Cambridge Tattoo Artist Says She Will Refuse Service To Police, Offer Tattoos Of Cops Being Stabbed In Skull


This story has been updated and the woman in question has been fired.

Arianna Lanzillotti is a tattoo artist at  in Cambridge.

Yesterday she announced on Instagram that she would be discriminating against police officers because she was unhappy with the fact that they arrested rioters and looters in Boston.

“If you don’t f*** with cops, make it known.”

You have no idea how badly I’d like to live in a world for 48 hours where there were no police. The very first person I’d rob would be her, and anyone else pushing this “defund the police” bullshit. “Defund the police” is not a thing grownups say. It’s something that comes out of your mouth when you’re 17 and smoking a blunt for the first time.

I think we all can agree that if anyone attempted to rob or rape Arianna the very first people she’d call would be the police. And guess what? They’d help her. Because unlike her the Cambridge Police aren’t a bunch of spoiled, vapid, virtue signaling twats who discriminate against people based on their job.

The disturbing part is how popular the post was.

Forty two comments, all of them praising her for discriminating against human beings who risk their lives to protect us every day, because one cop out of millions did something horrible.

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She also does other fun tattoos depicting cops being stabbed in the head, because “a pig is a pig.”

The amount of stupid in that post is just off the charts.

  1. The Boston Police didn’t destroy their own car. That’s been thoroughly debunked. Rioters destroyed it and the cops had to smash the windshield to drive it out of there and salvage what was left.

2. People carrying guns in Michigan isn’t against the law. Looting stores and businesses is. That’s why one group of people was arrested and the other group of people was not. This is a very, very simple concept that goes right over the heads of stupid people like Ari.

3. People who go to jail are violent criminals. This is not the fault of the police.

4. Protesters were tear gassed because they were told to leave and wouldn’t.

5. You wouldn’t survive a week without police.

Here’s another completely normal tattoo she’s offering.

“All cops are bastards.”

Listen young man, I know you’re angry at the world and your brain is filled with disinformation and soy, but the cops aren’t your enemy. There’s no epidemic of unarmed black men being killed by cops, since that happened 10 times last year out of a population of 40 million, and 8 of them were justified. You’re a very dumb person who is easily manipulated by propaganda and it’s messed with your way of thinking.


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