Brockton NAACP President Accuses “Uppity White People” Of Attacking Pedophile Tony Branch, Doubles Down On Support


The Brockton NAACP has responded to the “substantially true” (according to 2 judges) allegations that their Vice President Tony Branch is a pedophile who had sex with a 15 year old girl he groomed. However, rather than distancing their organization from this sexual predator President Phyllis Ellis is doubling down on her support for him and claiming that the legitimate criticism comes from “uppity white people.”

“This is another case where some uppity White people are trying to tell a Black man what to do.”

And there you have it – if you are against statutory rape it’s only because you’re an uppity white person. So says the President of the Brockton NAACP, who has been honored by the New England Patriots and takes pictures with girls old enough to sleep with Tony Branch.

No Phyllis, we are not uppity white people. Every one of Tony Branch’s victims has been a black woman. All but one of the half dozen people who obtained restraining orders against Tony Branch have been black women, while the other was a black man. The people most vocally objecting to the fact that he is a fake Bishop are black people in Brockton. Why are you protecting a con-artist who preys on vulnerable black women? What kind of organization attacks black women while pretending to look out for the interests of black people as a whole? Since when did the NAACP become an organization that protects and endorses pedophilia? Does the P in NAACP now stand for pedophile?

“They want him to politely take out his knife and fork and eat whatever crap is served on the menu and say OK.”

No, we’re just asking that a school district not be run by a pedophile. I feel like this isn’t a big ask.


“Because of mounting pressure from an outside source…”

The source is a Plymouth County Probate Court document in which a judge said that his denial of statutory rape was “not credible.” (9)

“The School Committee tried to censor him and failed twice.”

The word you’re looking for is censure, not censor. And they failed because the pedophile voted not to censure himself.

“All of this is happening because of unproven allegations”

Judge Glenny stated that calling Tony Branch a pedophile is “substantially true,” which means it’s no longer an unproven allegation.

“What is happening now is harassment.”

No, what is happening now is reporting and accountability.

Meanwhile Branch is mounting his defense on Twitter, purporting to show himself being ordained as a Bishop by posting a video of himself convulsing as an unknown man pours oil on his head.

Please Tony, make this your evidence in court. I beg of you. The overly dramatic shaking he does in that video is just part of his con, where he pretends to be so religiously devout that the power of Christ takes over his bodily movements. This man doesn’t even go to church on Sundays because he does a radio show called “Stand up Strong” with another pedophile defender named Ed Miller. This week they had on an Abington Selectman named Alex Bezanson, who we blogged about in 2016.

Ed Miller posted it on the Brockton Hub, got destroyed for promoting a pedophile, and immediately began to rant endlessly about Donald Trump.

“Her lawyer and judge who by law have to report if a felony is uncovered….”

No moron, that’s not how this works. She represented herself so she had no attorney, and the Judge in probate court only deals with the divorce. Judges in probate court don’t go adding criminal charges to courts that they don’t oversee. That’s now how any of this works. Also, If you hate Donald Trump and think he’s a predator, then your defense of your cohost probably shouldn’t be “he’s basically got the same character as Trump.” And no Ed, no one has alleged that I had had sex with a 15 year old girl, so your failed attempt at an analogy isn’t the play that you think it is.

The next School Committee meeting is May 10 at 6:30 PM at Southeastern Regional High School. If you’re an uppity person of any color and you’d like to voice your displeasure with their coddling of a pedophile, feel free to show up and do so.


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