Canton Cover-Up Part 170: Woman Behind Anti-Karen Read Twitter Account Identified As US Attorney’s Office Legal Assistant Karin Price Of East Bridgewater


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There are a number of anonymous trolls on Twitter who dedicate their days to proclaiming Karen Read’s guilt, and defending the McCabes and Alberts. These people don’t use their real names because they know it’s indefensible to take the positions they have. Most of them are just suffering from Turtle Derangement Syndrome, and would be defending Karen Read if I thought she was guilty. They know that when this ends there will be federal indictments, and they don’t want to be on record defending people who were charged with covering up the murder of a Boston Police Officer. One of these accounts goes by “Mrs. Peacock,” which began tweeting about the case in late July.

The account existed for years before that, tweeting about politics, legal issues, and a variety of other topics. But the person behind it became obsessed with the Karen Read case, and used anonymity to defend the honor of the Alberts and McCabes. Whoever it was, they were extremely disingenuous, criticizing me for posting images that proved the Albert and Proctor families were close friends, by playing the “innocent children” card.

The Alberts, McCabes, and Proctors are like terrorists who use children as a shield to protect them from rockets. People who use kids like this don’t actually care about protecting them, they care about protecting themselves.

Around that time in late July a woman named Karin Matthews Price used her real Facebook account to defend the Alberts in the Justice for John O’Keefe and Karen Read Facebook group. Karin lives in East Bridgewater with her dentist husband Richard.

When a turtle rider found her LinkedIn account they discovered that she worked as a legal assistant for the US Attorney’s Office, and called her out for it in the group. This was troubling because the US Attorney’s Office in Boston is investigating corruption in the John O’Keefe murder coverup, and Karin seemed to be taking the stance that there was no evidence of corruption. She quickly deleted her LinkedIn account after the turtle rider pointed out where she worked.


Karin recently gave herself away as being Mrs. Peacock because she began complaining to the turtle rider who “doxxed” her 2 months ago (it’s not doxxing if someone points out you have a LinkedIn account) in the “crazy Facebook group.”

Mrs. Peacock also admitted that the “doxxing” was accurate, and said I was a “sick f***” for using burner accounts to post her name – something I never did, and would only doing so now while using my real name.

Heavens forbid people point out that an employee at the US Attorney’s Office was attempting to subvert an investigation conducted by her employer into public corruption while hiding behind a Clue avatar.

Yesterday I figured out who Mrs. Peacock was and realized that she had blocked me after trolling me under the cloak of anonymity for months. Cowards like Karin Price are always big tough guys when nobody knows who they are, but the second they have to put their name to the vitriolic and disgusting things they post on the Internet they run and hide like the degenerates they are.

Before doing the Live Show Sunday night I searched on the Mrs. Peacock account for the word “federal,” to see if Karin was using her expertise as a legal assistant for the US Attorney’s Office to chime in on the Karen Read case. Turns out she did that a lot in order to make it seem like it was no big deal for several Alberts and McCabes to be subpoenaed before a federal grand jury. She also was used as a source by disgraced former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer.


She clearly gave herself away several times as someone who knew intimately how federal courts operated and thought she would never get caught. Last night I hinted on the Live Show that I had a blog coming on Karin Price, and when I woke up this morning her account no longer existed.

I certainly hope that she is fired for using an anonymous Twitter account to undermine a federal investigation into the murder of John O’Keefe, conducted by her employer. It’s unprofessional and undermines trust in the one institution that people are counting on for justice in this case.

People like Karin Price, who are defending the Alberts and McCabes, aren’t remaining anonymous because they fear being “doxxed.” They’re doing so because they know how shameful it is to simp for cop killers and those who protect them. Based on the political views Karin Price expressed on the Mrs. Peacock account for years it’s pretty clear that she never liked me to begin with. And like the majority of people who are defending the McAlberts, and claiming Karen Read is guilty, they’re not doing so because they actually believe that, they’re doing so out of spite for Turtleboy. Regardless, someone this emotionally immature and impulsive has no business working for the US Attorney’s Office, and she should be terminated immediately.


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