Bristol Blarney Squeaks By Luke Noble To Round Out Field Of Sweet 16 In TB Ratchet Madness 2020


Voting in the Bristol Blarney Bracket is completed and here are the last 4 ratchets who turtle riders have advanced to the Sweet 16 of TB Ratchet Madness 2020.

There were many people who thought Kate Peter should not have been allowed into the tournament, presumably because she would win too easily. However, that has not been the case. She has the toughest path forward of any one seed, and her margin of victory pales into comparison of Lorrayna Calle and Kylie Kirkpatrick. At this point it’s hard to argue that she’s the favorite to come out of her own bracket.

Much like Bristol Blarney, this field is wide open. Here’s how Vegas has the odds set. Bet $100 to win the following.

Lorrayna and Kylie have the easiest path to the finals. Kylie’s biggest obstacle at this point is Abrams. Hard to tell who Lorrayna’s stiffest competition is, and she’s had the biggest margin of victory through two rounds. The Hadassah bracket is an anyone can win scenario, and in the Bristol region it’s hard not to be impressed with the path of destruction from Landon Steele, Nikki Evans, and even Failure Swift.

Sweet 16 begins Monday, followed by the finals the week after. See ya then.



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