Canton Cover-Up Part 8: Chris Albert Tried To Prevent Blog From Being Published Mentioning Son’s Involvement In John O’Keefe’s Death, Sister-In Law Is Dating Carpet Installer, Previously Charged With Killing Man

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Chris Albert is the father of Colin Albert and the brother of Boston Police Sgt Brian Albert, both of whom were in the house where John O’Keefe was murdered on January 29, 2022. He was elected to the Board of Selectmen three weeks ago and owns D&E Pizza in Canton. There are pictures of Brian and Colin Albert all over his campaign website.

On Monday night, while I was writing my first story about the mysterious death of Officer O’Keefe I tweeted out a teaser at 10:59 PM to our readers that I would be discussing Colin Albert’s alleged role in it.

I did not publish the story until 3 AM on Tuesday, and unbeknownst to me I had a hidden message from Colin’s father who had seen the tweet and wanted to discuss it with me:

“You mentioned my son which is unfortunate.”

You know what’s unfortunate? Being wrongly accused and charged with the murder of your boyfriend, having a RO taken out against you by his family so you can’t tell them the truth, being prevented from going to the funeral, having to pay $100K bail, not being able to drive a car or work, dealing with the crippling anxiety that comes along with facing decades in prison, and watching as corrupt cops and politicians provide cover for the people who murdered the love of your life.

You know what else is unfortunate? Being lured to a house by a woman who you thought was a friend only to be ambushed and beaten unconscious by a group of men related to Chris Albert, getting chewed up by a dog, and then being left to die while likely still alive in a pile of snow for 5.5 hours.

Chris Albert likely knows that my blog is very pro-law enforcement, and he comes from a family of LEO’s. He knew that although other media outlets have written about it, none of them would go as in depth as I have. He knew that Turtleboy doesn’t just regurgitate court documents like other “reporters,” and that up until that point his son had never even been mentioned by a single media outlet. I have no doubt that his plan was to do what many have done before – kiss my ass, mention how much he appreciates my reporting, and tell me how thankful he was that I “backed the blue,” in the hopes that I would not write about his son’s involvement in the death of John O’Keefe.

This is what Colin Albert dressed as on Halloween.

Orange fits him well. And although it’s just a costume and ultimately means nothing, the tear drop from his left eye that usually symbolizes that a person has killed another person, seems fitting given what he was involved in 9 months prior. The fact that someone who was likely involved in the murder of John O’Keefe would wear such a costume speaks to his arrogance and his belief that he is untouchable.

Sources we spoke with have also informed Turtleboy Daily News that Colin Albert called a 17 year old girl he was friends with at 12:33 AM on the morning John O’Keefe was murdered. This is especially relevant given the cell phone data indicating that O’Keefe’s body was moved at 12:31 AM. Anyone who has a teenager understands how unusual it is for them to call, rather than text. The girl did not answer but called him back the next day and was reportedly told “never mind.” One can easily infer that Colin Albert, who did not drive to 34 Fairview Ave that night, was looking for a ride out of there, as the adults in the house were looking to protect their young.

Colin’s father Chris is no stranger to taking human life either. In 1994 he was ironically arrested for a similar crime to the one Karen Read was framed for – a hit and run that killed a Hungarian national enrolled at Johnson and Wales University. At 3 AM somewhere on I-95 Chris Albert allegedly tailgated Peter Maszaros-Berger, sending the man’s car into a median and killing him.

It’s unclear what he did for jail time, but he didn’t mention it in his campaign literature for selectman.

In 2002 Chris Albert was listed in a lawsuit filed by a man named Marc Lopilato against Canton Police Officer Michael Lank, who he alleged had bitten, wrongly charged, and targeted him. The story is a little confusing, but Chris Albert approached Lank outside of a bar called Centerfields and told Lank that he had just gotten into a fight at the bar with Lopilato. Lank then got into a fight with Lopilato and his brother and allegedly bit one of them before detaining him, despite being off duty, and telling him he was going to ruin his life. When the Lopilato brothers tried to file a complaint they were charged with A&B on a police officer, put on trial, and acquitted. They ended up leaving town due to years of harassment after the fact.


gov.uscourts.mad.95835.24.0 (2)

So basically Chris Albert got into a fight, and his immediate instinct was to weaponize his off duty cop buddy friend to go after the people he just fought. They were arrested (and acquitted) and he wasn’t.

Sounds familiar.

It should be noted that Officer Lank was reportedly not on duty the night of January 29, 2022, yet for some reason he was contacted WHILE AT HOME and showed up to be one of the first responding officers who responded to the house. Officer Lank was the ONLY officer who went into the house that morning, spoke with Brian Albert, and didn’t report any observations of the interior where a Boston police officer had just been murdered. He also reported Brian’s now debunked lie that Colin Albert was NOT in the home that night.

When the Alberts are in a jam they always seem to have OFF DUTY COPS show up who are close personal friends, like Lank and Michael Proctor. Miraculously those cops always end up arresting someone else and never consider the Alberts to be suspects.

The owner of the bar Chris Albert was at during the incident in 2002 was Jim Marathas, the brother of a man named Nick Marathas.

Nick is dating a woman named Jill Daniels, who previously had an affair with Brian Albert, and is the sister of Chris Albert’s wife Julie Daniels Albert.

This is what Jill posted in defense of her family after our blog was published.

Nick Marathas also happens to own his own carpeting business. He would be the first person Brian Albert would call to quietly replace a bloody basement floor., since he’s dating Brian’s sister in-law’s sister, who Brian previously had an affair with.

I messaged Marathas for comment and he quickly responded by deactivating his Facebook page altogether. Why would he do that if he had nothing to hide? His business is Facebook friends with Jennifer McCabe.

It’s also noteworthy that Julie Albert (the wife of Chris and mother of Colin) appears multiple times on Jennifer McCabe’s call logs the day they found John O’Keefe’s body.

Speaking of Jen McCabe, this is an image that appeared in the Boston Globe on June 10 when the charges against Karen Read were upgraded to murder for no apparent reason.

The crying woman is a friend of John O’Keefe’s, and the woman behind her in the jean jacket consoling her is Jennifer McCabe – who knew that O’Keefe was dying in a pile of snow when she googled “how told to die in snow,” and was in the house when O’Keefe was beaten unconscious.

These are some of the sickest, most vile people I’ve ever written about, and I’m sure there will be more to come. Stay tuned for updates.


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