Canton Cover-Up Part 131: Norfolk County DA’s Office Files Misguided Motion To Force NBC, ABC To Hand Over Entire Interviews With Karen Read 


Canton Coverup Part 131: Norfolk County DA’s Office Files Misguided Motion To Force NBC, ABC To Hand Over Entire Interviews With Karen Read

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In two of the most laughable motions I’ve ever seen, the Commonwealth is requesting that both ABC and NBC be forced to hand over unaired footage of their pre-recorded interview with Karen Read.

Karen Read sat down with Dennis Murphy for an upcoming Dateline episode, and with ABC’s Matt Gutman, presumably for a 20/20 episode. However, in both instances the networks only aired a few minutes of the interview.

But Michael Morrissey, Adam Lally, and ADA Laura McLauhglin are not fools. They quickly realized after watching the segments that these were just clips of a much longer interview! Ya see, Karen Read had two different outfits on in different clips!

They tried to pull one over on ol’ Mikey Meatpie Morrissey, but this is not a man who gets fooled easily.

Just look at all those non-sequential books behind him. Look how well he takes care of himself. You can tell that this man is a perfectionist, and multi-billion dollar corporations like Disney and NBC would prefer not to tango with him. Now his office demanding the unaired footage of content that belongs to the respective networks.

You have to wake up pretty early to fool Lunchbox Lally. The man is a diabolical genius who knows what edited footage looks like when he sees it.

Look at those Chester A. Arthur chops, and how meticulous he was while applying his LA Looks hair gel! He didn’t settle for the level 7 or 8 hold either. He went all out.

Yellow or blue only. That’s how you can tell that this is a man who takes his job seriously. Just look at the attention to detail of each and every Bart Simpson spike on top of his forehead.

Now imagine the amount of detail and care he puts into his motions.

The DA’s Office is really upset that Karen Read is choosing to defend herself publicly in order to combat the plethora of lies being levied against her by corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials. In particular they’re really mad that Read uses the media to “contradict her prior statements and to facilitate her profession of innocence while making baseless accusations against nearly every witness, law enforcement officer, or expert involved in the substantial case against her.”

How dare Karen Read contradict the prior statements that Michael Proctor and Jennifer McCabe said that she said! Those two individuals have been honest and upright throughout this process, as long as you ignore the dozens of deleted phone calls, the 2:27 Google search, the 5 misspelled names of witnesses in one paragraph, the lying about what time the car was towed from Dighton, the failure to disclose a close relationship with the Albert, McCabe, and Proctor families, and Jen suddenly remembering at 9 AM that Karen said something much more incriminating which she forgot to tell Sgt. Lank the first time.

And the Commonwealth would never contradict things it previously asserted in court filings either!

How dare Karen Read smear the good name of Colin “bang bang” Albert! Her accusations against Brian Albert are likewise baseless. I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason the seasoned law enforcement official didn’t wake up and come outside when dozens of first responders, a hysterical woman, and  a riled up man eating dog were making loud noises because there was a dead body of a Boston Police Officer on his front yard! I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation why he suddenly decided to replace his basement floor for the second time in four years and sell the family home for $50K less than it was listed at. There’s absolutely nothing suspicious about getting rid of a family dog shortly after autopsy photos of a dead body found on your property show scratch marks consistent with a German Shepherd that lives inside the house! It’s perfectly normal for a home not to be searched by police after finding a dead body with a missing shoe on the front lawn! Leave Brian Albert alone!

ADA McLaughlin’s motion states that they have a right to the unaired footage that doesn’t belong to them because “unlike federal law, in Massachusetts there is no qualified journalist privilege that protects against disclosure of confidential and non-confidential press materials.” Even if the privilege “exited” the building.




But there’s just one problem McLaughlin didn’t think of – NBC and ABC are not headquartered in Massachusetts. Therefore Massachusetts law does not apply to them.  If only they had known that Rockefeller Plaza wasn’t in Boston!

As a Massachusetts based reporter who has been sued several times in Commonwealth courthouses, I can confirm that she is wrong when she asserts that journalists do not have privilege that protects them against disclosure of press materials. I know this because in several lawsuits I’ve been involved in the plaintiffs who unsuccessfully sued me filed motions to force Google, Facebook, and other entities to hand over non-public communications. They were denied every time due to reporter’s privilege.

But wait, according to the DA’s Office they need the entire footage because Karen Read’s “body language or physical reaction to questions” to questions during the interview were suspicious!

Everyone knows that if Adam Lally thinks your body language is suspicious during an interview that gives him the right to force the TV network to hand over licensed content that belongs to them.

This is easily the dumbest motion filed in this case, which is saying something considering how ridiculous and stupid this ordeal has been. It’s also the definition of a fishing expedition, since they have no idea what Karen Read said. It’s beyond naive that they believe that Read’s experienced, high profile attorneys would allow her to go on television and say something incriminating that would hurt her case.

The Commonwealth seems to have no idea that they’ll have to fight NBC and ABC’s attorneys for this, who will laugh at these small town losers from Norfolk County, and immediately file a motion to have it removed to federal court. Obviously private corporations like NBC and ABC do not have to hand over footage that they’ve chosen not to air simply because some shmuck like Michael Morrissey is on a fishing expedition for something he can use in the weakest murder case in American history.


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