Brian Walshe Used His Son’s iPad To Search “How To Dispose Of A 115 Pound Woman’s Body” Before Wife Was Reported Missing


Just when you thought Brian Walshe couldn’t be dumber, it was leaked this afternoon that the husband of missing Cohasset mother Ana Walshe Googled “how to dispose of a 115 pound woman’s body,” and “how to dismember a body,”  in the days after she was last seen.

Could’ve just watched Goodfellas, but what do I know?

For some reason the court did not make this public, and it had to be leaked through a rogue source in law enforcement. Why would the court keep this information from the public? Why do they treat us like children who can’t be made aware of all the facts? Until this morning there was still doubt if this man was innocent because the truth was intentionally withheld from the public.

What’s not being reported, according to our sources, is that he did these searches on his son’s iPad. He knew that they would look at the search history on his computer so he used his son’s iPad to search how to dismember and dispose of his dead mother’s body. He also searched for how to get rid of clothes used during a murder.

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January 2 is likely the day he disposed of her body in pieces. His house arrest conditions allowed him to take his children to various places on Monday through Friday. Monday January 2 was a holiday this year, so he was able to leave his house without alerting suspicion.

Hours ago investigators began searching a trash station in the north shore, believing that Ana’s body was disposed when he “got lost” on the way to his mother’s house in Swampscott.

In my opinion his search history was important news to report because it proves another relevant fact – he did not plan to kill this woman. A premeditated murderer plans on how to get rid of a body before killing someone. This was more than likely a dispute that got out of control and ended up with her dead. He did it in his house and spent the next few days freaking out over what to do about it. It would also explain why her cell phone pinged in the house for the next two days, and why he had to buy cleaning supplies. People who plan murders ahead of time know that it will require clean up.

Additionally, people who plan to commit murder generally aren’t on house arrest. Having an ankle bracelet serves as an obstacle when trying to get rid of a body. It also means you have to kill the person in your own house, which leaves a lot of blood, DNA, and other obvious evidence that will implicate you and only you.

Sources also tell us that while in jail Walshe was arrogant and confident that he would not be convicted of murder. This is consistent with the arrogant smile he had while coming out of the Cohasset Police Department this morning.

Brian Walshe is a very, very stupid criminal who thinks he can get away with anything. I think back to the Andy Warhol painting scam. How did he think he wouldn’t get caught and be held responsible for that? His plan was literally to just stop answering his friend’s phone calls and hope he went away. He didn’t, and he ended up being convicted of a felony.

Seems like he was hoping that the police would treat his missing wife the same way.