Breaking News – Tony Branch’s Lawsuit Against Turtleboy Thrown Out In Summary Judgment, Undefeated Streak Continues


Editor’s Note – Tony Branch’s ex-girlfriend Jane Doe reached out to us yesterday and has agreed to come on the Live Show Saturday night at 9 PM to discuss the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of the Southeastern Regional School Committee member. Click here to subscribe to our channel. We will also be reviewing the entire ruling tonight at 9:30 on Turtle Club, which you can join by clicking here. For just $15 a month you get no ads, free shirt, and access to the premium streams. Most importantly you’re giving me revenue so I can fight and win lawsuits like this, so that I don’t have to depend on vulnerable advertisers.

Breaking News – Tony Branch’s lawsuit against Turtleboy was thrown out today in Plymouth Superior Court after a judge ruled in our favor for summary judgment.

Consequently there will be no trial as was originally scheduled for February 21. Branch can appeal if he wants, and he’s such a psychopathic narcissist that I can’t imagine he won’t. But this is yet another victory over someone who was exposed on this blog and filed a defamation lawsuit because they were mad about it. The Turtleboy undefeated streak is still in tact.

A 19 page memorandum was written by the latest judge we had on the case, and although they clearly wanted to find a reason for this to go to trial, ultimately they could not, as the case had absolutely no merit. The memorandum correctly points out that TB is the best journalist in Massachusetts, the most trusted media outlet that has ever existed, and is legendary when it comes to investigative reporting.

It points out how Branch was disgusted and frightened that I, along with several concerned parents, showed up with signs at Southeastern Regional School Committee meetings, that accurately called him a pedophile.

The ruling accurately pointed out that Branch intentionally deceived DCF about being married in order to collect cash tuition benefits, pointed out that Branch took his ex-wife’s virginity when she was 15 and he was 25, and that his testimony that he waited until she was 18 to have sex with her was not credible.

Notice the use of “however.” The judge pointed out how I was right for reporting that his ex-wife got an order on him, however, I didn’t write about how the order was not renewed. But I don’t have to do that. When CNN reports negative things about Donald Trump, are they required to follow up with “however, the economy was really good and it wasn’t his fault that the Chinese manufactured a virus that ultimately derailed his presidency”? Of course not. The clerk just threw that in there because they’re mad that they had no choice but to throw this out. It happened a lot in the memorandum, which made it obvious that they were looking for a reason to rule in his favor. I’ve been very critical of the courts, and the looks we got from the clerks made it clear they didn’t like me. Everything was against me in this case – the venue, the judge, the clerks, the color of my skin.

I still won.

The judgment pointed out that Tony inaccurately reported income to obtain Section 8 housing, lied to his car insurance agency to scam them, and falsely wrote on a resume which he used to apply for a job on the Citizen’s Commission that he graduated from a school he never attended.

It rightfully points out that he can’t prove any loss of income due to the blog, and can’t back up his obvious lies that people cancelled him for weddings.

If you don’t know who Tony Branch is you can read up on all the blogs we did on him here. But I’ll give the newbies as quick a synopsis as I can:

  • I had several bloggers years ago who used to publish anonymously on Turtleboy. I stopped doing that after 2019 because I’ve been sued several times over things other people wrote.
  • A blogger wrote about Tony Branch on August 23, 2016, jokingly calling him a “fake Bishop” after Tony was in the newspaper using his status as a faith leader to support changing the name of administrators at Brockton High School because he thought it was racist. The blog also said that he “bilked taxpayers.”
  • Tony did not sue until August 23, 2019, the very last day the statue of limitations ended.
  • I had no idea who Tony was and figured he just wanted the blog down. To make things easier I removed the blog as a sign of good faith, hoping he would go away, because it wasn’t worth the time and money to litigate over a blog I didn’t even remember, which was written by someone who has no association with the blog any longer.
  • Tony asked my attorney for a $600 settlement to drop the case and make it go away. We declined since this was an obvious shakedown and on principle I didn’t want to give in to this grifter. Should’ve taken the $600 Tony.
  • The motion to dismiss was denied because the court wanted to give Tony a chance to prove his damages by presenting evidence in discovery.
  • After further investigation I found out that Tony was not only lying about being a Bishop, he had also lost his license due to nonpayment of child support, lost multipole civil judgments to banks, was squatting in a house that foreclosed on him in 2018, had sex with his wife when she was 15 on a kitchen floor, had orders taken out on him by his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, and 2 adult daughters, was arrested for violating a restraining order by possessing ammunition, filed for bankruptcy in 2016 before the blog was written, and never went to theological school.
  • As a result of my reporting, which I never would’ve discovered had Tony not sued me, the Southeastern Regional School Committee held a vote to censure him. Tony did not abstain himself, and as a result was the deciding vote not to censure.
  • Tony attempted to obtain an order on me to stop reporting on his past as a pedophile, but the judge denied him because the reporting was credible, and Tony’s role as the head of a School Committee made it newsworthy.
  • Parents complained that they did not want Tony on stage shaking hands with their children at graduation, and in a 7-3 vote Tony was banned from attending.
  • The Superintendent called for Branch’s resignation, as did several members of the School Committee, the Teacher’s Union, and dozens of concerned parents. He refused to step down and claimed that he was being lynched.
  • Further reporting on Tony’s ex-girlfriend revealed images of domestic abuse, grooming, drugging, and sexual misconduct.
  • Despite claiming to be damaged by the blog Tony somehow was re-elected by the voters in November, largely due to 2 opponents splitting the vote. He was voted down as Chair by other members of the committee.

My undefeated streak in court remains in tact. I’ve honestly lost count of all the people who tried to use the courts to silence me. Unfortunately for them I’m way too thorough, I don’t break any laws, I don’t back down to bullies, and I will never be silenced. People like Tony Branch need to be exposed, and they always will as long as Turtleboy exists.

P.S. Guess Tony’s star witness was wrong.






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