Brookline Board Of Selectmen Votes To Have Civilians Conduct Traffic Stops And Cameras Give Out Speeding Tickets Because Cops Are Racist


This is Brookline Selectmen Raul Fernandez.

He’s good friends with AOC from his BU days, and like her he is a race baiting activist who hates police. He has a job that was created for him at BU as a direct result of critical race theory – “Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.”

He has his job specifically because of his ethnicity, and would not be eligible for it if he were white, yet ironically his job is to complain about how systemic racism prevents people like him from making a living in this country. We blogged about Raul in January after he declared that police officers in Brookline who voted for Donald Trump were a “clear and present danger” to everyone else in town.

“No one today can claim to support this President and somehow distance themselves from the mayhem we saw last week. Those days are over. My concern here in Brookline is that we have supporters of the president in our community and on our police force. I hope that support has vanished in the wake of these events, particularly among law enforcement, because anyone who supports Trump today and walks the beat with a bad and a gun is a clear and present danger to the rest of us.”

In a town where 87% of the people voted for Joe Biden people like Raul Fernandez get elected to office. Last night at their selectmen meeting Raul and two other members voted to remove school resource officers from the public schools, as well as ending the “walk and talk” community outreach program with the Brookline Housing Authority. You can watch the whole meeting by clicking here. Raul Fernandez celebrated this on Twitter, despite the fact that studies show that the existence of school resource officers directly leads to less suspensions, less fights, and less violent incidents in public schools.

Who cares if 1,500 students packed into a building get no police detail while the Selectmen meeting does? Who cares if public housing, which sees more crime per capita, has less cops available? Raul is wealthy and doesn’t go to the schools or live in public housing, so none of this affects him. Let the poor people and 60 year old English teachers deal with violence. They’ll be OK.

If you watch the video linked above you’ll see that Brookline has 1 black selectmen (Bernard Greene), and he was one of the 2 who was against removing the SRO. He made a lot of good points about how people who support the police would be intimidated form showing up to meetings like this due to the climate created by activists like Raul Fernandez. The SRO himself and several other public safety officials got up and talked about how important it has been in building relationships with the community and students. They were all ignored.

But the most insane and ridiculous thing they proposed was trying to replace cops with cameras for issuing traffic citations, and are trying to get the Statehouse to amend their rules that only allow officers to perform motor vehicle stops. Raul of course was leading the charge:

This is what “reimagining policing” looks like.

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“Employ civilians when armed officers for traffic enforcement are not necessary.”

Here’s a video of a routine traffic stop in which cops attempted to use non-lethal force to detain a man name Daniel Clary, only to get overpowered by the suspect who reached into his car, grabbed a gun, shot them, and drove away.

This happens all the time to cops. Just search “cop shot at traffic stop” on YouTube and thousands of videos come up.

But it’s OK, because the wealthy privileged guy from BU with no background in law enforcement or public safety thinks civilians should be able to pull people over in a town that borders Boston. What could possibly go wrong?

The ACLU will love this part:

“Using technology (cameras) to issue tickets, rather than officers as a way to reduce unnecessary contact between officers and members of the public.”

Yea, let’s have a never ending surveillance state where cameras track our every move and send us citations in the mail every time we go over the speed limit or don’t use a blinker. Reimagining policing sure sounds a whole lot like a never ending police state, but at least you won’t have to interact with other human beings with badges on.

“If you’re a driver going through Brookline, you’d much rather be white than anything else.”

Shockingly the man who said that the majority of Brookline cops who no doubt voted for Donald Trump were a danger to the community, thinks that these same cops are pulling black people over for fun, and not because they were breaking the law.

Ironically Raul bragged about ending the surveillance state, while urging the town to increase it.

He wants a civilian review board to judge the police on how they do their job.

And after that he wants to create a doctor review board so people who have no background in medicine can tell doctors they’re bad at open heart surgery.

And those cops who shared their opinions at the meeting? He doesn’t want to hear from them ever again.

The community decides who the police will police, not the professionals who are actually trained in policing.

People like Raul Fernandez are a danger to the community, but he was easily elected and probably will be again because this sort of nonsense is popular in places like Brookline. You can’t change places like this, and I feel bad for the cops who have to work there. The solution isn’t to try to get rid of people like him, because they’re not going anywhere. The solution is Balkanize. Normal people need to move to normal places, become the majority, and elect normal people to office so they can enact normal laws. Kind of like what’s happened to Florida in the last 5-10 years. There’s a whole country out there, and there’s no point living amongst people who would elect Raul Fernandez to anything.


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