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Canton Cover-Up Part 147: Hundreds Of Turtle Riders Show Up To Support Karen Read In Court Hearing, Judge Cannone Ignores New Evidence Proving There Was A Conspiracy To Kill John O’Keefe


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I’ve had a long day of protesting, court, more protesting, and escorting State Trooper Yuri Bukhenik and Karl Dugal to their cars.

It’s way too much to go over in one blog, which is why I’ll be taking questions about everything that happened during a live, in person Q&A session at the Star Drive Inn in Taunton at 6:30. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

My quick takeaways:

  • They blatantly violated our First Amendment rights by using the crime scene tape (that they didn’t use to protect the crime scene at 34 Fairview Road) to keep peaceful protesters off of the courthouse stairs
  • Karen’s brother, father, and mother are great people, and it was an honor to have Mr. Read speak at our protest
  • In case you were inclined to feel bad for drunk driver Paul O’Keefe, here he is yelling “f*** you” at Karen Read’s brother as he entered court with Karl Dugal

  • For the first time Attorney Yannetti called Michael Proctor “corrupt,” rather than just “conflicted.” This is an unprecedented accusation made by a defense attorney against a lead investigator in a murder case.
  • Auntie Bev is a complete waste of space who seems annoyed that Karen Read’s attorneys are showing undeniable evidence that their client was framed for murder. She was rude to Attorney Little, didn’t want to see evidence showing how Michael Proctor handled evidence, and seemed like she didn’t want to be there (as usual). I have no respect for this unelected bureaucrat, which is why I refuse to stand for her when she comes into court.

  • Auntie Bev’s facial reactions visibly changed when Attorney Yannetti spoke about Lucky Loughran’s statement about not seeing a body on the front lawn. You could tell it was the first time she heard that, yet she did nothing about it.
  • Adam Lally was in peak Lally-splaining form today and was laughed at several times for his blatant lies, including when he said that Proctor didn’t know the Alberts. As usual, he said a whole lot of nothing and bored the audience to sleep while rambling on incoherently.

  • The mic drop moment in court was when Attorney Yannetti said that Colin Albert also owned a Ford Edge, after Lally claimed that Lucky Loughran had ruled out Brian Albert’s Ford Edge as the car that was parked in front of where the body was later found.

  • Alan Jackson responded in epic form to Michael Morrissey’s “stop it now” video 3 weeks ago, and promised that they would never, ever stop exposing corruption in the DA’s office.
  • 8 of the 10 rows in the courthouse are now taken up by Karen Read supporters. Less and less people by the day are willing to show their face in public in support of this attempted lynching of an innocent woman. We did that. We made it uncomfortable for these frauds to show their faces in public.


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  1. You Turtleboy are a Knights Templar!
    Sometimes, The Forces of Light and Goodness get a little bit too hardcore. In a deadly combination of Well-Intentioned Extremist, The Fundamentalist, Moral Myopia, and sometimes He Who Fights Monsters, they get blinded by themselves and their ideals, and this extreme becomes tyrannical sociopathy. It’s not The Forces of Darkness’s fault, but they are laughing their asses off and feel so satisfied knowing that they were right.

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    Not to be confused with Trope Namer The Knights Templar, who varied between fitting and defying this trope and were founded with the intention of protecting pilgrims. Due to the controversial nature of this trope, No Real Life Examples, Please!

    1. If I say please will you stop? Your ramblings remind me of the nonsense that retards say when they are fascinated with something!

  2. Thank you to all the turtle riders who showed up for Karen, impressive amount of people!!! Persevere, we’re winning!

  3. These hearings are like the Gong Show… I was waiting for Gene Gene the dancing machine to come out and perform during Lunch box Lallys ragtime explanation about Proctors non relationship with the McCabes. Hey, At least they had the court house steps secured better than the crime scene on Fairview Rd. I guess that was a consolation. Remember..You don’t want to cut into Auntie Bevs drinking time too much… she’s an ornery cuss. Good Job TB and all Riders!

  4. Idc what your faith or beliefs are. People need to wish Karen the best. This woman has been through hell but we need to stand for her and against how corrupt this has gotten

  5. Auntie Bev needs to be escorted back to her seaside cottage. She is useless. Lunchbox Lally – no one is buying your nonsense. It is CLEAR what happened that night. If Karen was actually guilty, the prosecution would be high tailing it to the court room showing 1) Chloe’s whereabouts and DNA 2) any and all phone data of Brian Albert, Jen McCabe, COLIN ALBERT, and anyone else at 34 Fairview that night. 4) DNA from John’s clothing. 5) DELETED library footage 6) information from Karen’s electronics in her vehicle… The list goes on… but they won’t, because it will show that Karen is infact innocent. Oh, and evidence has been tied up in the lab for almost 2 years??? We weren’t born yesterday.

    1. Great stuff and how about all the blood on his shirt and 6 droplets in the snow. 2.5inch gash in the back of his head and only 6 droplets of blood C’MON!!!!!!

      1. I was thinking the same thing, I’ve cut my head about that bad before when I was in my 30’s, a push cart fell off of the forks of a fork lift about 12 feet up, fortunately only a glancing blow so it didn’t kill me, but I still had a huge gash that bled like my head was cut off, yet there was only 6 drops in the snow

  6. My prediction is feds don’t move in until after Karen digs out all the evidence. She and her lawyers are exposing corruption, paying for top experts to analyze the evidence, and tracking down all the leads. What motivation would they have to swoop in now? I predict they swoop in just before this goes to trial.

  7. Doc, you stand for the position, not the person. It’s like saluting. You salute the rank, not the person. It’s never personal.

    Lally is intentionally dragging this case out and we can all guess at his motivations. He’s the reason the lab hasn’t tested anything. He’s not returning their emails or communicating with them in any way. That’s intentional. He knows they can’t do anything until they talk to him. It was very smart of the defense team to get the lab comm log. They proved he’s lying to them and the court. Unfortunately, the court doesn’t seem to care the ADA is lying.

    One thing was perfectly clear to everybody today, the DA’s office is either completely corrupt or completely incompetent and I guess we’ll know which it is when the FBI finishes their investigation.

    1. I know why Lally is so set on getting rid of that piece of hair…… he wants to use the hair to replace a hair he lost on his own dumb head! 🤣

  8. Great job TB and riders! Amazing! The Attorney General of this uncommonwealth needs to get involved. Hire an independent prosecutor with no ties at all to either side too review the facts. Then it can be dismissed and Karen can be freed. End this circus and start prosecuting these clowns

  9. So Dugal got escorted to his car by police?
    Yet, the retired trooper who was in court the other day was left on his own to get violently attacked? All this security today. Where weee they when a man was beaten right outside?
    Complete BS.

    1. The retired trooper is a dirty cop who plead guilty to giving kids booze and to reckless endangerment to kids. They were there to pick a jury and they pulled the plea deal out. Better he took a couple punches than what would happen if he actually went to prison.

  10. I loved the effort and the spirit.

    The system is BEYOND reform. They didn’t care about a former MSP detective getting brutally beaten, but they cared about a group of people who have never once raised a hand to anyone. Pattern Recognition is how you survive. The Judge doesn’t care about facts, reason or evidence.

    All the blogging in the world and most certainly on this thread will hopefully (God willing) wake enough people up to realize we are NEVER going to be able to vote our way out of this problem. You can’t place one honest person into a bureaucracy that is beyond repair.

    As AK eluded to. There’s NO amount of money that will free Karen Read and hold those accountable (probable) with a disgusting unaccountable system borg who is in no fear to face the consequences of her negligible actions.

    Free Karen Read; Death to corrupt system pigs.

  11. Does it hurt enough yet?
    Are you angry yet?

    Good ‘ole fashioned mob-justice-rush-and-overrun-the-courthouse hanging is the natural sequence of events.

  12. This is MORE STAIN on the sinner in Chief Maura Healy. This Wretch needs to be held accountable for this Circus happening under her nose. Time for Maura Healy to step in or feel the heat from the voice of the people. Absolute disgrace!!!!!
    PS There is no doubt in my mind that all these comments are being spied on by the MSP. Since you are reading this then I have a message for you- DO THE RIGHT THING or you will Burn in Hell for eternity.
    2 Timothy 2:26
    “and they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him unto his will.”

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