Canton Cover-Up Part 160: Recreating Karen Read Allegedly Driving 24 MPH in Reverse Proves It’s Physically Impossible For Her To Have Killed John O’Keefe


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Last week the Commonwealth changed their story again about how Karen Read allegedly killed John O’Keefe, abandoning the “death by three point turn” theory, and adopting a “death by intentionally being run over from 62 feet away” theory instead. They had to do this because:

  1. If Karen did a three point turn she would have struck John with her left tail light, not right.
  2. Fairview Road is not wide enough to accelerate to 24.2 mph (down from 27) doing a three point turn.

To test this new theory out I traveled to Canton to measure out and recreate Karen’s alleged crime of passion. I wanted to see:

  • Whether it was possible to reach 24.2 mph in 62 feet.
  • How far up Karen Read had to have driven before accelerating in reverse.
  • What it felt like to drive that fast in reverse.

First we measured 62 feet from where John’s body was discovered. This is where she would have been parked before she slammed it in reverse.


According to the Commonwealth, Karen dropped John off at the corner of the lawn, rather than in the driveway that lead directly to the door. John did not object to this, and got out of the car during a blizzard with just a long sleeve shirt on, and instead of running across the lawn to get out of the 19 degree weather, he decided to remain stationary in the street as Karen Read pulled forward.

He then continued to stay in place while his allegedly psychotic girlfriend moved her vehicle in front of 32 Fairview Road, and chose to remain standing in the same position as Karen Read gunned it 24.2 mph in reverse.

I conducted my test three times to see how fast I could go. Until you travel this fast in reverse it’s hard to explain how scary it is. Every instinct in you is telling you to slow down because it feels like you are not in control. On my first attempt I only reached 14 mph and ended up hitting the curb.


Fairview Road slightly curves at that point, so if Karen Read went in a straight line she would have run him over and hit the curb. She also would have hit his left arm, not his right, which had dog scratches all over it.

In that video you can see my hesitation as I begin to gun it. It felt uncomfortable going 14 mph and I let up slightly on the gas. Now that I knew the road curved I tried it again at a different angle and got up to 17 mph. Finally I tried it one more time, laying my foot to the pedal as hard as I could, and I hit 19 mph. It took me 30 feet to come to a complete stop after hitting the brakes.

I could not have possibly gone any faster than that. Karen’s 2021 LX 570 has roughly the same 0 to 60 time as the 2023 RX 350.


It became clear to me while doing this why the Commonwealth had to upgrade the charges to murder – there is no way you could hit someone like this without it being intentional. If they actually believed this then the charge probably should’ve been first degree. Any person who could willingly do this to another person is psychotic and extremely dangerous. Every instinct in me wanted to hit the brakes. I couldn’t imagine what it would’ve felt like to see a 6’2 217 pound man in my dash cam and continue to press the gas.

Notice I had to angle the car away from the spot where John’s body was found in order to avoid hitting the curb. The Commonwealth wants you to believe that John saw Karen’s much larger 3 ton vehicle barreling at him and chose to remain in the road, rather jump to the grass to avoid being struck.

Had she actually accomplished this feat she would have hit the curb like I did.

It would take a world class NASCAR driver to pull off a feat like this. Yet the Commonwealth wants you to believe that Karen Read, who couldn’t back up out of her driveway slowly without hitting John’s parked car, accomplished this:

  • while blackout drunk
  • in slippery snow that hadn’t yet been plowed
  • without causing any damage to her vehicle aside from a broken tail light, which was not discovered by Canton Police
  • without making a loud enough noise that anyone in the house heard
  • without Ryan Nagel seeing it behind her

We are also to believe that when she hit John his body ricocheted 12 feet to the side, onto the grass, defying Newton’s laws of physics which dictate that John would have been knocked in the same direction Karen was driving, and been subsequently run over like a Tsarnaev pancake.

While I was there they were doing work in the backyard and the gate was open. This was most likely how John’s body was taken out of the basement through the bulkhead, and dragged less than 50 feet to his final destination.

This image I took is from where the Ford Edge Lucky Lougran saw parked there at 3 AM would have been.


The Edge was used to block any cameras from seeing where the body was placed, and to deter plows from coming down the road. The large bush on the left provided cover from 32 Fairview Road, but Karen, Jen McCabe, and Kerry Roberts all would have seen John’s body from the road when they arrived.

The Commonwealth is allowed to make up stories as they go along because they have no theory. They planted cocktail glass to make it look like Karen struck him in the back of the head and cut his arm up. When Proctor heard that her tail light was broken from Jen McCabe he changed his plan, and delayed the SERT team search until 5:45 so that he could travel to Dighton, lie about what time he got there, bring the car back to the Canton Police Department, break the tail light, and plant it before the SERT team arrived.

Initially Proctor pushed the three point turn theory because it could still be construed as an accident, and they only wanted Karen Read to take a manslaughter charge. When she didn’t plea to it they upped the charges to murder to force her to.

As time went on they realized that the three point theory that Proctor and Matt McCabe both claim happened, was not plausible, so they abruptly changed their story again. But as you can see, that theory is also provably false and doesn’t explain the injuries to John’s head, the scratches on his arm, or the lack of bruising and broken bones on his body.

It would take an evil, depraved person to do what they are accusing Karen Read of doing. Karen has no history of violence and no criminal record. However, Colin and Brian Albert do have a history of using their fists to hurt other people, and Chloe has a history of biting people. The more the Commonwealth tries to prove Karen did this the more ridiculous they look, and the more their narrative falls apart.


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