Canton Cover-Up Part 150: Brian Albert’s Attorney Files Motion Opposing Supreme Court Appeal For His Cell Phone, Hides In Visitor’s Section At Bridgewater State Football Game


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Brian and Nicole Albert have not been as brazen as Jen and Matt McCabe have been for the last few months. Unlike the McCabes they have left Canton and kept a low profile from their new home in Norwood, and avoided public events as much as possible. Their son Brendan is one of the captains of the Bridgewater State Football team, and although they been attending his games, they’ve been trying to discreetly hide themselves while in attendance. A turtle rider snapped this photograph Saturday of what appears to be Brian and Nicole sitting in the visitor’s section of BSU’s game against Plymouth State.

There has been some debate about whether or not that is actually them, and although I was initially skeptical I am now 99.99% sure it is.

One difference between Brian Albert and Jen McCabe has been their willingness to show their faces at public events. Jen cares about her reputation in the community, but Brian does not. That’s why he’s wearing a hoodie and a hat and sitting away from BSU fans. He knows that everyone thinks he killed John O’Keefe, but he also knows that he can remain free so long as the only court he’s guilty in is the court of public opinion. That’s why he got rid of his basement floor, made the family dog disappear, and sold his house. He knew all of those things would make any unbiased person believe he was guilty, but he also knew that his freedom was more valuable than his reputation.

To that end Brian Albert knows that refusing to hand over his cell phone makes him look guilty, but he doesn’t care because it’s better than going to jail. The allegedly innocent man with nothing to hide has gone to great lengths not to provide the court with his cell phone records showing his calls and text messages from 12-6 AM on the morning of January 29, 2022.

Last year Karen Read’s defense team’s first attempt to get his phone was denied by Judge Beverly Cannone. The defense filed a Rule 17 motion again in April after discovering that Jennifer McCabe had Googled “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, so Albert hired Attorney Greg Henning to quash a subpoena to appear at a scheduled May 25 evidentiary hearing, which was cancelled the day before. Cannone once again denied the defense access to this critical evidence that could exonerate Karen Read, and show whether or not Brian Albert orchestrated the cover up of O’Keefe’s murder on January 29.

But “Auntie Bev” is not the final authority in our judicial system. The defense filed an appeal with the Supreme Judicial Court on September 1 for an unknown denial from Cannone.

On September 13 the DA’s Office filed an opposition to the appeal, and although it was unclear initially what motion the defense was appealing, we assumed it was for Brian Albert’s cell phone since Cannone had recently denied the defense access to it.

Throughout this whole process the Commonwealth and State Police have acted as Brian Albert’s personal attorney, opposing every motion that would give the defense the ability to investigate him as a potential suspect. They’ve protected him by not searching his house after a dead body was found on the lawn, opposing animal control records being given to the defense, and much more.

Today our suspicions were confirmed that the appeal was over Brian Albert’s cell phone when Attorney Greg Henning filed an opposition with the SJC.

A few months ago a ratchet got her 16 year old daughter to message our Facebook page and send us disturbing messages about my then 5 and 7 year old children being sexually assaulted. The girl’s mother then applied for a restraining order against me, on behalf of her daughter, by telling a judge in Attleboro District Court that I had initiated the contact (a lie) was threatening to come to her house and kidnap her daughter (also a lie, because if I’m gonna kidnap a kid it’s not going to be an out of control 16 year old brat).

I was unable to defend myself at the one party hearing and the judge issued a temporary order until a two party hearing was held in March. There was no way the order would be granted, but I knew that this particular individual was a psychopath who would try to doctor some sort of evidence in order to violate me before the hearing date.

Two days prior to the hearing I received a phone call from the 16 year old, who claimed she was calling me back after I had called her. I immediately realized that her mother had called her daughter’s phone and “spoofed” the call so that it appeared as if I had called her daughter (there are apps that do that). I realized that her mother was framing me in order to make it look like I was in violation of the temporary order.

The first thing I immediately did was call the North Attleborough Police, who had already received a call from the girl’s mother that I had violated the order. They had a screenshot of what appeared to be me calling her. I did not have to hand over my phone to them, but when they asked if I would I enthusiastically gave them my cell phone records, because because I was innocent and wanted to clear my name. That’s what innocent people do.

Brian Albert isn’t innocent, which is why he’s fighting this so hard. If my name was being thrown around in the media as a cop killer I would do anything in my power to clear my name, especially if I was also a Boston Police Officer.

But Brian Albert doesn’t care how he looks, he cares what can be proven. He knows that fighting so hard to allow the defense to look through his phone calls during a time when he was supposedly sleeping, looks very suspicious. So far the courts and the police have gone out of their way to protect him, but the SJC exists to correct problematic judges like Beverly Cannone, so his time may be running out. The appeal is expected to be heard in November, and if they reverse her ruling it will drastically change the direction of the Karen Read case.


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