Canton Cover-Up Part 178: Norfolk Superior Court Clerks Hang Up, Refuse To Do Their Job While Being Recorded, Won’t Hand Over New GPS Documents In Karen Read Case


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Today the docket on the Karen Read murder case was updated, and indicated that the court has received records from the Canton DPW in regards to the state of their GPS on plows during the weeks leading up to John O’Keefe’s death. A motion filed by Karen Read’s attorneys was allowed by Judge Cannone two weeks ago. However, the online filing does not have a copy of what the documents reveal.

Is it impounded? There’s no reason for it to be, as it likely doesn’t list sensitive information like addresses, phone numbers, etc. I called Norfolk Superior Courthouse to find out where it was, and I live streamed my phone call for transparency sake. Unfortunately the public servants who work in the criminal court’s clerk’s office seem to believe that they have some sort of right to privacy while at work (they don’t), and I was hung up close to a dozen times after alerting them that I was recording them.

Massachusetts is one of 11 states that requires both parties to know their conversation is being recorded. The wiretapping statute states that secret recordings are prohibited, but since I told them it was being recorded it was no longer secretive. I could just take a 30 minute trip to Woonsocket and record them without consent, but I don’t feel like doing that, nor should I have to. I can walk into any public institution and record any public servant doing their job. 

Here’s the 30 minute live stream:

“In Massachusetts, I disagree, you need consent to record.”

Every court proceeding in a courthouse is recorded. Every interaction you have with a police officer wearing a body camera is recorded. But apparently they think that consent only works one way.

It’s clear that the clerks at Norfolk Superior Courthouse aren’t up to date on wiretapping statutes in Massachusetts. I do not seek their consent to record, nor is it required. I am legally obligated to inform you I am recording you, but I do not need your permission. If you don’t want to be recorded in public, then don’t sign up for a job as a public servant. They can expect to see me soon, in person, for a follow up lesson in civil rights. Daddy’s coming to Dedham.

What are they hiding? Why do they not want the public to see this? Several other turtle riders called the clerk’s office and were told that if they want the documents they have to bring a blank CD down to the courthouse and have it burned, because they don’t have a physical copy.

Well, that’s not our problem. Norfolk Superior Court needs to get with the 21st century and stop coming up with excuses not to follow the law. I haven’t used a CD in probably 10-15 years, nor do I own a device that even plays CD’s.

This quote summed up the ignorance of the people I spoke with on the phone:

“Being a public servant does not mean that I agree to be taped.”

Actually, it does. Apparently they didn’t tell you how the law works at your job in a COURTHOUSE, so I’m gonna have to make a big stink about it now and teach you myself. There’s an easy way, in which you just talk to me on the phone and do your job, and then there’s the hard way, in which you hang up and pretend to know how the law works. You chose this way, not me.

According to a 2019 federal court case (Martin v. Gross and Project Veritas Action Fund v. Conley), the wiretapping statute in Massachusetts does NOT apply to government officials performing their duties in public spaces.

In other words, I did not even have to inform any of these clerks I was recording them. I would feel more comfortable hearing from a lawyer about this before I record public officials without their consent moving forward. If you’re an attorney who is familiar with the law feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. They’re itching to charge me with something, so I don’t feel like giving them a freebie.

Either way, I’m even more curious than ever about what is in these new court documents. If the GPS in the plow trucks was working on January 29 then it will prove that Michael Trotta and Michael Proctor both lied when they said that the GPS was down. They used this as a pretext to avoid interviewing Lucky Loughran, who was prepared to tell them that John O’Keefe’s body was not on the lawn at 2:30 AM. Were they lying? We’ll find out soon.


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