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Burrillville Man Takes Plea, Accepts Domestic Stalking Conviction For Putting Traffic Device In Ex-Fiance’s Vehicle Despite Vowing To Bury Her In Court


Last month we published a blog about a Burrillville man named Steven Scarpelli who was charged with domestic violence (electronic tracking) after his ex-fiance discovered that he had been stalking her for months by putting a tracking device in her vehicle. She discovered the device while he was in the hospital after he blew up his leg with illegal fireworks and started a GoFundMe even though he was on state health insurance.

He idiotically got caught when he realized that her vehicle had gone to an auto shop where they would discover the tracking device, and he called the shop demanding that they stop looking in his ex-fiance’s vehicle.

He also had previous charges for domestic violence, violating a no contact order, DUI, disorderly conduct, driving on a suspended license, simple assault, vandalism, and embezzlement, and was known to get into road rage incidents.

The deadbeat Dad who decided to suddenly start having a relationship with his daughter and stole his ex-s credit car and ran up the bill, was crying to the world, portraying himself as a victim online after his arrest.

After that he came on the Live Show and insisted that the charges would be dropped, and that he would come back on the show after court proceedings were finished.


He assured me in writing that he would “bury her in court” as well.

But by “bury her in court” what he really meant was “accept conviction as though a guilty plea had been entered but does not admit guilt” (nolo contendere).

A man charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend via a tracking device installed in her car has pleaded no contest to the charges and received one year probation with a list of conditions. Steven Scarpelli, 33, of North Smithfield, has been ordered to attend domestic abuse counseling, surrender his firearms, and have no contact with the victim following a hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 26. According to the original arrest report, Scarpelli kept tabs on the victim for months via a GPS tracking system installed in her vehicle. A subpoena to parent company MyCar by the Burrillville Police Department revealed roughly 600 pages of data showing thousands of inquiries into the location of the car. The story was brought to light following an Access to Public Records request submitted by NRI NOW, and later picked up by Turtleboy Sports, a hybrid of a blog, news website and tabloid, known for shock-jock style exposer of con artists, outrageous criminals and other scams.


The Dump Cuck promised us he would come on the show after the court proceedings were finished, so if Steven is a man of his word he will honor that promise. First he’ll have to unblock me on Facebook though.

Oh, and the daughter who he basically abandoned had her birthday this weekend. Unfortunately for her Daddy had plans with his new married girlfriend in Newport, so he had to use the previous photo he took of her to wish her a happy birthday.

Hard to tell if he’s a worse boyfriend or a father.



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