Canton Cover-Up Part 125: Woman Who Defended Colin Albert At D&E Pizza Peaceful Protest Yelled Sexual Comments At 17 Year Old For Not Joining Coverup


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On Wednesday I peacefully protested outside of D&E Pizza in Canton, owned by Chris Albert, in order to demand his resignation from the Board of Selectman. A Boston Police Officer was murdered inside his brother’s house, and Chris and several others have attempted to hide the fact that his son Colin was also inside. It was my civic duty to let the people of Canton know that there are cop killers in their midst, and that the owner of this pizza shop doesn’t pay his bills. Most importantly I needed to make it clear to the citizens of Canton that Colin was inside the house, as they desperately try to claim that he wasn’t.

There has been much talk from disgraced FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer and rape-obsessed Attorney Wendy Murphy, about Chris suing me for saying these things about his family. Next week I will have a blog about some information I have not yet revealed, which shows that Chris Albert is in fact pursuing this angle, and may have gotten himself with the feds in the process. For the record, I have offered to retract all blogs and statements about Colin Albert if anyone on their side can present evidence that Colin was not inside 34 Fairview Road when Brian Albert returned from the Waterfall Bar and Grille. They claim to have this evidence, but no one has provided it.

I also welcome and encourage a lawsuit, as it would force me to prove that Colin was in the house, which would open Chris up to discovery requests regarding his communications about the matter. Suing me would be the biggest gift Chris Albert could give to the Karen Read defense team.

I was overwhelmed by the love and support I received doing my one man protest in Canton. Throughout the time I was there hundreds of cars honked in support, and people of all ages (including children) yelled “Free Karen Read” from moving vehicles. I educated several people who had not heard about the case, handing out cards with a QR code to our soon to be award winning video “Framed.” I even had a nice conversation with a high school junior who had no idea he was living in a town where cop killers were walking around freely.

However, not everyone was a fan. We were greeted by this delightful gentleman minutes after arriving, who gave us the Canton salute and made sexually derogatory comments about my mother.

That’s how you become employee of the month at D&E Pizza.

I have no desire to find out who this Pert Plus Puberino is, nor did I want to bother the people working there. I was just there to raise awareness and spark some conversations, and I feel like I accomplished my goal.

However, this fried frumpkin was more problematic.

When she came out I informed her that Colin was inside the house, which she disagreed with me about. She then told me to get a life, called me a lowlife, and did the walk of shame back to the Walgreens parking lot.


Her name is Jill Harrison-Thomas, and she’s part of the jeans and sweatshirt mafia that I attempted to speak with outside of court on May 3. She gave me a dirty look inside the court and had something to say on the way out, but she didn’t have much to say to me at the longest red light in Dedham.


Jill is one of many of the bored, lonely, work-depraved housewives of Canton who attends these hearings without their husband (see Kerry Roberts). She didn’t know John that well, but like many of these women she clearly never liked Karen, and is enjoying watching her suffer as John’s killers remain free. As you can see from her presence at D&E Pizza, she proudly supports and fraternizes with the people responsible for covering up John’s death.

Sources tell us that Jill has a history of harassing anyone who doesn’t support the Alberts and McCabes, including children. Last year a rumor was being spread around town that the daughter of a man named Tom Beatty, whose daughter Colin Albert called at 12:33 AM on the night John O’Keefe was murdered, had been telling people about Colin’s incriminating phone call. According to witnesses, Jen McCabe and Jill Thomas drove to the Beatty household, confronted his 17 year old daughter, and warned her not to tell people about the call (which she denied doing at all).

Jill Thomas also reportedly told this minor child, “Instead of opening your mouth, why don’t you stick a dick in it instead.” A grown adult did that to a child for telling the truth about a murder. Since then this girl has been socially ostracized by the Jen McCabe mean girls society, and her father has been falsely accused of sleeping with Karen Read (as have many other men who supported Karen).

When I say these people are still living like its Canton High School 1994, I mean it. These women are catty, and will do anything to protect the dominant males in their town. You don’t mess with an Albert in Canton.

Jill Thomas fits right in at D&E Pizza though, because just like Julie and Chris Albert, she doesn’t like to pay her bills. She had a judgment against her in 2019 when she didn’t show up to court for a contractor she stiffed out of $3,200.

This woman also didn’t appear to be a fan.

Her name is Jaime McGillicuddy Marcell, and she owns a daycare in town that Kevin Albert’s wife Mary works at. Pretty much the only people in Canton who aren’t fans of the turtle are connected to the Alberts or McCabes. Everyone else knows that Karen Read is innocent, and Colin Albert was inside the house when John O’Keefe got there.


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