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Brave Glastonbury Junior Selina Soule Speaks Out In Must Watch Video About How She’s Effected By Transgender Athletes Beating Her In Track


We’ve written a bunch of times about the two Connecticut boys who decided that they were girls during high school and left the boys team for the girls team. We blogged about one of these boys crushing the state record in the 200 and 100 meters at the CT State Championship meet, and in doing so displacing deserving girls who had no shot at winning against a boy.

Then this winter the two boys went on to place first in second in the indoor track 60 meter state meet.

Before going on to finish 1st and third in the New England Championships.

In the 4×400 relay one of these transgendered athletes got the baton a full 4 seconds behind the leading girls.

And had passed them only 200 meters into her leg.

And yet progressives cheer this on in the name of wokeness, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the public knows that this should not be allowed. They’re just too afraid to vocalize that.

Selina Soule runs for Glastonbury, and her team was robbed of the team state championship because she was displaced by two boys. The top 6 girls in Connecticut get to go to the New England State Championship meet. Selina finished in 8th because two boys beat her. She earned her spot and was denied it because boys took it from her. This is what social progress looks like to social justice warriors.

Selina has bravely stepped forward and told her story of how this progressive dogma has affected her. It’s a must watch video that every liberal in this country should be forced to watch so that they can come to terms with the reality of the damage this is doing to girls:

My heart broke for her when she said this:

“It’s frustrating when you know you run your best, but your best is never going to be good enough.”

Imagine how hopeless that would make you feel? We should empowering our girls, not destroying their self confidence in the name of faux social justice.

Here’s the most powerful quote:

“It’s really hard to come out and even talk in public just because of the way the far left, and how you’ll immediately be shut down.”

She’s 16 years old and she already realizes that she has to self censor in order to avoid being labeled as a bigot. She, like many other girls, is scared to stand up for herself. It’s why the other girls had to use voice mixers – because they don’t have the balls (no pun intended) to go on record.

She also outlines other ways this is affecting girls track in Connecticut:

“Girls are leaving the 100 meter dash to go to longer distance events where they’ll have a fair chance.”

Makes sense. You can’t beat the boys. It’s impossible. If you want to get a college scholarship you have to move to the 400 meters or try a field event like the long jump.

Unless of course they decided to move to that, which they have now done. There is nowhere for them to go. No matter what they choose to do, a boy can come along and beat them at it if they wish. Not only is track and field no longer safe for girls, but any other sport can and will have the same thing happen. It’s only a matter of time, and it’s all legal.

The best part of the video is how they call out the root of the problem – congress. In March Nancy Pelosi introduced legislation that would make it national law that boys can compete against girls in sports if they simply say that they are girls.

No hormones or surgeries required. Of course democrats didn’t advertise it like that because no one would vote yes if that were the case. Instead they masked it with buzzwords like “equality” and “LGBT rights,” so that liberals will stand up and clack like trained puppies.

This woman next to AOC is a representative Jahanna Hayes from Connecticut, one of the “fresh new faces” of the democratic party.

I’m sure she left there feeling very good about herself, and has no idea that the girls she represents are having their Title IX rights trampled on by boys. Because they never think that far ahead. They just see something that sounds good and has the right buzzwords and they vote yes.

As much as the lawmakers are the problem, so too are the parents and students themselves. A junior in high school is old enough to know that this is wrong. If they take any satisfaction or have any sense of accomplishment from this then they are delusional. Any parent who allows their kid to do this to girls is a misogynist and should be called out as such.

Here’s what Selina and the other girls in Connecticut should do at the State Meet coming up in a few weeks. It’s a guarantee that the boys will make the finals in the 100 and 200 meter dash. The six other girls who qualify should get in their starting blocks and then refuse to run when the gun goes off. Let the boys have their race while the girls stand in solidarity with the 9th and 10th place girls who were denied a spot in the finals because two boys stole it from them. It would make national news and make this problem impossible to ignore. If they continue to race against boys then they are participating in and condoning this abusive system. Rosa Parks was treated terribly so she stopped riding the buses until the problem was fixed. These girls need to exorcise their inner Rosa Parks if they want to solve this problem once and for all for millions of girls everywhere.


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