Cambridge Police Looking To Identify Man We Identified Last Year Who Stole Packages From Apartment Complex While Wearing Purple Robe And Rainbow Crocs


The Cambridge Police are looking for an Amazon grinch wearing a purple robe and rainbow crocs, who walked into the lobby of an apartment building on Memorial Drive (which runs along the Charles River and is probably high rent) in late October, snatched a bunch of packages, and ran out.

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I have so many questions.

Did he just get out of the shower?

What kind of grown man owns a purple robe?

What kind of grown man wears a robe out in public?

Why was it so easy for this hobosexual to break into an apartment building like this?

What kind of thief doesn’t take advantage of a pandemic by wearing a mask while committing a crime?

The Cambridge Police could find him very easily using facial recognition technology, but unfortunately for them that’s now illegal because…..George Floyd.

Massachusetts lawmakers passed one of the first state-wide restrictions of facial recognition as part of a sweeping police reform law. The new law sets limits on how police use the technology in criminal investigations. Democratic state Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz was one of the leaders behind this push for criminal justice reform.

“There’s some pretty sensible guardrails that can be put around the use of facial surveillance technology while the state does the work of collecting data to understand and get a more fulsome picture of how the technology is being used currently,” said Chang-Diaz.

Before the legislation, police could run a state-wide facial recognition search simply by emailing a photograph to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV). Law enforcement typically requested searches for suspects for misdemeanor and felony level offenses like fraud, burglary, larceny, identity theft and sexual assault.

Chang-Díaz says she thinks the groundswell of support for police reform and racial justice played a key role in the lawmakers’ ability to regulate this technology. The fact that facial recognition is often found to have significant error rates toward people of color attracted the public’s attention and even elicited an op-ed from the Boston Celtics condemning Baker’s attempts at removing facial recognition restrictions from the bill.

“Had we not had this moment of reckoning around police brutality, I don’t think that the legislature would have taken up issues around facial surveillance policy on its own had there not been this larger push for reform,” said Chang-Díaz.

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She said it in plain English – no one thought this was a good idea until George Floyd died. Then society temporarily lost its mind and forgot that the police were there to protect us from criminals, so she snuck it through. She’s running for Governor too.

The communists will always side with the criminals because destruction of the current society is entirely the point.

Luckily Massachusetts still has Turtle Recognition Technology though, because we were able to identify the package thief from this blog we published in December of 2020. His name is Adonis Lockett.

Last December Adonis’ then girlfriend’s sister Taylor Glavin, AKA the Roxbury Rumper Pumper, burned down her entire apartment building, then started a GoFundMe exclusively for herself. Adonis shared the GoFundMe.

You may notice that the package thief has a facial tattoo, and Adonis does not in those pictures. Luckily for him his now wife Morgan specializes in facial tattoos. She live streamed herself getting the name “Daquan” tattooed on her face, presumably because he was the one who was smashing at the time.

He’s not the only one in the relationship with electric crocs.

The lovebirds have since gotten married. 

Before you judge her just know that she’s a better person than you because she’s vaccinated.

At the wedding he wore his Shaw’s brand sneakers and unbuttoned shirt with no undershirt as they said their ‘I do’s” in what appears to be a funeral home.

The purple robe just made a lot more sense.

They may or may not be expecting a child as well.

Looks like he wanted to give his boo all the things a classy girl like her deserves, he just didn’t want to pay for it.

Being a hood Uber does not pay the bills.

Back to jail with you Adonis!



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