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Braintree School Board Member And Friends Mock Boulder Shooting Victim For Prior Support For Gun Rights On Facebook


Braintree School Committee member and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Kelly Cobb-Lemire has been a frequent flier on TB Daily News because she can’t stop saying really dumb things on social media and in real life. In October while volunteering as a delivery driver at a local food pantry, Kelly and her progressive friends mocked a veteran she brought food to because he was a Trump supporter.

The food pantry cut ties with her after that blog and there was talk of a recall, so you would’ve thought she’d learn her lesson. But then today Kelly decided to chime in with her thoughts on Denny Stong, the youngest of the 10 white people killed in Boulder by a deranged anti-Trump Syrian refugee who was radicalized by CNN.

Before even getting into the insanity of what she posted, I’d like to point out that a week ago we were told that since 6 out of 8 shooting victims in Atlanta were Asian, and the killer was white, that it had to be a hate crime. But now that all 10 victims in this case were white, and the shooter was middle eastern, suddenly race no longer matters. If only these poor people could’ve used the power of white supremacy that they all possess they might’ve survived.

Using the death of an innocent 20 year old man to mock him for being conservative is sadly on brand for this heartless evil trashbag. She could’ve just used the opportunity to push for more gun control like a normal opportunistic liberal, but instead she had to pour salt in the wounds of a grieving family by mocking him for supporting gun rights. As if he would’ve felt less dumb getting killed by a pressure cooker or a glock. Ironically if he were alive today he’d probably still support gun rights, considering this exact same thing happened to Steve Scalese and Rand Paul and they both still do.

The only people worse than Kelly Cobb-Lemire are her progressive friends who egg her on in the comments when she posts horrible things. This is her friend Karla Morast Psaros, a Moms Demand Action (multi-million dollar anti-gun non-profit run by ultimate suburban yoga white woman Shannon Watts) volunteer.

Kelly is also an elected member of the Braintree School Committee, and may or may not be a nurse.


Like Kelly she’s really compassionate and often virtue signaled about how evil Trump was for breaking up families temporarily at the border.

She’s oddly silent now that there are way more migrant children crowded into cages as the Biden administration focuses on making sure that boys can play on your daughter’s soccer team.

This very compassionate person who is saddened about victims of gun violence chimed in with this about the death of Denny Stong.

“I wonder what he is thinking now??? Oh wait, he can’t tell us.”

What an evil, despicable, heartless disgrace for a human being. She has a Facebook filter that says she’s a nurse too. Yikes.

These people never cared about kids in cages, or gun violence, or believing women, or black lives mattering. If they did they’d be outraged now about the border crisis, they would’ve believed Tara Reade, and they’d actually live in black neighborhoods. No, the only thing that has ever meant anything to these people is power. As long as their team is in charge nothing else matters. These people are all the same.

All of them.

Kelly Cobb-Lemire and Karla Psaros take up two seats on the Braintree School Committee. That’s 40% of all decisions regarding the children of Braintree going through this hateful women who haven’t reopened the schools. This is why everyone should be running for School Committee in their towns – because people like this are the reason schools are closed and you can put a stop to it. Kelly and Karla should do the taxpayers the favor of resigning immediately. They are an embarrassment.


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