Canton Cover-Up Part 124: Jen McCabe’s Daughter Allie Was Subpoenaed To Testify In Front Of Federal Grand Jury After Colin Albert And Brian Albert


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According to reliable, credible sources, Brian Albert, Colin Albert, and Allie McCabe – the oldest daughter of Jennifer McCabe – have recently testified in front of a federal grand jury at Moakley Courthouse in South Boston, in regards to the John O’Keefe murder investigation.

Allie McCabe graduated with Colin Albert, and is extremely close friends with him (they had their senior pictures taken together).

We know that Colin Albert was inside 34 Fairview Road when John O’Keefe arrived at the house, and that he called another Canton High School student at 12:33, possibly to ask for a ride home. I have long opined that it would be unusual for a high school senior like Colin Albert to be at a party like this with no one there his age. Brian Albert Jr, Sarah Levinson, Julie Nagel, Emily Fabbiano, Mary Kent, Kathryn Doody, and Caitlin Albert are 6-8 years older than him.

Throughout the first 3 months of our investigation there was no one from the other side objecting to the idea that Colin Albert was inside that house. But that changed a lot recently. Jill Daniels made this claim several times when I interviewed her on the live show. DA Michael Morrissey stated definitively on Friday that Colin was not inside the house, without providing any evidence to back up his assertion. Supporters of the Alberts and McCabes have claimed, without evidence, that Colin had gotten a ride home from a girl his age before John O’Keefe and Brian Albert arrived at the house, and that this girl had Life 360 data to prove it. I have offered to take down all blogs and shows mentioning Colin if they could provide this evidence, but they haven’t shown anything yet.

Jen McCabe was actively involved in covering up John O’Keefe’s murder from the beginning. She called him 6 times between 12:40 and 12:50 to make it seem like he hadn’t arrived at the house. She lied to police when she told them that she saw Karen drive away at 12:45. She called John’s phone at 12:29 – a call that was answered by somebody who wasn’t John. She was the one who invited John there in the first and the last guest to leave. She gave a ride home to Sarah Levinson and Julie Nagel at 1:47, in order to drive close to Meadows Avenue. Shortly after arriving at home she Googled “hos long to die in cold” before deleting it.

It would therefore make sense if the girl that Jill Daniels and other Albert/McCabe supporters have claimed gave Colin Albert a ride home, was Allie McCabe. Wouldn’t the first person Jen asked to do her a huge favor like that be her daughter? A girl who was close friends with Colin?

What other interest would a federal grand jury have with 19 year old Allie McCabe?

What interest would a federal grand jury have with 19 year old Colin Albert?

We know that Colin Albert received his subpoena from two FBI agents who visited his dorm room on April 10, 2023. If his attorney believed Colin was suspected of a crime, he would be able to review the facts of the case and ask for time before Colin actually appeared in federal court. Multiple sources have told us that they saw Colin there with Chris Albert and what appeared to be attorneys, four weeks ago. Allie McCabe was reportedly seen there with her mother two weeks after that.

There was something about Allie McCabe’s behavior on June 5, 2023, when I confronted her parents at a Billerica-Canton lacrosse game, that I found interesting. She seemed completely unfazed that I was asking her mother about her involvement in the murder of a police officer, and even was smiling and laughing with her Mom like it was a big joke. On my way out she even waved at me like the whole thing was funny. At the 2:58 mark she says something to her mother and they both start laughing.


When my camera guy Richie first got there he took a short video to show me where he was sitting in relation to the McCabes. You can see in the short video that Allie McCabe immediately spots him and points him out to her parents, who were clearly on edge because they knew there was a chance I’d be showing up, and they all started laughing because they think it’s a big joke.

I just found her behavior peculiar. Like she knew everything parents knew.

And now it’s all starting to make sense.

This is also the first confirmation I’ve received that Brian Albert testified in front of a grand jury, although we’ve long suspected that. The body of a police officer was found on his property, which was never searched. There is a federal investigation into John O’Keefe’s death. Brian Albert’s man-eating family dog is missing, the basement floor is gone, and the house was sold for $50K under asking price. Federal agents have reportedly taken possession of materials that were previously inside 34 Fairview Road. There was no way he wouldn’t be receiving a subpoena as well.

Why are Albert and McCabe supporters trying so hard to prove that Colin Albert wasn’t inside the house when the older adults arrived home from the Waterfall? What does it matter if they were, since they all claim John O’Keefe never went in the house because he was killed by Karen Read on the front lawn?

There’s only one reason why there would be a sudden push to prove Colin had left the house before John O’Keefe arrived – the FBI has irrefutable evidence that O’Keefe was inside the home. Now the Alberts and McCabes are trying hard to prove that Colin wasn’t there at the same time. It’s the only thing that makes sense. And in order for Colin not to be there, someone had to have given him a ride home. Someone they’ve been trying to keep out of this story for as long as possible in order to protect them. Someone like Allie McCabe.


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