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Canton Cover-Up Part 118: Protest Scheduled For 4:30 In Quincy At Michael Morrissey Event, Sitting On $500K War Chest Despite Never Being Challenged Since 1976


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Norfolk County DA Michael Morrissey will be holding his annual summer barbecue tomorrow at the Adams Inn on 29 Hancock Street, Quincy. The event begins at 5:30, and we will be holding a peaceful protest outside at 4:30 (the exact times that Trooper Proctor lied about when picking up Karen Read’s car in Dighton).

We are protesting in response to Morrissey’s statement on Friday, demanding that we stop protesting the fact that his office is covering up the murder of John O’Keefe and prosecuting an woman who they know is innocent in order to protect his well connected friends who are actually responsible.

This event is not a fundraiser, but he doesn’t really need a fundraiser because he hasn’t had an opponent in an election since 2010.

Michael Morrissey was 22 years old when he was elected as a State Representative from Quincy in 1976. Because he’s a Democrat he won that election in 76 with 79% of the vote. He did not have a challenger in the general election agains until 1990, and was only challenged in a primary in 1984.

In 1992 he set his sites on the State Senate. He beat out another State Rep in a Democratic primary that year, but did not have an opponent in the general because Republicans can’t win in that district. From that point on he never had another challenger in the primary or general elections.

During this time he managed to become a partner in a Boston law firm, while also being a “full time” legislator, collecting a paycheck from the taxpayers.

During his 34 years on Beacon Hill Morrissey made many political connections, including having a “close relationship” former Norfolk County DA William Keating. In 2010 Keating announced he was running for United States Congress, which he won easily and has not been seriously challenged since. He supported his friend Morrissey to fill his empty seat as DA, and that endorsement ensured that he would cruise to the seat.

Morrissey is sitting on a war chest that hovers around $500K. Once in a while he will do a fundraiser, like he did in August of 2021, raising almost $70K.

But he doesn’t really need to, because no one runs against him. That money is just sitting there in case anyone dreams of challenging him in the future. Until then his campaign involves posting videos like this, reminding people that they should still check off the box for him anyway.

Morrissey’s donors mostly consist of wealthy and connected friends from Boston and the southern suburbs, as well as the unions. Yuri Bukhenik and Brian Tully – the immediate supervisors of Michael Proctor – have both donated to his campaign consistently.


Now he’s on record, covering for these same State Police and Michael Proctor, and demanding that we stop questioning him. He made up a blatant lie that Proctor was never at 34 Fairview Road on January 29, 2022, so Tully and Bukehnik go their money’s worth. In most societies this would be known as a “bribe,” but in Quincy they call it “democracy.”

But there’s nothing more democratic than peacefully protesting, so we’re not gonna listen to Morrissey’s demands to we stop.  We’re going to make our voices heard loud and clear tomorrow in Quincy. Morrissey believes he is some sort of king because monarchs don’t get challenged. But tomorrow he’s going to find out just how wrong he is.



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  1. More games than Milton Bradley being played by this guy! Good job TB. “Your attendance is your contribution”, lol..This will be one of the biggest contributions Morrissey has ever received. PS.. save your appetite, and grab a burger and something to drink while you’re there .

    1. One other thing….Who was the genius who designed the billboard for this event??.. a weiner with a fork stuck in it? Truly fitting

  2. If unions and union guys are backers of Michael Morrissey, then be sure to have EXTRA Turtle Riders ready with their fully charged smartphones to record video of EVERYTHING that goes on at (and near) the BBQ! Expect the worst behavior from those thugs!

  3. “In most societies this would be known as a “bribe,” but in Quincy they call it ‘democracy’.”

    Now you’re getting it. The system is broken. Not just in Massachusetts, but nationwide.

  4. Just curious if you have to announce when ppl do a protest? Because I guarantee JM and the rest of the disgusting clan won’t show up…. Extra hot dogs for Morrissey I’m sure that will make him happy at least

  5. His poor health will begin to deteriorate more as he stresses over this and binge eats and swills liquor. Less sleep, more innuendos, he won’t make it to the next election. Maybe not even to the next jumbo pizza…

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