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Canton Cover-Up Part 179: Two Stoughton District Court Judges Have Ruled That Michael Morrissey, Helena Rafferty Don’t Understand How The First Amendment Works


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For the second time in three months a judge in Stoughton District Court has denied even scheduling a harassment prevention order hearing for me and “witnesses” in the Karen Read case, who believe that they’re being harassed because I’m asking them uncomfortable questions in public. If you missed the court audio from Chris Albert’s latest failed attempt on September 28 I streamed it this morning.

However, the two highest ranking law enforcement officials in Canton – Chief Helena Rafferty and District Attorney Michael Morrissey – both argued publicly that my actions were illegal. Not only were they wrong, their allegations against me were so baseless that two judges decided that the claims against me didn’t even necessitate two party hearings. Not only was it not against the law, it wasn’t even grounds for an order.

On August 8 at the Board of Selectmen meeting Helena Rafferty stated that our peaceful rolling rally on July 22 violated the witness intimidation law.

“An event that I believe under statute 268 13a, could most possibly be deemed an illegal act.”

According to MGL 268 Section 13A, picketing court, judge, juror, witness, or court officer, says the following:

We did not seek to influence or prevent Jen McCabe, or any other “witness” from testifying. We sought comment from them, and encouraged them to speak more, not less. The only people impeding justice are Brian Albert and Jen McCabe, who refuse to hand over their cell phones despite claiming to have nothing to hide on their devices.

She claimed that Jen McCabe and Chris Albert were being bullied “under the guise of the First Amendment,” and that we should not permit peaceful protest because it is a slippery slope when you let free people be free.

“These are residents who have not been charged with any crimes being bullied at their homes, at their children’s game, or on vacation, all under the guise of the First Amendment. This is a really slippery slope that if allowed to continue will cause a rapid decline in the amount of people who would ever step forward to be a witness in a case.”

Michael Morrissey stated in a pre-recorded statement on August 25 that our peaceful protests and lines of inquiry “need to stop now,” because it “is wrong.”

But now two judges in Stoughton District Court have made it clear that both Rafferty and Morrissey are wrong, and seem to know very little about the law. This is unfortunate because one is in charge of arresting people who violate the law, and the other is in charge of prosecuting them. It should scare us all that people this ignorant run our criminal justice institutions.

Chris Albert and Jen McCabe are not smart people, so you can’t fault them for being this stupid. But Rafferty and Morrissey are supposed to be the best and the brightest, since they rose to such powerful positions.

After Jen made a fool of herself by having her petition denied in May you would think that Chris Albert would have wanted to avoid being emasculated publicly like he should’ve known he would be when I got my hands on this audio. But the only reason he did this was because he was emboldened to do so by Morrissey and Rafferty’s speeches, and by Jennifer Coffindaffer’s bad legal advice on Twitter. Chris is dumb, but he assumes these people are smart because of their resumes. He learned the hard way that they’re no smarter than he is.

There were so many memorable quotes from the Chris Albert court audio that I’ll be going over tonight on the Live Show. Among them are:

“I’m a First Amendment guy.”

“People call me up and tell me you’re going to Hell, you’re going to jail.”

“Showed up at my place of business where I try to provide for my family, make a living.”

“He stuck up the middle finger three fee from my ear, and filmed it, I would say that that clearly falls under harassment.”

“At any given moment he could’ve reached forward and grabbed me. He could’ve, but he didn’t.”

“He was infringing on my private area.”

“He surrounded my car and wouldn’t let me leave. He was filming me from outside my door. They detained me for what felt like forever, but probably was 7-8 minutes.”

Judge: “Did you call 911?”

“The police were there.”

Sorry Chris, but the middle finger is free speech, and you certainly are NOT a First Amendment guy. Don’t worry though, much like your wife Julie, I intend on leaving your private areas alone.

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  1. NOW he cares about the middle figure gesture being rude when he uses it constantly in those family photos? Real classy guy.

    1. Priceless! these trash bags have countless pics throwing the middle finger, and he’s offended?

  2. As you said it’s pretty sad that people who are supposed to know the law, have no clue Unbelievable really. You are dismantling them brick by brick, keep the foot on the accelerator..

    1. They know the law, they hope others don’t. They can practice lawfare on anyone, make the process the punishment. Force a defendant to spend time and money proving their innocence.

  3. This gets more pathetic by the minute, and the only one that reports on it is our award winning journalist. The more shit that comes out makes the whole story less believable given the fact that there’s no way so many people involved can keep a secret. But at the same time it’s painting a picture that they can, and making the the cops and DAs office look like they have no business being in the positions they’re actually in. When is there going to be more detailed Fed investigation that comes out? There’s so much that looks like hearsay that really points to a coverup that keeps being covered up. Thanks TB, you’re the only one that keeps uncovering this crazy shit repeatedly and there’s nobody to refute it other than to try and sue you. Keep it going. There’s got to be a character in this that flips, and you’ve already singled a few out. These shitheads have already ruined Canton, the last place I want to see them is on the beach at the cape like they own the joint. They don’t own either.

  4. Sorry I don’t know the law! I quite literally, blew (don’t confuse with blue!) my way to the top. Some other chiefs may know this same tactic, but it’s worked out well for me. I am a typical totally inept, overweight, disgusting excuse for a cop. But listen to me, I have command presence because I wear stars like General Patton!!!

  5. So big whoop, Chief Double Chin Rafferty and DA Grease Bucket Morrissey know the law as well as they know arugula from royal red lettuce and that is to say, not very well. Bring a bucket of KFC to the next meeting neither of them will be able to think clearly.

    PS Nominating Rosie O’Donell to play Rafferty in the movie.

    1. “Nominating Rosie O’Donell to play Rafferty in the movie.”

      Best post/suggestion thus far!! 👍👍👍

  6. Aiden has just been arrested. They’ve opened a new can of worms.
    This is hard evidence of how corrupt and scared they are. Silencing anyone who dares to stand against their tyranny.

    1. This reminds me of the Marion (KS) newspaper raid.

      Insignificant local government types fuck around, find out.

      Hopefully, a bunch of incompetents will end up broke and unemployable at the end of this.

  7. State Police worked long and hard trying to make up a crime to arrest Aiden. Just think what if they worked this hard trying to find John O’Keefe’s Killer maybe Colon would be in jail right now!!!!!

  8. All they did was bring more attention to the Karen Read case. So with the FBI interviewing people around this case, they arrest a reporter? I know he was pushing buttons but with this arrest they nuked themselves… just another corruption charge. Are they that stupid an or inept? I wouldn’t want my name on any of that paperwork. I hope Buckakke spearheaded this if not Lallygagger or Meatpie Morrissey. It’s like there final shot across the bow an wow is it a hailmary…. So a reporter is asking questions about a corruption an the DA at the head of the corruption has them arrested.. Sounds about right (if you lived in China) ITS A WAKE UP CALL PEOPLE…..

  9. I am shocked and disheartened to learn about Aidan’s arrest. If the local and state police put half as much time investigating this case as Aidan has, O’Keefe’s true killers would be in custody by now. I will not accept an acquittal for Read and for his killers to remain free. A special investigator appointed for Turtle Boy is comical, where is the special investigator working the O’Keefe case. This is almost unbelievable and I have taken it upon myself to ask every police officer on duty that I see (in any local towns) what their opinion is about this case. They always tell me that the FBI is investigating, well that is clearly not enough. I am losing faith in the police and the justice system as a whole. How can they be trusted? This botched investigation is disgusting and Aidan’s arrest is a travesty. I am angry that my tax dollars are being wasted on Aidan rather than solving crimes. #NorfolkCountyIsCorrupt #FreeTurtleBoy #FreeKarenRead #JusticeForO’Keefe

  10. So Mr. Kearney got raided by the cops – very sorry to see that, but it doesn’t look like any of the charges are very serious – police call this “punishing you with the process” that’s why they raid and destroy your house & point guns and your kids & pets. I can’t help but wonder – how does he now feel about Black Lives Matter? After all that’s been so carefully researched and posted here.

    We live in a corrupt, fascist authoritarian police state much like 1980’s East Germany here in Massachusetts. Before weed was legalized, after 30 years of work by political activists here in Mass, police arrested black and spanish people at 4 times the rate of whites for cannabis. Even though those groups use and sell cannabis at the same rate as whites. That’s what BLM was talking about. (btw in case you’re wondering, as a real libertarian civil rights activst I’m disgusted by both Trump and Biden).

    So as a longtime white, Irish-Catholic resident of Mass, I totally understand why Mr. Kearney wanted to stick up for what he thought were “good cops”. Libertarians like me call people like this “copsuckers”. In a rotten system, there are no good cops. Good people refuse to become cops in the United States. But I can understand how someone could respect the good work that cops do, and maybe even fall prey to some of the hateful rhetoric being spewed by the orange-headed reality TV star.

    I love Mr. Kearney’s work and what he’s been able to accomplish. His reversal on police over the last year is amazing to me and I’d honestly like to hear if he has any comments or thoughts on what’s gone through his mind over this time and how he feels today about the criminal justice reform movement, in which Mr. Kearney is now a leading activist.

    Police in Boston make $200,000-$300,000 or more. That’s what doctors who train for 10 years to become a surgeon or specialist make in Massachusetts. Most police go straight from the high school football team to being a cop in less than a year and, in Boston, stand around drinking coffee at construction sites. After gobbling down various pills & other drugs. THIS is what people mean when they say defund police. Set their fucking salaries back to $100,000 per year like all the other blue collar workers with far more dangerous and strenuous jobs.

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