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Cambridge Mother Who Tracked Down And Tackled Flasher While Jogging Last Summer Made Powerful Video About Lockdown


Last summer we published a story about a Cambridge mother and former Israeli soldier named Aia Polansky who tracked down and tackled a flasher while out for a jog.

Israel is a great country because its citizens don’t put up with bullshit. When people like Aia come to this country they bring their values, which include hard work and financial independence. That’s what made this video she posted on Facebook last week so disheartening, and I urge everyone on Team Lockdown to watch it.

She moved to America with nothing, has no family here, and she’s making it work as a single Mom. She makes money from speaking gigs, which obviously are not happening now. She can’t pursue other ventures because she can’t get childcare since daycares and schools were closed by the government, despite the fact that children almost never die from the virus. She can collect scraps from the government, but that doesn’t bring her the dignity that work does. To people like her handouts are insulting and create a continued reliance on the government for sustenance. It’s purely un-American, which is why the Bernie Bros find themselves leading the charge for Team Lockdown.

This about summed it up:

“What about us, what about the others, what are we supposed to do?”

We always hear about how we’re supposed to shut everything down or else we want old people to die, but they never talk about the financial and psychological effects this has had on others. They don’t care that kids that are being abused in record numbers because DCF can’t do home visits. They don’t care that kids are being denied the structural and emotional supports that they need by sitting at home annoying their parents all day. They don’t care that people can now make more money on unemployment than they can at their jobs, which disincentives seeking employment. They don’t care people who were once proud to earn a living are being reduced to freeloading government dependents. It’s always just, “We don’t want old people to die.”

But old people are dying with quarantine and social distancing anyway. The entire plan has been one huge failure, and hasn’t saved the lives of any elderly people. Forcing people to quarantine only increased the odds of dying, since household members went to Walmart, picked up the virus, and then returned home and gave it to Grandma. It was always inevitable that many would die from this, but life goes on and so does the world. End the lockdown now!


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