Braintree School Board Members Fear Monger About Kids Dying, Yell At Parents Who Want To Reopen Schools, Push For Single Color Graduation Gowns To Prevent Transgender Suicide


The Braintree Public Schools have refused to reopen despite the fact that study after study shows that remote learning perpetuates systemic racism, and disproportionately hurts students of color and working class families where parents are forced to stay home from work.

The CDC, Dr. Fauci, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all have stated that schools are safe to reopen, they are not high transmission areas, and the negative psychological and educational impacts it has had on children are too high a price to pay.

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The Las Vegas Public Schools recently were forced to reopen after a spike in teen suicide. A society that willingly allows children to suffer and kill themselves so that adults can avoid getting a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate is an immoral society, and those who are pushing this deadly, racist policy must be called out on it. Braintree School Committee President Tom Levin is one of these people killing our children so that he can feel safer.

At Monday night’s School Committee meeting parents were allowed to voice their concerns, with most of them wanting to reopen the schools. However, instead of listening to the parents he represents he demeaned them and fear mongered about dead kids in Braintree. Listen starting around the 1:28 mark to see how misinformed this moron is, and remember that people like him get to decide when your kids go to school.

“Let me ask you? What’s your number? My phone is on the Internet, call me. We have 5,600 kids, I need to know if we lost a couple if it’s OK.”

“The thing that worries me is that if you take 5,600 kids and you times it by potential fatalities and things like that….there is no dimension where I want to lose a student, or a parent, or a teacher. I had COVID a few months back and it’s no joke. And I’m fearful of it. Yea, I’ll take the beating for it, I told people I didn’t think I was gonna get out of it alive. But if we lost a student, I came here to build schools.”

Not a single personal under the age of 20 has died from COVID in Massachusetts. Not one. It’s unacceptable for anyone in a position of power not to know this fact by now. Yet this idiot seems to be under the impression that kids in Braintree will die if he does his job and opens the schools, because he says that his irrational fear of kids dying is the reason he’s too gutless to open the schools. Your kid must suffer because he’s too lazy to look at the data.

But they did accomplish something during the meeting thanks to this woman.

Kelly Cobb-Lemire is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and social justice warrior extraordinaire who attempted to have a thin blue line image removed from the school resource officer’s office, and is currently facing a recall effort after she was fired by the food pantry she volunteered for because she demeaned and mocked a veteran on Facebook.

Kelly Cobb-Lemire has been criticized for a series of racist comments she’s made in the past, and has been a proponent of keeping the schools closed. At last night’s meeting she offered no plans to get Braintree kids back in the classroom, and instead used her time to push for one color graduation gowns (as opposed to blue for one gender and white for another) so as not to offend transgender students (59 minute mark).

“During my first year on the committee I attended workshops on diversity and inclusion, and I’ve conducted research and spoken to administrators in other districts that have gone with the one color graduation. So I’m glad that this issue can finally be resolved through greater understanding of transgender experiences. Keeping the status quo is no longer a reasonable consideration so that future graduation days do not cause discomfort to students who 40% of youth suicides are LGBTQ students who already face daily discrimination and bias.”

“We do have an obligation to foster a school culture that is free of bias and harassment.”

“Students should be allowed to share this special life event equally without anxiety or fear that gender specific colors cause.”

Just to review, the School Committee in Braintree doesn’t care if your child kills themselves after being denied an education or access to their friends for an entire year, but they are concerned that your transgender child might kill themselves if there are two colors of graduation gowns at the graduation they probably won’t have. This woman is in charge of when your kid goes back to school.

Tom Devin and Kelly Cobb-Lemire are uneducated thugs and bullies, and the people of Braintree would be wise to vote against them in the next election. If your district is still closed at this point then the people making these decisions are ignoring science and data in favor of fear mongering. I urge parents in districts like this to run for office and challenge these people, because what they’re doing to children is unforgivable and will go down in the as one of the most shameful moments in American history.


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