Canton Cover-Up Part 102: Beverly Cannone’s Brother Was Chris Albert’s Attorney When He Killed Man In 1995 Crash, Worked With Jill Daniels’ Father At Quincy Courthouse


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In 1995 Chris Albert was convicted of killing a Hungarian graduate student named Peter Maszaros-Berger after rear ending him on I-95 and fleeing the scene of the crime. He was sentenced to two years in jail, but only had to serve 6 months. The mother of Peter Maszaros-Berger said in her victim impact statement that the victim’s father had “lost his will to live.” According to Albert’s public defender John Prescott, Albert was remorseful and apologized to the victim’s family.

John Prescott Sr. died in 2001, and was widely praised for his work representing indigent criminals as a public defender. His son John was Chris Albert’s attorney. But one fact that is being overlooked is that his Albert’s attorney was the brother of former public defender, and current Norfolk Superior Court Justice Beverly Cannone.

She talked about her father during her 2009 hearing before the Governor’s Council after being nominated to be a judge by Governor Deval Patrick.

State Rep. Stephen Tobin, D-Quincy, who said he has known Cannone for most his life, said she “took after her father and absorbed his love and defense of law.” Cannone’s father, John Prescott, was a Norfolk County prosecutor and later, a public defender. His six children were raised in Quincy and attended Quincy schools, Cannone told the council.

Chris Albert’s father in law Jack Daniels (the appropriately named father of Jill Daniels and Julie Daniels Albert) also worked at Quincy District Courthouse, where John Prescott practiced law out of many times.

Lawyers, judges, police officers and visitors to Quincy District Court have gotten to know John “Jack” Daniels over the years.

“He’s always trying to help someone, whether they’re looking for a particular department, a courtroom, or have a question about court procedures,” said Arthur Tobin, the court’s clerk magistrate.

Daniels, who has worked at Quincy court for 35 years, handles mostly bails and money transactions.

Just to review:

  • Beverly Cannone is the judge in a murder trial in which Chris Albert’s son and brother have been accused by the defense of murdering John O’Keefe
  • Beverly Cannone’s brother, whose footsteps she followed in, was the attorney for Chris Albert when he killed a 24 year old man, fled the scene of the crime, and avoided a DUI charge by sobering up
  • Colin Albert’s grandfather worked in Quincy District Courthouse for more than 35 years, where Beverly Cannone’s father also practiced law out of
  • Beverly Cannone “took after her father,” so she likely followed his work as a public defender
  • Beverly Cannone’s brother represented Chris Albert, which she likely knew about
  • In the Karen Read case Beverly Cannone has issued several rulings favorable to the Albert family (denying the defense access to Brian Albert’s phone which may contain information implicating Chris, Brian, or Colin Albert, not forcing the Commonwealth to hand over GeoFence data that could confirm if Chris or Colin was inside 34 Fairview Road, ignoring the fact that Julie Albert told police that she knew John was dead an hour before Karen Read discovered his body), and that her family has ties to the Albert family

Like Beverly Cannone did with John Prescott, Colin Albert has followed in his father’s footsteps. Chris Albert took a man’s life when he was slightly older than Colin was when John O’Keefe was killed. Like Colin, Chris attempted to avoid responsibility by fleeing the scene when he could have attempted to save the man’s life. Both Colin and Chris Albert immediately thought about how they could save themselves, instead of saving the life of a person who was seriously injured as a result of their actions. Chris served only 6 months in jail because Beverly Cannone’s father was an effective attorney for him. Consequently Chris learned almost nothing from this life-altering crime, as he continued to drink too much, have violent run-ins with people (like the Lopilato brothers), and used his connections to police (Canton Police Lt. Michael Lank) to protect himself at the expense of others.

The difference between Chris and Colin’s situation is that Chris couldn’t pin his crime on an innocent woman. But John Prescott helped protect Chris in 1995, and now Prescott’s daughter is protecting Chris’ son. How many people will lose their lives to members of the Albert family while the powers that be protect them?


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