nearly murdered was Derek Thomas. You may recall that we wrote about Derek in 2015Derek called 911 2-3 times a day and ran up estimated annual ambulance bills of $2.7 million. He was Worcester most infamous panhandler, and every paramedic in the city knew who he was.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.57.39 PM


Derek died the next year, and most people think that the damage caused by Khiary and his friends caused permanent damage that led Derek down a road he could never come back from. Apparently he was somewhat normal before that incident. For his crime he was put on probation from 2010 to 2014.

He also has arraignments for trespassing, resisting arrest, and assault to kill with various weapons.

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And he’s not the only one arrested. Here are the other suspects.

The police reports indicate that this bar is run by people who do not cooperate with the police, lied to them several times, tried to cover up their complicity, and the bouncers refused to provide ID.

Ramon Miles is the “security” guard who told the police officer, “I’m not giving you s***, I’m not a snitch” when asked for his ID.

  1. You’re a security guard. Your job is literally to be a snitch.
  2. “I ain’t no snitch” only applies when the cops ask you for information on someone else.
  3. You’re a 48 year old man from Dorchester who still works weekends as a hardo nightclub bouncer, and subscribes to “f*** the po-lease” magazine. Sounds like you’ve really got life by the balls.

According to another cop’s report from that night Khiary Gray was a known gang member.

Yet for years the Telegram and Gazette has given him favorable coverage and has made no mention of that fat that he is a violent repeat offender and known gang member. Google it.

There’s no reason he should’ve kept getting fights. If Mookie Betts tried to kill a homeless man and went on to commit a plethora of crimes after that, he wouldn’t be playing on the Red Sox anymore. Boxing shouldn’t be any different just because they’re paid to punch each other.

Since the recent arrest there has been an outpouring of support for Khiary from the community, but not for the other defendants. Because our society forgives criminal behavior so long as you’re an athlete. If you can’t bounce a ball for go 9 rounds in the ring, you’re just another disposable criminal. Here are some of the letters explaining what a nice guy Khiary is.

His credentials include not flunking out of barber school, procreating, and holding a “significant role” in a non-profit called “Stop the Violence,” while actively being an extremely violent person. Sounds like a great role model to be around kids.

Of course his baby momma vouches for him too. Personally, I believe that a good father is someone who is home on a Saturday night with their kids, and if they do go out they obey the law and don’t to murder people. But, different strokes for grimy blokes.

Letters like those are the reason Khiary Gray keeps doing what he does. The more excuses you make for people the more they’re convinced that they don’t have to turn their life around. He needs to sit in jail, think about the person he’s become, and contemplate on his plan to readjust to living as a civilized human being in a civilized society. Maybe worry more about that and less about jokes we make in our blogs.

“Don’t read this article I’m sharing on Facebook.”

She tagged Jim McGovern’s diversity consultant (Gladys Rodriguez) and the most ratchet politician in the history of the world – Pastor Sarai “Ti-ti Ho” Rivera.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.55.31 PM

I’m sure Sarai will agree with you that Turtleboy is the bad guy here as the “church” she owns on Austin Street continues to be a fire and safety hazard for all who live nearby.



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