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Canton Middle School Student Withdraws From School After Being Labeled As A Racist And Bullied On School Bus For Criticizing BLM In Class Discussion, School Offers No Support 


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In late March an 8th grade student named Francesca at Galvin Middle School in Canton was sitting in Kellie Stigas’ health class when the topic of stereotypes came up. Stigas, a 23 year old blonde woman and BLM supporter, told the students that “black lives matter is being targeted for hate crimes.”

Obviously this isn’t true, so an 8th grade girl raised her hand and said that she didn’t agree, and pointed out that BLM had been responsible for the destruction and rioting in almost every major American city in June of 2020. Rather than discuss the topic that she brought up, the teacher told the student “we can talk about that later,” and changed the topic.

But word got out around school quickly and at the end of the day Francesca was confronted by two girls in the stairwell, both of who were black. For speaking out against BLM she was accused of not liking black people and being a racist. Francesca was intimidated and wanted no part of the conversation so she walked away and got on her bus. One of the girls also takes her bus and sat down across from her so she could continue to yell at and lecture her during the bus ride home. Francesca felt uncomfortable and wanted no part of the one sided conversation that her teacher had initiated in class, and many students on the bus began filming it.

This is what critical race theory and BLM have done to our society. The white girl is wrong, and it’s not up for debate. She is “disgusting” for having an opinion that rioting and looting is bad. She is a horrible person because she supports the police. Her opinion is not valid because it’s the wrong one, and more importantly she has the wrong color skin to express that opinion. This is why she had to be shut down when she attempted to speak.

“That’s disgusting. No, no, no, that’s where you’re done. This says a lot about you.”

“Saying that about BLM is very offensive to me.”

The black girl was louder and more aggressive, the topic was not up for debate, and she ended it with a threat.

“I’m bringing this to the school.”

Bringing what to the school? Another girl has an opinion different from hers? The fact that she feels that administration would side with her and punish the other girl tells you everything you need to know about the politically charged atmosphere that has been created at Galvin Middle School. We will see why shortly.

During the conversation the aggressive girl was filming her and speaking to another girl on the phone as they laughed at Francesca for having such silly and stupid opinions. Listen to the buzzwords she uses.


“That’s segregation and now it’s systematic racism, so don’t speak on something you don’t understand.”

Middle school kids don’t use “systematic racism” in their regular vocabulary. They’re taught that word by activists, and it really has no meaning at all. Black people experience poverty and incarceration at higher rates than white people. This doesn’t mean our society is racist. It means our society used to have systemic racism, and these are long terms effects of that. We will never have “equity” because capitalism isn’t equitable. Therefore we will always treat one group of people as if they are the victim, when in fact they posses the ability to achieve equity on their own.

It was the “don’t speak on something you don’t understand” line that shows just how brainwashed this girl is. BLM has made it clear to “white allies” that their job is to “shut up and listen.” Clear folks don’t get to have opinions on BLM or policing, and if you try to express their opinion it’s socially acceptable for a black girl to yell over them like this girl did.

The fact that she was on the phone and the conversation was being streamed to a larger audience is what made it bullying.

“Oh my God. Oh my Gooooooddd!! Did you hear what she said? About black lives matter? You caught that too?”

She was doing this for an audience in order to belittle the other girl and silence her.

Shortly afterwards the videos began circulating on social media and Francesca started getting messages from her “friends” that they could no longer be friends with her because she was being labeled as a racist.

If Francesca ends up reading this blog I hope she understands that these are not friends. These are cowards who you don’t need or want in your life. They are pathetic, and you are brave. They don’t deserve you as a friend. Twenty years ago gay kids and other “marginalized” students were the ones being bullied. Now you get bullied if you’re not marginalized and fail to fall in line.

I’ve been in her shoes before. Middle school bus rides were some of the worst times of my life emotionally. I was outnumbered on my bus by these douchebag 7th graders who used to call me a pillow f***er. No matter how many times I told them I don’t f*** pillows they didn’t believe me! If I had other 8th graders on the bus with me they wouldn’t have done this, but I was alone, they had the numbers, and I just had to deal with it.

One day one of these punks took my Pirates hat that my favorite aunt gave me after visiting her in Pittsburgh and he threw it out of the open window. I was enraged! I snapped and attacked him, at which point three of them of them started hitting me. To my surprise the bus driver stopped the bus and kicked those three off even though I hit first, because he had a strict 1 on 1 policy on his bus. I miss the 90’s.

Despite all the time wasted on schools with their “anti-bullying” curriculums, nothing has changed because bullying is human nature. When I watched this video I felt this girl’s pain because I know what it’s like to deal with unreasonable middle schoolers who use mob mentality to make you feel like crap. You’re not old enough at this age, or experienced enough in discourse, to tell a girl like this to pound sand. The girl was shy and timid, which is why she wanted no part in the “conversation.” But she didn’t have a choice because the other girl chose to sit next to her, raise her voice, and film the entire thing.

The 8th grade girls’ mother called the school and spoke with Vice Principal Jim Spillane.

(Editor’s Note: We originally used the wrong image of Jim Spillane and replaced it with this one)

He launched an investigation into whether or not this incident constituted bullying or harassment. He watched the same videos you did, interviewed the kids on the bus, and the other girl on the other end of the phone call.

In the meantime Francesca was set up with a “safe person” – her guidance counselor Kari Denitzio.

Kari happens to be an elected member of the Walpole School Committee. Like most members of local school boards Kari has spent her entire professional life in academia, which is why so many of these elected bodies are disproportionately liberal. She is a full fledged social justice warrior who led the charge to remove the “racist” Rebel mascot at the high school, but only after George Floyd was killed in June.

Prior to that it wasn’t racist. Everything became racist when George Floyd died.

Do these sound like the words of an adult who would make a child feel safe for expressing negative opinions about BLM?

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

These are just words white people use so they can hand out taxpayer funded $125,000 jobs to black people, then go home, eat their cheese sandwich, and feel better about themselves.

Her profile picture is a kid’s drawing that says “ally in training,” and black lives matter.

A child being taught to call themselves an “ally in training,” isn’t being taught anything. They’re being brainwashed with propaganda.

Kari lectures other guidance counselors about their “implicit bias.”

She used fearmongering to keep the schools closed in Walpole, because as a public educator it was easier for people like her to collect their salary while working from home.

Most alarmingly she has a post on her School Committee page that says we have to “re-shape the systems that contribute to racial oppression,” and that “this includes our school system.” And she mentioned Rayshard Brooks, a child abuser and convicted felon who got shot and killed while firing a taser at a cop’s head in Atlanta after beating two of them up and driving drunk.

Reshape the racially oppressive school system? What does that even mean? Oh right, hire another diversity, inclusion, and equity administrator and then go home and eat your cheese sandwich and tell your family how you helped save black people.

What these people don’t realize is that there are other people who were rebels besides confederate soldiers. Rosa Parks was a rebel. So were Martin Luther King Jr., women’s suffragists, John Brown, Harriet Tubman, every Patriot who fought in the Revolutionary war, leaders of the underground resistance movements in Nazi occupied Europe, and people like Kari who kicked and screamed when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court. They like rebels, as long as they’re rebelling against things they don’t like.

This is what Kari is having taught in the neighboring Walpole Public Schools. When you’re reading this please remember that she is the person a child is supposed to go to in order to feel welcomed for expressing negative opinions about BLM.

Students must identity “their role in dismantling systems of oppression through anti-racist action.”

And here I was thinking that kids were supposed to learn how to read, write, and multiply in school.

Teachers must “embed anti-racist teaching techniques and content within their classrooms.”

Because teaching kids how to balance equations and do long division isn’t nearly as important as brainwashing the next group of “allies.”

“The development of a course at the secondary level to explicitly address topics related to race, equity, and the history of systemic oppression of people of color in the United States.”

We already have that. It’s called United States History. Kind of hard to teach it without explaining slavery and Jim Crow.

She wants the schools to hire black teachers, even if they’re not qualified or applying for the positions, so that kids don’t have to “go through our school system without seeing a teacher who looks like them.”

She actually said that. The only thing that matters to these critical race theorists is race. What you look like defines you. We used to teach kids that their physical appearance wasn’t nearly as important as the content of their character, but thanks to critical race theory we’ve thrown that outdated garbage out the window.

Kari Denitzio is clearly incapable of making this girl feel supported, despite “looking like” Francesca as a fellow white person. Turns out some things actually matter more than skin color.

Jim Spillane’s investigation concluded that Francesca was not harassed or bullied, but she was wiretapped, despite the fact that the girl could see plain as day she was being recorded.

“The exchange was a single episode of mutual disagreement and exchanging of opinions.”

No it wasn’t Jim. That exchange was a loud mouthed girl yelling at another girl and telling her that her opinions were invalid because she’s white. Imagine if a white girl was yelling at a black girl for supporting BLM while live streaming it. Would that be a mutual disagreement too?

The report said that the girl was approached in the hallway after school to “ask if what Francesca said in health class was true.”

Why are they confronting her at all? She didn’t want to talk to these girls, and she’s allowed to express opinions in class. Do kids in Canton have to keep their opinions to themselves or risk getting cornered and berated in the hallways after school? The mere fact that word spread so fast that this girl offered an anti-BLM opinion in class shows you that the climate of this school is one in which BLM can never be questioned.

And why would it? You have a guidance counselor posting about how to be an ally in training, and a health teacher starting a conversation praising BLM and then shutting it down when a student didn’t get in line. They emboldened the girl on the bus to act this way.

According to both parents Jim Spillane told them that what happened did not constitute harassment because “unfortunately white males and females do not have the same rights,” due to the fact that they are not members of a protected class. On the form the school fills out race, religion, age, sex, gender identity, disability, and ancestry are all class distinctions that make someone eligible to become the victim of harassment.

Francesca was harassed because she was a white girl expressing an opinion about BLM, which she was told she could not do. The CPS needs to add “political opinions” as a checkbox, because you’re much more likely to be harassed for that in this day and age than you are for being black. The school’s finding of the girl being guilty for filming Francesca without her consent was their way of attempting to look fair. It’s not recording without consent if both parties can see they’re being recorded.

The school plan for Francesca is to make sure she has no contact with the girls who bullied her for her political beliefs.


This is the most irresponsible thing the school did. You’re the adult, and more importantly you’re the educator. So educate these kids. Sit them down in a room together and have them discuss ways in which they can have respectful discourse on controversial topics. Don’t just segregate them and hope they don’t cross paths. What does that fix?

Since this incident Francesca has felt un-welcomed in school, as she is toxic to be friends with. Anyone who associates her will be labeled a racist by the loud mouthed bullies on her bus, and they know that the faculty will not protect them. She called her mom from the school bathroom crying and had her come pick her up. Her mother is now having her do school remotely and she’s enrolling in private school next year. And who can blame her? The Canton Public Schools are unwelcoming to children like her and they make no effort to try to keep them in the building.

This is a sign outside of an elementary school in town.

“Be brave enough to think differently.”

Except the Canton Public Schools will not have your back if you do. By “be brave, think differently,” they mean, “go along with narrative being pushed by Netflix, Coca-Cola, Nike, and other billion dollar corporations, that BLM is a civil rights group.” The CPS doesn’t want kids to think differently, they want them to conform to critical race theory. Just shut up and be an ally.

The bottom line is that schools should not even discuss BLM unless they make it clear that all opinions are valid and welcomed. If the teacher cannot act as a catalyst and a referee that directs the conversation so that both sides are heard equally and respected, then they shouldn’t bring it up at all.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries