Brockton Woman Threatens Concerned Citizens With State Police Uncle After Demeaning Children With Down Syndrome Insults Over Bad Plow Review


A local woman from Brockton named Adrianna Mazza recently needed her driveway plowed and took to Facebook to see if anyone could refer her to someone who could provide that service for her.

As you can see from her verbiage, this is a high class woman we are dealing with here.

She was referred to a man named Jordan, but was not satisfied with the job he did, and handled it in the most Brockton way possible.

By referring to his work as a “”down syndrome trapezoid” and posting it on various community Facebook groups.

Apparently she was mad that he didn’t plow her lawn. I’m not quite sure. I only speak Ratchetese when I’m in Brockton.

Some people took issue with her loose use of down syndrome as an insult for a plowing job she found inadequate, but she explained that this was because she was saying that the trapezoid has down syndrome, not any particular person.

Then she immediately proved that she wasn’t afraid to use that same insult on human beings, including other people’s children.

But it’s OK for her to mock other people’s likes while using down syndrome as a pejorative because she’s a “straight Italian savage.”

When you’re Italian you are not expected to act in a civilized manner apparently.

Not to be outdone, she also wanted to make it clear to the haters that they look like……

She seems lovely, and Christine knows a Turtleboy ratchet when she sees one.

A lot of people took issue with the things she was saying, so she threatened these people with her uncle, who is allegedly a state trooper.

Her proof? A shirt and hat she purchased days earlier, which she also posted on Facebook.

She’s a great person though, even ask her.

She might seem like a ratchet, but just know that if she finds your dead husband’s body on your couch, she will rake your leaves.

Plus she’s rich, which means she cashes her paychecks and takes pictures of $500 in a vain attempt to pretend like her credit isn’t more beat up than her birth canal.

Thanks to her comment she now has “fans.”

And she’s refusing to stop harassing the plow guy who didn’t plow her lawn.

She’s politically astute as well. For instance, she knows that Trump inspires anti-semitism.

….in France.

If you search her name on the Brockton Hub you’ll see that most of her comments appear under Manny Mo posts, disagreeing with him. And back when Manny was alive he spent most of his days calling out scumbags and drug dealers, so if you disagreed with him then you were probably a scumbag too.¬†Almost all of her interactions were from his posts, or other posts bemoaning how everything is racist and cops are bad.

Meanwhile she’s out here making fun of kids and posting stuff like this.

So she’s in a fine position to judge.

She ended up finding a guy to plow her lawn, so it all worked out in the end.

Although based on the looks of her, and some of the things she posts, I think it’s fair to assume that this isn’t the first time she’s found a random guy on Facebook to plow her.


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