Sources: Man Arrested For Beating Man Unconscious Outside Worcester Nightclub Is Former Up And Coming Boxer Khiary Gray 


On Monday we published a story about a vicious assault that took place in downtown Worcester outside of Dubai Restaurant, which has since been shut down. The video of the man who was clearly intoxicated, getting beaten by several men and then left unconscious in the street, was disturbing to say the least.

Sources are telling us that several of the people in that video have been arrested, and they are affiliated with the Latin Kings. One of these upstanding gentlemen is the man in the yellow jacket, who delivered the knockout punch, walked away, and then came back to help rifle through the unconscious man’s pockets.

According to several people, he is the former upcoming boxer Khiary Gray.

Worcester has produced a number of high profie boxers, including Jose Antonio Rivera and Edwin Rodriguez. Gray was supposed to be the next guy after amassing a 13-0 record by 2016.

But then he lost five of his next eight fights to no-name fighters, and he’s basically irrelevant in the boxing world now. And since he can’t beat trained fighters one on one anymore, he might as well fight four or five on one against inebriated bar patrons with no boxing training. Anything to build up his morale after completely failing in his endeavor to become a professional boxer.

Here’s a picture of Khiary tossing up Latin King gang signs with his cool friends.

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I was always under the impression that you had to be Latino to be a Latin King, but I guess if you’re a washed up boxer who isn’t afraid to jump a guy they’ll make you an honorary Boriqua.

This man circled in a picture with Khiary looks familiar too.

Where have I seen Sweatpants Sanchez before?

Can’t recall.

If you look at the way he’s dressed, it looks like Khiary might be security too. Coincidentally he seems to be employed by a security company called El Oso Security.

They get to wear cool masks.

And they seem to cater to events that specifically contain high concentrations of ratchets.

They even have their own secret handshake!

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high!

Khiary was outed for his involvement and sent this message to someone who criticized him for his deplorable actions.

He don’t need no one to jump in.

Not at all.

Our sources tell us that he has been arrested, but I have not heard back from Worcester Police for confirmation. However, his friend Doogie has officially done a “free muh boi,” which is usually indicative of an arrest.

His baby momma seems lovely too.

That child is in good hands for sure. This is what a “renaissance” looks like in Worcester.


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