Canton Cover-Up Part 122: Chris Albert Repeatedly Roasted By Concerned Citizens At Awkward Select Board Meeting For Underage Drinking, Criminal Past, Familial Ties To John O’Keefe Murder


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The Canton Board of Selectman meetings have turned into a never ending roast of Chris Albert, whose son Colin and brother Brian are both suspected by many of having been involved in the murder of John O’Keefe. Normally these meetings are sparsely attended, but in light of our reporting on the coverup of O’Keefe’s murder and the subsequent framing of Karen Read, they’ve become standing room only events as the citizens of Canton continue their ongoing rebellion against the men running their town.

Last night John Connolly, who has been on the Board of Selectman since the Reagan administration, began the meeting by offering a poorly received “apology” after being caught on a hot mic at the last meeting calling concerned taxpayers “random f***ing citizens.”

He also publicly announced that he didn’t know Chris Albert prior to his recent election in March, despite the fact that he donated money to his campaign.

It’s never a good thing when your colleagues are publicly trying to distance themselves from you as much as they can. It was like Peter denying he knew Jesus, except instead of turning water into wine Chris Albert’s pizza shop turns hunger into indigestion. I have no idea if what he’s saying is true (I doubt it is), but why is this man giving money to people he’s never met and knows nothing about? .

These meetings have rules and procedures which seem to be mere suggestions, as citizens are allowed to get up on the microphone and speak as many times as they wish. Most of their ire was directed at Chris Albert, who continues to go to these meetings in order to sit there and get dunked on by local grandmothers and soccer moms. The stipend (if any) they receive can’t be worth the humiliation that Chicken Parm Charlie voluntarily subjects himself to at these meetings. Yet he continues to serve for the same reason Jen McCabe continues to go out in public:

  1. They are extremely stubborn and arrogant.
  2. The goal of the Alberts and McCabes is to project a sense of normalcy despite being under federal investigation for their family’s role in the murder of a Boston Police Officer.
  3. As a member of the Board, Chris Albert is in charge of the police department and the DPW, both of whom could implicate his son and brother in JO’s death.
  4. He may need the health insurance.

Let’s review some of the highlights.

The most memorable part of the meeting was when a concerned citizen asked each member to state which subcommittees they were members of. When she got to Chris Albert he said that he was on CASA (in Massachusetts folks like Chris add r’s to the end of words that don’t have them, and take them away from words that do have them), but seemed to have no idea what the acronym stood for. Instead of admitting that he didn’t know the answer he tried to pull it off like a kid presenting his book report to the class who only read the back cover.

The same woman pointed out that two of the letters stood for “substance abuse,” which was troubling because there are so many pictures of Chris’ son Colin, who is not old enough to buy alcohol, drinking beer at Albert family events.

Another woman stood up and humiliated Chris Albert by listing all of the times he had civil judgements against him in court that he defaulted on, mentioning the fact that he once went to jail for killing a man in what was likely a drunk driving incident, and had a $65K tax lien. She pointed out that the town’s budget comes from taxpayers, and that Chris didn’t pay his taxes. She called it a “nice grift you’ve got going on there.”

Another woman rightly pointed out that Chris Albert should not be allowed to comment on matters involving the murder of John O’Keefe, because his son has been subpoenaed to appear in front of a federal grand jury investigating the matter, and JO’s body was discovered on his brother’s front lawn.

This same woman later called out Police Chief Helena Rafferty for her outrageous remarks at a previous meeting, in which Rafferty accused two law abiding, civically engaged, and well respected members of the Canton community, of being criminals because they attended our peaceful rolling rally protest in July.

Also on that topic another turtle rider called out the Chief for not having any police officers monitoring our peaceful protest if she was so concerned about it and thought it was illegal. He also rightfully pointed out that the peaceful protest was organized by “award winning journalist Aidan Kearney.”

Sorry Jill.

The meeting was capped off by a woman who ended her speech by saying, “any idiot knows that Karen Read is innocent.”

Chris Albert looked nervous the entire time and could not look any of the constituents he represents in the eye. His nervous tick, which you can see at the 25 second mark, is playing with his Dunkin iced coffee straw and pretending to take notes as he doodles onto his notepad.

This is what democracy looks like. This is what happens when an arrogant board of bullies is challenged for the first time. They’re uncomfortable, and they’re going to continue to be this way as long as the town continues to cover up the murder of John O’Keefe.




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