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Business Insider Interviewed Sherborn Psychopath Bob Murchison To Smear Dave Portnoy For Having Consensual Sex With Loose 20 Year Old Women


A blue checkmark with 3,000 followers named Julia Black published a story today on a website called Business Insider, in which she accuses Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy of being a borderline rapist who preys on 19-20 year old girls.

You can’t read the article, which took 8 months to write, because it’s behind a paywall. Almost as if Business Insider is trying to commercialize and profit off of sexual assault, and they know people are more likely to pay to read about a sex scandal involving a celebrity. You can read it for free here, but I’ve highlighted some of the allegations. First was a 20 year old who DMd him on Instagram, told him she was into rape fantasies, accepted a first class plane ticket to his mansion in Nantucket, and couldn’t believe it when he started filming her giving him a BJ as he fulfilled the rape fantasy she flew there to fulfill.

I’m not here to judge anyone’s sex life, but why is this dude wasting his time with 20 year olds? I know they’re hot, but you’re 44 years old. You’re rich and single, so you can pretty much have any woman you want. Why not go for women in their 30’s? What could you possibly have in common with a 20 year old? What do you talk about for a whole weekend? Regardless, she sought him out, she told him she was into rape fantasies, she accepted a plane ticket to his house to fulfill that rape fantasy, and then acted shocked when he did exactly what they said they were going to do. But yea, she’s the victim here.

Next they attempted to smear Portnoy by interviewing a man named Bob Murchison – a cut throat Sherborn millionaire with a long history of bothering his neighbors, who relentlessly harassed WEEI advertisers for years with misleading emails about morning show hosts Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan. His goal, which was ultimately successful, was to get the companies to stop advertising on Boston’s top rated morning show, cost the company money, and force them to fire Minihane and Callahan. Some of these advertisers did threaten him with legal action if he did not stop harassing them with unwanted emails though.

Murchison’s harassment of Minihane contributed to his mental health issues that culminated in a stay at a mental hospital after repeated thoughts of suicide. But instead of leaving Minihane alone he followed him to his new employer – Barstool Sports. Murchison began harassing their advertisers relentlessly, but did not achieve his goal of getting Portnoy to fire Minihane. Nonetheless Julia Black believed him to be a credible witness, and exactly the kind of person she should interview for her the latest failed hit piece on Huffstool.


  1. Death threats and packages were never sent to Murchison’s house by Minifans.
  2. No one showed up to trespass and film themselves at Bob Murchison’s mansion on Lake Street in Sherborn.
  3. Murchison was formally invited by spiritual visionary Jon Featherston to the peace vigil in Sherborn after Minihane offered to forgive him and move on. Murchison chose not to accept the olive branch and instead continued to harass his employers at work. The prayer vigil was entirely peaceful and ended with pizza in Framingham.
  4. Murchison is just upset that Barstool’s CEO did not cave to his cancel culture demands the same way that WEEI and Entercom did.
  5. Bob Murchison is crying about people using “online harassment” to target his workplace. Meanwhile, this is literally the only thing he is known for. He “began tracking Barstool’s content in 2019” because he’s an obsessed stalker who wants Kirk Minihane to become destitute and commit suicide, and only had an interest in them because Minihane got a job there. People like Murchison don’t like when regular people fight back against his bullying and harassment campaigns. 

Finally the hit piece ended with another anecdote about a 19 year old woman who DMd Portnoy, told him she wanted to have sex, went to his house in Nantucket, had nasty consensual sex with him, and then said she felt preyed upon even though she admits it wasn’t sexual assault.


You DM’d a celebrity so you could go to his house and have sex. In no way, shape, or form are you a victim.

Then she told her Mom about it after the sex gave her suicidal thoughts and her Mom called the police to report him for the crime of having sex with her adult daughter.

If your 19 year old daughter seeks out and has sex with a 44 year old man, simply because he’s rich and famous, it means that you failed to instill any sort of values in her.

Portnoy has responded with a video explaining his version of what happened.

“We didn’t get along. We saw the world differently.”

Yea dude, probably because you’re 44 now and these girls weren’t alive for 911. Try more experienced women in their 30’s and they’re probably going to be a lot more fun, come with a lot less baggage, and you might be able to have normal adult conversations with them. Is Dave Portnoy a creep? That’s subjective. Is he a sexual deviant? Of course not. This is just another pathetic attempt to make money with clicks by attacking a man for being associated with Tucker Carlson and others who champion the cause of free speech.



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