Canton Cover-Up Part 115: Public Records Request For Dighton Police Department Shows Karen Read’s Car Was Towed By 4:17 Despite Charging Documents Saying Michael Proctor Arrived At 4:30


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We submitted a public records request from the Dighton Police Department for the police report from January 29, 2022, when Michael Proctor had Karen Read’s vehicle towed from her parent’s house. Proctor’s report stated that he arrived at their house at 4:30, noticed that the right tail light was “shattered,” and had the car towed at 5:30.

If this was true it would mean that he would not have had time to break the tail light and plant evidence prior to the 5:45 SERT search of 34 Fairview Road, and the defense’s assertion of a conspiracy would be severely weakened.

But footage from Karen Read’s house shows the car being towed at 4:12 PM, and you can see that her right tail light is still functional, with the red pieces still in tact.

Adam Lally stated in open court that the 4:12 time stamp was wrong, because he asserted that did not change its clocks for daylight savings, even though they automatically do that, and daylight savings was three months prior.

“I have no idea whether or not that time and date stamp is accurate.”

Well maybe you should figure that out before you charge someone with murder.

Luckily for the public we have more than just an idea of whether or not that time and date stamp was accurate because we did a records request proving it was. The report we received from the Dighton Police Department confirms that both Lally and Proctor were lying. According to the official DPD log Sergeant Nicholas Barros arrived at the Read home at 3:27 PM, and the entire scene was cleared by 4:17 PM.

Cleared means everyone is gone. The car was gone, Michael Proctor was gone, and the Dighton Police were gone. All by 4:17. Michael Proctor and Adam Lally said in the charging documents that Proctor didn’t even GET THERE until 4:30.

They’re lying in a murder trial. Everyone can plainly see it. And they just don’t care. Let that sink in.

This proves that Lally blatantly lied in court about the clocks not resetting for daylight savings, in order to cover up for Proctor’s lie that the car was towed at 5:30. This means that Proctor had complete control of that car beginning at 4:17, which gave him an hour and a half to bring the car to the Canton Police Department (even though CPD was no longer involved in the investigation), break the tail light, and plant it at 34 Fairview Road on top of a pile of snow.

We already knew from a previous records request that Proctor called DPD at 2:31, asking them to help tow Karen Read’s vehicle from her parent’s home, despite claiming that he did not see the car until 4:30.

Until now Lally and Proctor could hide behind the daylight savings lie, or the lie that the footage simply shows the car being put on the tow, but not actually towed away. Until now they could lie to the public and say that the tow truck sat in that driveway until 5:30, therefore Michael Proctor wasn’t lying.

But they can’t anymore, because the entire scene was cleared 13 minutes before Michael Proctor claims he even arrived at the house.

What these people are doing is evil and tyrannical, and we will never stop exposing their lies until each and every person who helped cover up the murder of John O’Keefe is criminally charged.


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