Canton Cover-Up Part 197: Radio Transmission From Turtleboy Arrest Shows Fugitive Unit Stalked Children All Morning, Turned Off Body Cameras Before Entering House



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We have obtained radio transmissions from the State Police leading up to my arrest by the fugitive unit on October 11. The audio indicates that they had been following the route of my children’s school bus for several days, knew exactly what time other people’s children got onto their school bus, and plotted to arrest me as soon as my children stepped foot on the school bus. The audio shows that they were treating me like a dangerous, hardened criminal who needed to be apprehended by almost a dozen officers who surrounded my house from all directions.

7:51 – They notice a bus on my street but say that it’s too early to be my children’s bus. This is likely for Mount View Middle School. Other trooper asks “Kevin” to take a drive by the middle school bus to make sure I didn’t sneak my kids on it.

7:52 – Police spy on other people’s children getting onto their school bus to Mount View Middle.

7:53 – Police confirm that the 2 kids they just saw get on the bus are older, and say that they’re sure another bus will be coming through.

7:53 – Trooper says that he had just heard from “KP” that they witnessed the same thing yesterday – two older kids getting on a school bus at the same bus stop my children use 40 minutes later. Trooper confirmed that my children were seen getting on the school bus at 8:30 the day prior. They had been surveilling my house for days in anticipation of this arrest.

7:54 – Police confirm that the bus they are looking for is bus 30.

7:57 – Three troopers named Kevin, Alec, and Johnny communicate and confirm that they have each other’s backs for this dangerous mission. “We got you Johnny.”

7:57-58 – Troopers start communicating in code. The person who appears to be in charges is checking in with troopers staked all around my neighborhood. He calls for what sounds like “DCU,” “Worcester,” “cat,” “Ryan,” and “vaccine,” all of whom respond with “R9.” The commander then says it’s “R9” on his end too, and that they should stand by to await word.

8:21 – Trooper notices a gray school van that pulled into Picadilly Circle, where the bus stop is.

8:21 – Trooper says they have no interest in the van and are waiting for the “yellow target” (a school bus full of children age 5-11) to drive by.

8:21 – Trooper says he just saw a Lexus drive by, and that he is confirming it’s not “him,” just in case I tried to make a break for it.

8:22 – Trooper finishes investigation of the Lexus and announces that it was “not our target.”

8:27 – “All units” informed of target bus 33 coming off of Wood onto Boulder. This means that they had someone stationed at the corner of those streets, which is more than half a mile from my house. The magenta arrows indicate the path of target bus 33. The green arrows indicate the paths of fugitive unit troopers and Norfolk County CPAC unit. The magenta circled areas indicate areas where police confirmed they were laying in wait.

8:28 – Things start getting real when bus 33 makes a stop on Boulder Hill Drive at a small child’s house. Unit commander orders all units to stay in place at the “predetermined location and stand by for word.”

8:28 – Trooper asks “Sully” if he’s closer to him, who confirms he knows when the “next stop” of the bus will be.

8:29 – Unit commander orders troopers to stand by until he gives word. Fugitive unit guy who looks and sounds like every “Sully” everywhere confirms that he is now trailing the school bus target. Lt. Tully confirms that he is 100 yards behind Sully, in case he needs back up for the dangerous job of arresting me in front of my children.

8:30 – Trooper sitting at corner of Mason Road and Buckingham indicates that there are children waiting at that bus stop as well. At this point I was surrounded by undercover fugitive unit cops, as a neighborhood full of elementary school waited patiently for the bus to pick them up.

8:30 – Confusion ensues as bus 33 goes by by Picadilly Circle bus stop, which they mistake for my children’s bus. This also confuses us every morning, as bus 30 and bus 33 both go to the same school, and my kids often think that they’ve missed the bus. There used to be one bus, but ever since COVID they have 2 buses for the same neighborhood so that kids can socially distance easier.

8:32 – Sully notices “the target” who is crossing the street with his kids while holding a red solo cup. In reality it is a red coffee mug. Red solo cups are what you use to collect evidence at murder scenes.

8:32 – Trooper at the corner of Mason Road and Boulder Hill Drive announces that the bus has turned onto Mason Road. They confirm that it is bus 30. Shit starts getting real.

8:33 – Sully announces that he is directly behind Bus 30 doing a “slow roll,” and that “as soon as he puts the kids on we’ll jump out on him.” Unit commander tells all officers to stand by until he gives word to execute Operation Arrest Award Winning Journalist.

8:34 – Bus arrives, kids get on, and I cross the street. Sully reports that “I got him at the end of the driveway.” Unit commander order all officers to “start to move.” Sully gets out of his Silverado, followed by Lt. Tully and Lt. Fanning in the two trucks behind him. Sully places me in handcuffs and Tully begins reading me my rights. Unit commander calls for “transport” unit driven by Trooper Tryon, who responds with “received.”

8:37 – Trooper Tryon’s Sergeant announces that the transport vehicle is “pulling up now,” as they walk me up the driveway towards the house.

At this point they tell me they have a warrant for my house, car, and devices. They’ve taken one cell phone and my wallet out of my pocket. They bring me back into the house briefly where I stand in the kitchen in cuffs to make sure the house is empty. They notice my other phone and computer sitting on the couch and coffee table. Within minutes I’m brought back downstairs and put into the transport vehicle.

8:49 –  Unit commander announces that once the transport vehicle takes me to the Holden State Police barracks they can all pull into the driveway. He then orders troopers 3 times to “deactivate BWC’s” – the State Police code for body worn cameras.

8:51 – Unit commander asks for “crime scene” unit to enter the house after body cameras are deactivated.

The next stop after Picadilly is the Maple Tree Learning Center where at least 15 kids get on the bus. After the bus picked up my kids at Piccadilly the troopers coming from the other direction (Buckingham) drove past the bus and had my house surrounded. All of the children waiting at Maple Tree daycare witnessed 7-8 undercover vehicles with their blue lights on descending on their friend’s father and arresting him like a dangerous fugitive. I’m told it was the hot topic of conversation the entire bus ride to school.

Just to review:

  • Close to a dozen state troopers staked out my neighborhood several days in advance to arrest me in front of a school bus full of children after a 3 month long investigation that involved pulling surveillance video from inside Norfolk Superior Court to ascertain exactly what time Trooper Bukhenik finished taking a leak.
  • The crime I committed were holding peaceful protests, doing impressions on a YouTube show, and asking questions to people who lied, destroyed evidence, and acted suspiciously during a murder investigation.
  • 78 days ago these same troopers interviewed Lucky Loughran, who told them that he saw a Ford Edge parked in the exact location where John O’Keefe’s body would be discovered 3 hours later, but they have committed exactly zero resources to tracking down who was driving that Ford Edge.

The parents of Holden should be disgusted by this and demand answers from elected officials. The State Police did not alert anyone in town that they would be conducting an operation like this in full view of dozens of children on their way to school. They didn’t care about the psychological effect it could have on not just my kids, but everyone’s children. They didn’t alert the bus driver that they would be stalking the bus, and flashing their blue lights in a quiet, residential neighborhood.

And they did it all in order to send a message to a journalist that he needs to stop writing about the powerful, well connected individuals who murdered one of their “brothers in blue.” There is nothing faker than the “thin blue line,” and I’m embarrassed I ever believed that these people actually give a shit about their fellow officers.

I used to have a lot of respect for police, but it’s hard to now. I respect the Holden Police, who were not even alerted that this was happening in their community, and lots of officers from other communities I’ve spoken with, who have expressed shock and disgust in private conversations since then. But after hearing this audio, and how seriously these LOSERS took themselves, it’s clear that a lot of cops are just wannabe Rambos who think their job is a lot more dangerous than it actually is. This audio is funny because of how they acted like they were tracking down a serial killer, but it also gives me chills to know how much time and resources they dedicated to doing it. What they’re trying to do to me and Karen Read, in order to protect a bunch of blood thirsty murderers, should shock us all to the core.

P.S. I’m not sure who “Sully” is, but the cop who clearly enjoyed arresting me and felt like a hardo for doing so looks a lot like this guy, who is featured in a 2014 story about the MSP Fugitive Unit. The Sergeant quoted in the story is named Michael Sullivan.



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