Canton Cover-Up Part 281: Turtleboy Talking to Karen Read On The Phone Is Not A Scandal, Morons

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During morning recess today, I saw myself on TV which gave me a lot of street cred with the guys who were out of their cells getting suboxone. I’m not allowed inside when they’re out of their cells, lest they breathe on me, and I break into more pieces of tail light than Michael Proctor found on 5 undocumented trips to Brian Albert’s house.

Of course, the reason I was on 7 News is because the media blindly believes that Brian Tully and Lindsey Gaetani are trustworthy, well-intentioned people who are exposing me for wrongdoing. In case you missed it, Tully revealed the big bombshell that I – gasp – have spoken regularly on the phone with Karen Read.

The real scandal, according to Tully, is that I “mischaracterized” my relationship with Karen Read. As evidence, he cited the Boston Magazine article in which I deny speaking directly to her. Because apparently not telling Gretchen Voss something that you don’t have permission to tell her, is akin to lying under oath.

Anyone who thinks it matters at all shouldn’t be allowed to drive, vote or live alone. Karen Read is a free person who can talk to anyone she damn well feels like talking to. Newsflash – it doesn’t matter at all if I ever spoke with Karen Read. I am a journalist working on a story in which she is the main character. I had what no other reporter had – direct access to the most reliable source of factual information.

This didn’t happen on its own, and I never spoke to her directly on the phone until mid-May. I earned access to Karen Read with my award-winning journalism. For 15 months, her defense team was waiting for some media entity to give the case the coverage it deserved. The McAlberts were accused in court filings of being involved in John O’Keefe’s murder as far back as October 2022. Video of Karen hitting John’s car was available on September 2022. Yet virtually no one was paying attention to this story. I’m embarrassed it took me until April 2023 to finally jump on it, and was shocked that no one else gave it the attention I was about to give it.

The reason it didn’t get attention was because nobody had the balls to point out the obvious truth. When I did, the story blew up because the facts staring us in the face left no doubt that Karen was being framed. Although, I can’t say I blame other reporters for shying away since I ended up in jail for doing the work they wouldn’t do.

I never pretended to be unbiased from the beginning. No honest person could “both sides” such an obvious coverup. I report and editorialize, which makes the only logical position I could take was that Karen was innocent and The System was guilty. It would be irresponsible and immoral for me not to use my platform to advocate for justice. I have always been completely biased to the truth. How could I not ask Jen McCabe uncomfortable questions? How could I not peacefully protest? How could I not educate and inform the public?

I never admitted publicly to speaking with Read because she, like many, was an anonymous source. I have built my business and broken major news stories using anonymous sources, and I would never betray one. Had I done so, I would be intentionally cutting myself off to the one witness every reporter wishes they had access to – Karen Read.

At no point did 7 News mention that the afterdavid for the search warrant for Karen’s phone was written by Brian Tully – a corrupt cop under federal investigation for covering up a murder. At no point did 7 News mention that “Jane” was Lindsey Gaetani – a scorned, ex-sidepiece who, on January 8 in open court, admitted to faking a pregnancy for two months in order to manipulate me into not leaving her.

According to Lindsey in the afterdavid, Karen directed what I could and couldn’t report, suggesting that she had a dastardly plan to hide information that incriminated her, while putting out information that made the McAlberts look guilty.  They cited Tully’s brilliant inference that this was proof that Karen was directing me to intimidate witnesses, which Tully is using as grounds to charge her with conspiracy and revoke her bail. Tully knows that, just like me, Karen Read is a threat to expose his criminal behavior if she’s not in jail.

I know that Lindsey and Tully are very stupid people, so let me explain this slowly. Ya see, when sources give you information on-the-record, you are allowed to report it. When it’s off-the-record, you can’t. If you violate a source’s trust, they will no longer give you information.

For example, I read the report about Lucky Loughran in May, but it was off-the-record. It wasn’t until I spoke to Lucky himself in August, that he told me the bombshell information that John’s body wasn’t on Brian Albert’s lawn at 2:30 am. Only then could I report it.

Karen’s reasons for not wanting some information reported are her own. However, I can tell you that the Commonwealth’s response to Jen McCabe’s 2:27 am Google search affected the defense’s strategy with the media. Like most people, the defense assumed the charges would be dropped after that. But all this public revelation did was give the Commonwealth more time to make up lies to combat it. They did the same thing after I broke the news about Lucky in August. At a certain point, you learn not to show your hand.

For the record, there is more bombshell information out there that I have, but do not have permission to report because it’s off-the-record. I will report this information when the source says it’s on-the-record, and let me promise you, it will shock you to the core.

I do not blindly believe anything Karen Read has told me. In fact, leaked messages from Natalie the German, show that I was skeptical about Colin Albert being in the house and what time John’s body was moved outside. What made Karen such a reliable source, was that she was always able to back up everything she said, with evidence. She showed me her PI’s report with Lucky in May, and although it was off-the-record and I couldn’t report it, I knew moving forward that she wasn’t bullshitting me.

If I thought there was any chance Karen was guilty, or that she was lying to me in order to use my platform to manipulate me, I would not only report it, but treat her with the same disdain I do Jennifer McCabe. If I was wrong, I’d be sued into oblivion. But I know I’m right because Karen Read brings receipts like no one else does. I’ve attempted to interview multiple people on the other side, but they don’t want to talk because they have no receipts.

Ask yourself this, if the McAlberts are innocent and can back it up, then why aren’t they getting in front of the media like the defendant is? How come they don’t come to my court dates? Why is the lead detective refusing to speak with Dateline? Have you ever seen an episode of Dateline that the police refuse to participate in? Why aren’t they sharing their proof that Colin Albert left before John and Karen arrived? Why would Karen Read make herself so available to the media if they would find evidence of her guilt by really looking into her?

But perhaps the best question is, why is Brian Tully spending so much time investigating my professional relationship with Karen while not spending any time looking into who was driving the Ford Edge parked outside Brian Albert’s house two hours before John’s body was discovered? Why is Tully tracking down mentally ill women I laid the “extra emoji” on instead of tracking down Ford Edge owners in and around Canton? Why is he flying to California on the taxpayer’s dime to speak with Natalie, but they waited 18 months to speak with Lucky?

My favorite part of this “scandal” is that Karen and I messaged on the Signal app, which they want you to believe is shady. Signal is one of the most downloaded apps for a reason – messages are encrypted and disappear. People use Signal because they want to protect their privacy from government tyrants like Tully. This country’s foundation is based on resistance to government intrusion. It is the basis of the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Using Signal is the most American way you can communicate.

But even if they have our messages, all it would show is Karen providing me with factual information and me asking questions. Neither of us broke any laws, but the people investigating us have, and that’s why they’re shitting their pants now. Take this for what it is – a last-ditch effort by guilty people to incarcerate the two people most responsible for taking them down – Turtleboy and Karen Read.

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