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Canton Cover-Up Part 212: Woman Who Spoke Against Audit Of Police Department At Selectmen Meeting Doesn’t Live In Canton, Has Multiple Evictions And Court Judgments Against Her


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During Tuesday night’s selectmen meeting in Canton the McAlberts and their supporters showed up in full force to urge people to vote NO on the audit of the Police Department and Board of Selectmen at the November 20 Special Town Meeting. Audits are routine in most businesses, and if things are fine and dandy in Canton then everyone should want the audit because it will show just how wonderful they are. But the McAlberts and company don’t want an audit because they likely know that it will reveal widespread problems with the police and local government, particularly their involvement in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder, and the suppression of First Amendment rights of citizens after the fact.

One of the women who spoke on behalf of the establishment was this flannel clad woman:

Karen Kelly started her speech by announcing that she lives on Randolph Street, claiming that she wasn’t prepared, and then whipping out a prepared speech on her cell phone that she read out loud to the class. Gal Borland claimed to have started a Facebook group meant to bring people together in Canton, but then proceeded to rip apart anyone who had the audacity to believe that an audit would be a good thing for the town.

I’ve never seen bullies pull off the “I’m a victim” act less effectively than these people. That entire speech could be summed up by saying, “anyone who points out the glaring issues with the way that John O’Keefe’s murder was handled and covered up is a bad person who has to shut up.”

Karen claimed that concerned citizens like Rita Lombardi are trying to “transform our town to create a new form of governance,” simply because they want accountability. Except there’s just one problem when she says “our town” – Rita lives in Canton, but Karen Kelly does not. Karen USED to live in Canton, but the problem with living in Canton is they expect you to pay your rent there, which Karen didn’t like to do.

Karen Kelly is somewhat of a common name, and it seems that someone with that same name also had a $15K judgement against them by AT&T in Brockton District Court around the time of her eviction.

She now reportedly ives in Holbrook, which goes to Quincy District Court. It’s unclear if this is the same Karen Kelly, but if it’s not then it’s a pretty common name for criminals and deadbeats.

So I guess it makes sense why she supports Chris Albert so much. They both feel like they shouldn’t have to pay their bills.

Karen told the crowd that people like Rita were “using the cover of a murder trial to advance their political agenda.” But I know that Rita and I did not vote for the same person for President in 2020, yet we’re on the same side of the Karen Read issue because we all agree that covering up murders is a bad thing.

What you’re seeing from these people is something called “DARVO” – Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. It is a reaction perpetrators of wrong doing display in response to being held accountable for their behavior.

“The perpetrator or offender may Deny the behavior, Attack the individual doing the confronting, and Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender such that the perpetrator assumes the victim role and turns the true victim — or the whistle blower — into an alleged offender. This occurs, for instance, when an actually guilty perpetrator assumes the role of “falsely accused” and attacks the accuser’s credibility and blames the accuser of being the perpetrator of a false accusation.”

In other words, they’re narcissists. They know what the McAlberts have done, and they know it’s blatantly obvious to anyone looking into it. But their only way out of it is by reversing the roles and turning concerned, law abiding citizens into the bad guys. It’s gaslighting 101. These people are the definition of uncivil, yet they claim to be the ones wanting civility. They claim to be standing up to bullies, yet that is the only role they’ve ever known how to play. They claim to be the victims of false rumors and threats, yet they’ve been attacking their victims in this manner for years.

This is why we need every citizen of Canton to be at Canton High School on November 20 for the Special Town Meeting. Vote YES on the audit, and bring as many friends and family members with you as you can.


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    1. Don’t worry. Change is coming. One way or another. This will go through go through, unless rigged somehow/which I’m sure you all are trying to figure out how to do.
      Canton is exposed.
      Canton will change.
      This will not just fade away.

      1. The fix is in. The dead will rise on Nov 20 to vote “NO.” Funny how so many centenarians vote in MA elections.

    2. It’s not just your house. What are you all so afraid of? An audit will expose the good and the bad. For the bad, it gives the town the opportunity to clean “the house” thus eliminating weak spots and risk. Risk=cost.

    3. Unfortunate for you.
      History tells the story.
      No one’s “house “ remains the same.
      Things always come to light eventually.
      Secrets always get exposed at some point.
      It’s just how it goes.
      Good luck with that.

  1. Sad to ask but who’s to say this vote will be clean? I don’t have much faith in Canton’s election officials since the rest of its officials are so blatantly corrupt.

  2. Bahaha.
    I saw the title and thought, big shocker.
    So who is she related to?
    Are they picking up ratchets down on their luck and offering free chicken parm for going to the meeting and pretending from Canton?
    She was shaking her head, twitching and making faces when Rita spoke.
    Do they think that crazy lady could possibly say something of value – compared to an articulate, intelligent woman?

  3. Oh boy, I saw her in the background at the meeting and thought she was doing the “nodding” thing.

    How many degenerates can the Alberts/McCabes/Proctors round up? They have a following of bottom feeders. Krusty Pants might be the most desperate move by them but there’s several others not too far off.

    Thank you once again to Turtleboy for uncovering more unsavory characters.

  4. MA political leaders may not be your best bet.
    There’s a huge election next year.
    Contact people who have a national voice.
    Someone looking for a cause/reason to get multiple supporters to back them if they take on something no one else would touch.
    A spokesperson with a loud voice that isn’t intimidated by MA politicians.
    I would look at someone Independent, who doesn’t care about speaking out on something that is a real concern.

  5. Does anyone have a room I can rent on Dec 20th in Canton? Actually I believe there’s a bunch of us who need to “rent” a room. I’d love to be a canton resident so I could vote YES YES YES on this!!!!

  6. My son was having a hard time talking to girls or getting laid. My friend from the Canton Police suggested that I call Jillian Daniels. We worked out all the details and on my son’s eighteenth birthday I drove him to a local motel to meet Jillian.

  7. Vote NO… we want to be able to murder people at will. We almost got away with Sandra Birchmore but you meddling kids had to stick your noses in my town.

  8. Where is Yuris mom living now that methadone mile is closed? It’s getting cold. Maybe she’s staying with crusty. Yuri you are a coward and an incompetent fool. Eat a whole bag of crusty McAlbert dicks…… hopefully Proctor won’t eat them all.

  9. Interesting to see on the Canton Community Voices FB Group and the Justice for John and Karen FB Group that this woman initially was a Karen Read supporter and quite active in several back and forth texting talking about Chris Albert’s anger, Colin A. and others.

    It’s also mentioned that she is good friends with Chief Rafferty. Very odd that she would then switch from believing in Karen’s innocence to now aligning herself with the Alberts, McCabes, etc. The good news is that several of those text messages saved.

    Makes you wonder what caused her to start hanging with the Alberts, McCabes, etc? Was she threatened in some way? Or maybe she just desperately wants to belong to something, anything.

    But one thing is obvious, the Alberts and McCabes have some very questionable characters following them. All of them seem like misfits, not very intelligent, and desperate to feel included. I can only imagine the embarrassment their families must feel.

    1. “Very odd that she would then switch from believing in Karen’s innocence to now aligning herself with the Alberts, McCabes, etc.”

      Biggest Red Flag indicator. Someone doing an about face 180. Does it happen? Of course it does. But is it likely truthful and sincere……..no, not really.

    2. Normal Canton residents that only asked for some clarity and oversight received threatening letters.
      These letters included their small children , extended family, neighbors, and co-workers.
      Imagine what they could do to someone with a vulnerability?
      People ask “how is it possible so many people would remain quiet “? 🤔
      Regarding the investigation into officer John O Keefe’s death.
      Well, if so much effort is put into threatening multiple people over a ballot…
      Imagine the threats to any potential witnesses.

  10. How does their voting system go?
    Who counts votes in Canton?
    I find it hard to believe that educated voters actually voted to have a person sit on the board of selectmen with the multiple flags.
    Wouldn’t people at least do an internet search on a candidate?
    How can someone who has liens and judgments be on a board that over looks budgets?
    Also, was an involved party to the case that caused a lawsuit against the town.
    Also, has a criminal history?
    I just don’t buy it.

  11. Hahahahaaaaa that is THEE Karen Kelly! Yes of course the name is pretty common… But you have the right person! She is the worst Karen one could ever encounter. She has never taken responsibility for her actions and especially with the harassment order she had out on her, you must ask her about that cause then it will all make sense 😂

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