Bruins Photoshop Boston Police Logo Off Charlie Coyle’s Shirt In IG Post After Globe Reporter Matt Porter Criticizes Tuukka Rask For Wearing BPD Hat During Interview


The Boston Police Department hockey has collaborated with the Boston Bruins over the years, and together they started the Blue Line Pals, a program that brings inner city kids from the Boy’s Club to see the Bruins for free. Most of the kids are black and haven’t been exposed to the sport. Together they’ve raised over $100,000 for various charities including the Shriners.

But now, thanks to a rogue cop in Minneapolis, the cops are cancerous. Any good will they’ve earned previously is forgotten, including the lives they saved after the marathon bombing and tracking down the terrorists. The only thing that matters to the woke mob and the media that acts as their PR spokesperson, is how woke are they? Will they take a knee? Do they hate racism? If so, how much do they hate racism? It’s not enough to not discriminate against black people. You have to let the world know how much you HATE people who hate black people, and what you’re doing to make the world a better place. That’s why the Bruins released this generic statement yesterday.

The players refused to take a knee, as have all teams, because hockey is the only sport left that hasn’t sold out to black lives matter.

Then this guy came along.

Matt Porter works for the Boston Globe and covers the Bruins, which can only mean one thing – he’s interested in finding a way he can infuse race into everything.

That opportunity came when he noticed something about Tuukka Rask during an interview that he felt the need to make a big deal out of.

Tuukka was wearing (gasp) a Boston Police hat!

Clearly this is antithetical to the previous statement about supporting black people, because if you wear a BPD hat it means you are pro-murdering black people. That’s what this untalented, race baiting moron was implying because he’s unable to write a column on hockey alone without infusing social justice into it.

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He got called out by Brad Marchand in a tweet that has since been deleted.

This is literally the only thing that Globe reporters are trained to do – find a way to make Boston athletes and fans look racist. No story can be published without mentioning the racial implications. The Red Sox are of course exempt from this harsh line of criticism since John Henry owns both the Globe and the Red Sox. Funny, they’ll make an issue out of a hat but they haven’t said a word about Globe columnist Monica Cannon-Grant’s blatantly racist tirade.

After tonight’s exhibition game Porter once again felt the need to ask about the hat.


What a smug little prick. And what a boring yet predictable question and answer. What do you gain by asking that question? What insight do you learn as a reporter by getting the goalie to say that he’s “for anti-racism?” It’s a hat that the BPD gave him because of their charitable partnership that helps black kids meet NHL stars and get their autographs. His reasoning for wearing it is not your job to worry about as a reporter.

However, I don’t doubt for a second that it was a statement by Tuukka Rask, and I’m happy he didn’t give them what they wanted. Like Marky Mark said in The Departed – feed em shit and keep em in the dark. If he admitted it was to support the police at a time when everyone was piling on them the media would never let it go. Remember what they did to Tim Thomas for being a republican.

It gets crazier though.

Charlie Coyle is a Weymouth legend who’s living the dream by playing for his hometown Bruins. Being from Weymouth he’s been a huge supporter of Michael Chesna’s family and took the opening face off at a game in 2019 when Chesna’s kids got to drop the puck. Listen to how supportive the players and fans were for the Chesna family.

Now imagine anything like that happening today. It can’t because of people like Matt Porter who want to make it seem like anyone who supports good police is a racist.

Coyle participated in a fundraiser charity game last year for the Hold The Line Foundation with BPD.

Thursday marked the second annual Hold The Line Foundation charity game — a hockey exhibition featuring both NHL talent and local police officers taking to the ice in support of law enforcement in Massachusetts. The foundation was started back in August 2018 in order to raise money for the families of both Weymouth PD Sgt. Michael Chesna and Weymouth native Vera Adams — who were tragically murdered on July 15, 2018. The first Hold The Line game raised money for a youth police academy in honor of Sgt. Chesna, with the proceeds also allowing for the donation of summer reading books to the Weymouth Public Schools in honor of Adams.

Tasiopoulos, the president of the Hold The Line Foundation, said that the proceeds of this year’s event will go toward giving back to first responders in the local community and their families. “The big thing is, it’s really a foundation — we pivoted as we started going and it grew, making it a foundation where we have these officers’ backs,” Tasiopoulos said. “When we’re in trouble, we call them. Now, these guys were all quick to rally and that’s why I think there’s so many that want to be involved. If they go and something, god forbid, happens to them, we’re here and we have a foundation ready for their family and their community if something ever happened.”

He, like almost everyone on the Bruins roster, is a quiet supporter of the police. Sources tell us that the entire team didn’t even consider taking a knee because they understand how disrespectful it is to their friends and supporters in the BPD.

But yesterday while doing an interview and getting his stick ready you can clearly see Coyle wearing a BPD shirt.

At the Raptors facility you can see him wearing that same shirt in this video while waiting under the hoop during a free throw.

But check and see if you can see the difference between Coyle’s shirt in the various pictures in this tweet.

Something obvious was missing in the shooting photos.

It’s gone.

They photoshopped a BPD logo off of a player’s shirt because the Bruins are ashamed to be associated with law enforcement. They forgot to take it off of this one in that same collage though.

The Bruins management is ashamed to be associated with BPD. Now watch the video again.

This was just last year. I can’t even remember what it’s like to live in a world where cops are respected. Now Charlie Coyle would have some explaining to do to Matt Porter.

So who did this? Two sources we spoke with both said the same name – Matt Chmuru – the Bruins Vice President of Marketing and Communications. It simply doesn’t get any douchier than this guy.

It’s picture day and you’d like to give the appearance that you’re not a pre-pubescent boy from Taunton, so you don’t shave for a week and wear and dress like a Papa Gino’s table cloth that Grimace just took a dump on.

If you thought that was bad, here’s his Twitter profile picture.

Be a bigger douche. You can’t.

Sources tell us that Matt Porter freaked out and ran to Chmura when Marchand clapped back at him on Twitter, and Chmura asked Marchand to take the tweet down. The last thing the Bruins want is for the Globe to treat them the way they do the Patriots, so he likely had the picture altered for IG and Twitter too.

I’m thrilled to hear that the Bruins are refusing to sell out the police for black lives matter. Hockey is the lone sport that hasn’t been corrupted by their poisonous propaganda, and we have the team with the best record in the league that made it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals last year.

God loves us more.


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