Brookline High School Boy Helps Team Win D1 State Championship With Performance In Hurdles, Prevents Andover And Lawrence Girls From Qualifying For All-State Meet


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In January we published a blog about a boy from Brookline named Chloe Barnes who recently decided that he was a girl and has been killing it in the high school indoor track circuit.

Chloe used to be on the boys team because he’s a boy and has gone through male puberty, which is why he’s so much taller than the girls he now competes against. However, he was pretty bad and never came close to winning anything.

Naturally he chose to compete in the hurdles because it’s the ideal sport for a boy to dominate much shorter girls. To excel at the hurdles you have to be able to take just 3 steps between each hurdle so that you go over the hurdle with the same dominant leg without breaking your stride. Doing 4 steps is inefficient because it forces runners to alternate between right and left leg when going over a hurdle. Using a 5 step forces runners to take small steps between the hurdles which slows them down significantly.

Girls are shorter and slower than boys on average, which is why they space the hurdles closer together and have them several inches lower.

This is the ideal event for a boy to beat up on girls. Chloe is not fast enough to 3 step over boys hurdles, but girls hurdles are closer together so he’s able to scale them without breaking his stride. He literally just started hurdling this year but already led the Brookline High School girl’s team to a Division 1 state championship with a solid 4th place finish in the hurdles. Watch him in lane 6.

Here he is at a meet a few weeks before in lane 7.

His time of 8.72 in the finals was good for 4th place, which gave Brookline 5 points in the team standings.

Brookline ended up winning by 12 points over Newton North, so they could’ve won it all without his contribution. He just gave them more breathing room.

To make this meet you have to have run a qualifying time at some point during the season, which Chloe easily did. At the D1 state meet all qualifying athletes compete in preliminary heats, with the 8 fastest runners advancing to the finals. All 8 runners are guaranteed to score at least 1 point for their team. As a result of Chloe becoming a boy this year a senior from Andover named Shayla Quill was prevented from running in the finals:

She worked for four years to try to make the finals of the D1 state meet and earned her spot. Then a boy decided to become a girl and it was taken from her. She is not allowed to object to this for fear of being labeled as a bigot.

The top 5 runners in each event go on to compete at the All State meet the following weekend. Chloe took one of the spots, which displaced 6th place finisher Janessa Duren of Lawrence Central Catholic. She is also a senior and probably dreamt of competing at the All State Championship meet. Her hard work was for nothing because a boy decided to become a girl.

It’s noteworthy to point out that just a month before this Chloe was running 9.23 in the hurdles, while her teammate Brooklyn was running 8.89.

A month later Brooklyn was running 8.68, but Chloe had nearly caught her by running a 8.72. It’s nearly impossible for a runner to cut off over half a second in such a short amount of time. But all Chloe had to do was work on his form a little bit, because he already had the height and speed of a male runner due to the fact that he went through male puberty.

Wait till next year after a year of training and Chloe will be unstoppable as a senior.

This is happening in sports all over the country, and we have shamelessly forced underage girls to go along with it. The schools have indoctrinated them with transgenderism in the curriculum, and have taught them that any objection to this is “transphobia,” and won’t be tolerated. Thus we have forced our girls into silence and made them afraid to stand up for themselves as boys intrude on their spaces. For decades feminists fought for separate but equal access to sports for girls, and they finally achieved it. Then the transgender mafia undid it all over night so that narcissistic boys can live out the delusion that they are in fact female.

Chloe Barnes, who uses they/them pronouns despite claiming to be a girl, had a message for all the haters in the Brookline High School newspaper:

Next school year, Barnes said they won’t allow their concerns to deter them from competing with the girls team. They said they plan to compete on the girls cross country team next fall. For people who want to restrict transgender athletes’ presence on athletic teams, Barnes has short a message.

“Deal with it,” Barnes said. “Just deal with it.”

Just shut up and deal with it girls. A boy wants what you have. Now be a good girl and submissively allow him to take it from you.



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