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British Beer Company Issues Contradictory Press Release After Internal Emails From Owner Saying Employees Won’t Be Getting Paid 


Gary Simon, the owner of the British Beer Company chain, has issued a statement responding to the earlier outrage around his emails to franchise GMs that employees would not be paid on Friday, presumably for work they’ve already completed.

Management was not with the employee who voiced her concerns about not being paid money for her completed labor on Facebook.

Why does management at this company think that their financial problems alleviate them from paying their employees on time? If there is no money then close the restaurant and fire everyone. If you can’t cover one week of payroll after a couple weeks of diminishing sales then your business has no business being a business in the first place. Plus, this isn’t a Mom and Pop shop. It’s a chain of 8 or 9 franchises that boasts about being around for 23 years. The fact that they can’t cover one week work of payroll is unacceptable.

BBC and other restaurants are still doing takeout. Every dime they make should go to their employees first. They can pay their rent after that. Whoever owns the building will be forgiving considering the circumstances. The BBC’s employees don’t have the luxury of not being able to buy food for their families, especially when they’ve already contributed their labor.

Here’s the press release issued by Gary Simon on the BBC’s Facebook page.

He took all day to come up with this PR diarrhea?

Gary Simon: “We 100% will be paying our employees what they earned.”

Also Gary Simon: “We did not decide overnight to not pay everyone”

So, are you paying people Friday or not? If you don’t have the cash on hand then take out a loan. Do something. Not paying your employees on Friday is an unacceptable solution. Period.

And to make matters worse he began deleting comments that were critical of the business.

They’re almost as bad as the south shore Greg Bates.

Don’t worry though, Josh’s comments weren’t taken down.

If Kim Jong Un is ever looking for a new spokesperson he oughta give Josh a call.

“Business owners carry the risk.”

Yes, they do. He took a risk that something like this could happen, and in that event he still needs to pay his employees. When you own 9 franchises you’re probably doing OK for yourself. Just sayin.


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