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Canton Cover-Up Part 45: Jen McCabe Asked Judge “Is There Any Way You Can Do Something So He Can’t Blog About Me” Before Complaining About T-Shirt


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We have obtained court audio from Stoughton District Court Tuesday in which Jennifer McCabe applied for and was denied a harassment prevention order against award winning journalist Aidan “Doctor Turtleboy” Kearney by judge Brian Walsh:

Here is her after David.

This judge obviously has been following our reporting as he mentioned that he was familiar with the background story. Like many, he is likely ashamed for and embarrassed by his fellow Judge Beverly Cannone, who is coddling and protecting the spoiled bug-eyed nudnik who appeared before him. He knew about “how long to die in cold,” and he knew that she was a high profile witness in a high profile murder case, who helped to coverup the murder of a Boston Police Officer.

Here’s some of my favorite parts….

“He writes blogs every day. And every day he tries to humiliate and harass me.”

A blogger writing blogs isn’t harassment, Jen. It’s quite literally my profession. But I do I agree that I’ve effectively humiliated you by reporting on your failed attempt to coverup your involvement in John O’Keefe’s murder.

“He chased me out of a court hearing and prevented me from walking.”

You seemed to be walking just fine Jennifer.

“He had a camera, he was harassing me, intimidating me, I was fearing, I didn’t know what he was gonna do next, he chased me to my car, he was calling me a cop killer…”

i wAs fEaRiNg

It’s like she read the statute on what is required for a HPO and then scrambled all the words together in a failed attempt to make some sort of point. She didn’t know what I was gonna do next, but then she found out when I did nothing except ask her questions before she safely got into her $100K car (with a woman who the ADA just claimed she barely knows) and sped away. And I called you a cop killer because that’s what you are. You and your husband participated in some way in the murder of a Boston Police Officer. I’ll never stop calling you that so you should probably get used to it.


Then the judge asked her if there were other press and reporters at the event, because he’s obviously seen the video. Her response to that was that I “videoed the whole thing and shared it on my social media platforms.” Ya know, like a reporter would do. For someone who made herself the center of attention in this story by falsely implicating Karen Read, she sure doesn’t seem to like attention.

“He said that he wasn’t going to stop, he was going to harass me every day, he was going to go to my children’s events.”

Judge: “Has he done that?”

“Ummm…no, he has not done that yet.”

When you try to get an order on someone for harassing you, you probably shouldn’t admit that he hasn’t done the things that you’re alleging he has. Saying that someone hasn’t broken a law “yet,” doesn’t mean they can get charged with a crime. Kind of like how Jen hasn’t been charged for her involvement in a murder. Yet.

But to be clear – I am an award winning journalist and a free person living in a free country. I’ll go to whatever public school sporting events I feel like going to. Jen just wants to go on living her life normally like the whole world doesn’t know that she Googled “how long to die in snow” as she plotted to murder a Boston cop. But unfortunately for her I’m not going to allow her to live her life normally, since Karen Read hasn’t had a day of normality since January 28, 2002.

“He has emailed, I have 2 daughters in college, and he’s emailed the school. Well, I dunno, someone has emailed the schools and attached his blogs.”

Pro tip – if you try to get a HPO on someone for harassing you, it’s not a good idea to admit to the judge that they’re not the one harassing you. I know you don’t like the blogs because they’re so effective Jen, but I have the right to publish them, and the millions of people who have read the blogs have the right to contact whoever they want to alert them about the cop killer in their midst. This is like OJ Simpson trying to get an order on someone for giving him dirty looks.

“So he has a significant amount of followers and he does his live shows. And I have received terrible threats from phone calls I get, I get voicemails, I get Facebook messages from his followers.”

Judge: “Just so I’m clear, not necessarily from him.”

“He called me once, it was a voicemail. He just had questions.”

Yes Jen, I had a lot of questions. And it would be great if you could answer them. For instance, why were you up at 4:53 AM after a night of drinking? Why did you Google “how long to die in snow” if you thought John had gone home with Karen? Did you set John up to be ambushed and beaten? Did you witness it happen? What would you have done if Karen Read had come inside with him, and how did you know she wouldn’t? How much did it pain you to say that Turtleboy has a significant amount of followers?

You’re right Jen, I do. But again, if you’re trying to get a HPO you probably shouldn’t admit to the judge that I have not threatened you.

“He’s calling me horrific names. He made t-shirts to humiliate me and my appearance. And he’s selling them for profit.”

First of all, I’m not selling this shirt for profit:

I’m selling THIS shirt for profit:

And anyone else who wants one can purchase it here. But come to think of it, maybe we should put the other one in the Turtleboy Store too. Thank you for the idea horse face!

“I literally wake up every single day and I don’t know what he’s going to write.”

Thank you so much for announcing in a public courtroom that I have rattled so bad that you went to the courthouse and humiliated yourself in such spectacular fashion. You’re right though – I do wake up every day and think about how I’m going to expose you and your co-conspirators next. And I won’t stop until all of you are in jail where you belong.

“My kids are having panic and anxiety attacks. He’s given my address, my husband’s social security. It’s just non-stop. My kids are seeing everything on social media, they’re having panic attacks at schools and I have to come pick them up.”

Jen, your children aren’t having panic attacks. They’re living life normally because you’re pretending this isn’t happening. John O’Keefe’s kids already lost their parents, and then you and your friends took their uncle AND their female role model away from them too. They’re the victims, not your kids. If you were actually concerned about your children then you wouldn’t have participated in a murder coverup, knowing it could land you in prison and prevent you from seeing them.

I’ve given your address because it’s in court filings because you chose to make yourself the star witness for the Commonwealth. No one made you do that.

Then the best part….

“Is there any way that you can do something so he can’t blog about me?”

Sorry Jen, but that’s not how the First Amendment works. I know you don’t like the fact that I’ve exposed what a vile, disgusting person you are, but the best way to avoid being blogged about is to avoid doing horrible things. Like covering up a murder.

The judge had to explain this to her:

“Because of the free speech issues and his status in the press.”

She didn’t like that a judge recognized in open court that I am a member of the press.

“So him chasing me out of court and intimidating me?”

Judge: “I know there was a throng of other reporters there.”

“He came down the street, walked in front of me, was saying terrible nasty things, then walked behind me, then followed me to my car. I couldn’t even make it across the street because he was in front of me. He was bumping into my husband. Then we’re getting into our car and he’s yelling cop killer, cop killer. I don’t know what this man is gonna do.”

Yes, there were other reporters there. But none of them like to do their job so I did it for them. Jen prefers reporters like Ted Daniels, who awkwardly stands there and does nothing.

This is the type of treatment she’s gotten used to from the press and she liked it. Then Turtleboy showed up and her whole world changed. Get used to it, cop killer. I’m not gonna do anything to you, I’m just gonna keep exposing what you did to John O’Keefe.

The most telling interaction happened at the end:

“And the thumb drive I’ve prepared?”

Judge: “Is it things that one would see on his news page?”

But your honor, she has a thumb drive! She spent all this time putting screenshots and links to blogs on a thumb drive! Do you have a USB portal? She can show you them all!

Unfortunately for her the judge made it clear in his response that he’s already seen them all,  because like everyone else who works in a Massachusetts courthouse, he reads Turtleboy regularly.

The audacity of this woman to make herself the victim, knowing what she’s done, is mind boggling. This is a spoiled brat who’s gotten everything she ever wanted her whole life and is finally being held accountable for the first time, and she doesn’t know what to do. So she ran to the courthouse to beg a judge to silence me, and for the first time she realized that she’s no longer in control.

Tick tock, horse face.

P.S. For anyone inclined to message me and say “it’s affidavit, not after David.”


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  1. The TB reaction photos to “Is there any way that you can do something so he can’t blog about me?” are the highlight of this one!

  2. “Ye shall seek the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 32 Thank God we have an investigative reporter like this who is smart, relentless and courageous in seeking the truth and protecting the innocent. God Bless

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