Canton Cover-Up Part 202: Commonwealth Lies By Turning Comments About DPW Employees Into Threats Against The Alberts And McCabes



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The Commonwealth’s case against Turtleboy for witness intimidation relies almost entirely on out of context quotes taken from the dozens of shows I’ve done on YouTube about the Canton Coverup. Their plan is to take these out of context quotes, present them to a judge, and make it seem like I’m a psychopath. Their goal is to make it seem like I’m so dangerous that a stay away order must be put in place, which would limit my First Amendment rights so that I can’t report on the Canton Coverup in the manner I’ve been reporting, which has led to the uncovering of evidence proving the government is covering up the murder of John O’Keefe. In order to prove this we have to show each video with the proper context to show that the Commonwealth is intentionally misrepresenting what I actually said.

The Commonwealth claims that all of the quotes they’re highlighting were “statements regarding witnesses.” But they highlight comments made in Episode 594, “Turtleboy Returns To Canton,” that were not directed to any of the alleged witnesses.

On paper it sounds like I’m telling the 8 witnesses that I’m going to keep coming back to their town to threaten and harass them, with the intent making them too scared to testify against Karen Read. But listen to the 57 minute mark and you’ll hear something totally different.

“The bogey man doesn’t live there anymore. You don’t need to be scared of Brian anymore. Brian Albert is so used to being the alpha male of Canton – nobody f***s with his family. Two years ago if anyone did what I did today to Chris Albert (protested outside of Chris’ pizza shop) Brian Albert would put them in a f***ing grave. He’d kick your ass. It must frustrate him to no end to watch me emasculate his family. Time after time, and there’s nothing he can do about it. And I’m just gonna keep doing it. This is not my last trip to Canton. I will be back. A year ago people didn’t wanna cooperate with the Karen Read defense team (out of fear of the Alberts), but now we’ve made people realize they have nothing to be afraid of.”

I made it clear that I would be back, not to harass and intimidate any witnesses, but to protest and investigate the Albert family’s involvement in John O’Keefe’s death. For years the only people intimidating witnesses in Canton were the Alberts. Sources in Canton I’ve spoken with were afraid to come forward and tell us stories out of fear of being socially ostracized or physically assaulted. But we stood up to the bullies and created a culture where people didn’t need to fear anymore.

The second quote also sounds menacing:

“I’ll be back,” “Get used to this,” “These people think that I’m fucking around, you haven’t seen the last of me,” Get used to it, get used to it.”

After reading that Judge Krupp might think that I am a dangerous person, telling the 8 witnesses that I’d be back to torment, harass, and threaten them in an attempt to prevent them from testifying. In reality I wasn’t even talking about them, I was talking about the DPW employees who were giving me the runaround and didn’t want to provide public information I was asking for. I went to the DPW asking for Michael Trotta or Billy Walsh – the DPW employees who would have knowledge of who plowed Fairview Road the night of John O’Keefe’s death. Prior to my reporting Detective Proctor claimed that no one from the DPW had plowed Fairview Road.

But I was working on a tip that a plow driver named Brian “Lucky” Loughran had plowed Fairview Road, and I wanted to know what he saw. If Trotta or Walsh could confirm to me that a Canton DPW driver like Loughran plowed Fairview Road it would prove that Proctor lied in his report. This was a matter of public concern that any decent journalist would follow up on.

Unfortunately the DPW lady made it clear she wasn’t going to help, leading to this:

As you can see, the DPW lady wasn’t much help in tracking down Trotta or Walsh, and I believed that she was hoping that I’d give up and go home. I wanted to make it clear that I would keep coming back to Canton, not to scare, threaten, harass, or intimidate someone from testifying in the Karen Read trial, but to have my questions answered about who plowed Fairview Road on January 29, 2022.  These were not “statements regarding witnesses,” they were statements regarding the DPW administrators. Tully and the Commonwealth intentionally lied.

Indeed I did come back weeks later and ended up interviewing Trotta and Walsh. Weeks after that I interviewed Loughran himself, who confirmed the ground breaking news that proved Karen Read’s innocence – John O’Keefe’s body was not on the front lawn of 34 Fairview Road at 2:30 AM. If the stay away order were in place I would be unable to report on these matters in the way I did, and we would never know about what Lucky Loughran saw.

But this was how Brian Tully and Ken Mello quoted me in court:

“I’ll be back,” “Get used to this,” “These people think that I’m fucking around, you haven’t seen the last of me,” Get used to it, get used to it.”

Those are phrases they chosen, out of context, from a much larger rant, commenting on the lack of service and professionalism from the DPW employee. Bolded are the parts the Commonwealth cherry picked.

“Nobody wants to work because they get paid the same no matter what. Does he (Walsh) have a cell phone? Can you get off your ass and do some God damn work? She knows who I am and she doesn’t want to help me out. But I’ll play her game. She’s friends with the McCabes and Alberts, so this is what we’re dealing with here. But I’ll be back, Miss Boy’s Regular. You haven’t seen the last of me. He never called. Walsh and Trotta never called me back. If you think you’re gonna get rid of me that easily you’re badly mistaken. I will literally sit there all day, all day. We’ll order Chinese, I’ll make a day of it. I will sit there all day, because he’s (Walsh) gotta be back sometime. I have unfinished business, I didn’t see Michael Morrissey today, I’ll be back. Get used to this. These people think I’m f***ing around like I’m Mr. Internet Guy, like I’m gonna sit here and write blogs all day that they can ignore. No, no, no. I live an hour away. I have a Lexus now, it’s not a problem, with great mileage and a good engine. It’s not a problem. Get used to it, get used to it. 

Notice they took these two phrases:

“These people think I’m fucking around,” and “you haven’t seen the last of me,” and simply put a comma between them to make it look like it was all part of one sentence.

But “you haven’t seen the last of me,” which is directed at the DPW administrators, came several sentences BEFORE “these people think I’m fucking around.” This was intentionally and maliciously done by the same corrupt trooper (Tully) who signed Proctor’s intentionally false police report. They did this with the goal of intentionally and maliciously deceiving the judge. This is evidence of malice.

That would be like taking this:

Your mother is really nice. I’m gonna kill some time talking to her.”

And turning it into this:

“I’m gonna kill, your mother.”

If they have to make up lies to make a case against me then they don’t have a case at all. But we certainly will in civil court.


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