Canton Cover-Up Part 166: Chris Albert’s Muscle Who Tried To Intimidate Peaceful Protesters Gave Speech Condemning Bullying At August Select Board Meeting


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In August a Canton resident named Peter Hennessey got up to speak about the problem of bullying in his town. He claimed that he was all about everyone having a voice, and believed that everyone should be heard, he just had a problem with certain Facebook groups. He also challenged anyone in the audience to bully him if they wanted to bully someone.

“See what happens.”

Move over Colin Albert – you’ve officially been replaced as the third toughest guy in Canton.

The irony is that the only people trying to silence the voices of others are  the Police Chief, the District Attorney, and members of the Select Board – particularly Chris Albert. Let’s not forget, Chris sent demand letters to dozens of residents for criticizing him on social media, and tried and failed to obtain an order against an award winning journalist for holding signs at a public meeting while giving bad reviews to his chicken parm.

Peter’s message was obvious – the “bullies” in town were the people who were speaking out about the fact that the McAlberts killed a man and framed an innocent woman for murder. He was there to defend the honor of the Select Board and demand that the citizens stop being so free. He was the muscle that Chris called in to have his back and protect him from middle aged women named Rita.

But at Tuesday night’s meeting it was Peter who appointed himself head bully. The whole meeting he stood in the corner like a tough guy, staring at me as I peacefully protested against Chris Albert’s existence.

He followed me as I escorted Chris Albert to his car, and he made physical contact with me around the 3:35 mark. After that he got in my face, refused to identify himself, and stared me down.

As I walked to my car Peter was waiting at the front door with another man he was with named Paul McAuliffe, who identified himself as a corrections officer. Unlike Peter, McAuliffe actually seemed open to a conversation so we began speaking with him. But every time it started going somewhere Grandpa Eclipse would jump in front of my face in order to prevent me from having a productive conversation.


Although I appreciate the fact that Paul actually listened, he is part of the problem. He said he’s not worried about the investigation because “I think the process is playing out.”

Playing out for who? Certainly not John O’Keefe or Karen Read. That’s the problem – the process isn’t working. That’s why we’re protesting. If this had been dropped a long time ago, and a proper investigation conducted, then there would be no need for us to make noise about it.

“If it’s as obvious as everyone says it is, then it will play out that way.”

But that’s the issue Paul – it is as obvious as everyone says it is, and it’s NOT playing out that way.

Paul agreed that the house should’ve been search since a body was found on Brian Albert’s lawn. He agreed that Proctor had a conflict of interest, but said that, “I find it hard to believe that somebody else wouldn’t have any kind of input in that.”

And therein lies the bigger problem – people find it so hard to believe that we live in a world where the DA’s Office and the State Police could orchestrate such an obvious coverup. But the fact is they can, because people like Paul have been trained not to question authority under any circumstances. They are incapable of thinking for themselves.

“I just appreciate the integrity of my town.”

If you want your town to have integrity then you should be standing with us, because it currently has none.

“Do you live here? 

No, I don’t. But “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Dr. Martin Luther King.” – Dr. Turtleboy.

He turned into a twat when the women behind me, who all live in Canton, asked him if he saw how full the room was.

“I’ve seen fuller rooms.”

Yea, this is all normal. Keep telling yourself that Paul.

Paul later went on to tell me that he enjoyed a blog I did two years ago about a girl who was being bullied on a middle school bus in Canton. The Alberts also liked that blog, because I was standing up for a girl who was being picked on for her conservative values. My stories follow a consistent theme of standing up for people who are being targeted by powerful institutions. In that story the problem was the school. In this story that problem is the police and DA’s Office. It’s easy for conservatives to take shots at liberal institutions like public schools. It’a a lot harder for them to take shots at conservative institutions, like police.

The bigger problem here is that we have been conditioned to trust our institutions blindly. If we don’t then our society could crumble. Throughout world history civilizations have always had to balance the tradeoff between security and liberty:

  • Germans in the 1930’s liked Hitler because he rebuilt the economy and made a more comfortable life for most citizens. They just had to look the other way as certain people were imprisoned or killed.
  • Throughout Latin America and Africa nations have been ruled by tyrants and warlords, but people supported them because their authority brought stability, while revolution brought chaos.
  • In Russia the Czar oversaw an oppressive and inequitable government, which led to a communist revolution. But when the communists came to power it was actually worse than it was before.

This is what we’re seeing in Canton now. It’s a nice town with good schools, nice homes, nice parks, etc. And as long as you’re willing to look the other way as they cover up the murder of John O’Keefe and the lynching of Karen Read, life in Canton will continue to be nice. Deep down they all know that Karen is innocent, and that John’s killers are still out there. They just fear what would happen if the entire town lost faith in the police, the courts, and the town government.


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