Canton Cover-Up Part 147: Hundreds Of Turtle Riders Show Up To Support Karen Read In Court Hearing, Judge Cannone Ignores New Evidence Proving There Was A Conspiracy To Kill John O’Keefe


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I’ve had a long day of protesting, court, more protesting, and escorting State Trooper Yuri Bukhenik and Karl Dugal to their cars.

It’s way too much to go over in one blog, which is why I’ll be taking questions about everything that happened during a live, in person Q&A session at the Star Drive Inn in Taunton at 6:30. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

My quick takeaways:

  • They blatantly violated our First Amendment rights by using the crime scene tape (that they didn’t use to protect the crime scene at 34 Fairview Road) to keep peaceful protesters off of the courthouse stairs
  • Karen’s brother, father, and mother are great people, and it was an honor to have Mr. Read speak at our protest
  • In case you were inclined to feel bad for drunk driver Paul O’Keefe, here he is yelling “f*** you” at Karen Read’s brother as he entered court with Karl Dugal

  • For the first time Attorney Yannetti called Michael Proctor “corrupt,” rather than just “conflicted.” This is an unprecedented accusation made by a defense attorney against a lead investigator in a murder case.
  • Auntie Bev is a complete waste of space who seems annoyed that Karen Read’s attorneys are showing undeniable evidence that their client was framed for murder. She was rude to Attorney Little, didn’t want to see evidence showing how Michael Proctor handled evidence, and seemed like she didn’t want to be there (as usual). I have no respect for this unelected bureaucrat, which is why I refuse to stand for her when she comes into court.

  • Auntie Bev’s facial reactions visibly changed when Attorney Yannetti spoke about Lucky Loughran’s statement about not seeing a body on the front lawn. You could tell it was the first time she heard that, yet she did nothing about it.
  • Adam Lally was in peak Lally-splaining form today and was laughed at several times for his blatant lies, including when he said that Proctor didn’t know the Alberts. As usual, he said a whole lot of nothing and bored the audience to sleep while rambling on incoherently.

  • The mic drop moment in court was when Attorney Yannetti said that Colin Albert also owned a Ford Edge, after Lally claimed that Lucky Loughran had ruled out Brian Albert’s Ford Edge as the car that was parked in front of where the body was later found.

  • Alan Jackson responded in epic form to Michael Morrissey’s “stop it now” video 3 weeks ago, and promised that they would never, ever stop exposing corruption in the DA’s office.
  • 8 of the 10 rows in the courthouse are now taken up by Karen Read supporters. Less and less people by the day are willing to show their face in public in support of this attempted lynching of an innocent woman. We did that. We made it uncomfortable for these frauds to show their faces in public.


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