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Canton Cover-Up Part 223: Random F***ing Citizens Vote To Audit Canton Police Department Despite Organized Pushback From McAlbert Mafia


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At Monday night’s Special Town Meeting in Canton the citizens voted Yes on a motion to audit the police department and select board after months of petitioning the board at meetings. Going into the night I must admit that I thought it was going to fail. There are many people in town who instinctively trust the police, and if you’re not on social media there’s a good chance you haven’t been following just how corrupt the Canton Police and Board of Selectmen are. People like this have a tendency to come to town meetings and vote:

That guy LIVES to vote no on overrides, hates the idea that he has to pay taxes for public schools that his kids don’t attend, and almost definitely owns a flip phone. There is no way people like him are aware of the corruption that exists in their town.

But citizen leaders in the Canton community were able to effectively mobilize a grassroots campaign that ended up voting 903-800 in favor of the unprecedented audit.

The opposition to the audit was predictable, starting with this guy:

Kevin Martinek was reading a speech that was clearly written for him by the Canton Police Department. He is the brother in law of Sergeant Sean Goode – one of the five responding officers to John O’Keefe’s death, and one of two who stepped foot inside 34 Fairview Road. Sgt. Goode:

  • Did not make any attempt to search Brian Albert’s house despite the fact that a dead cop’s body with a missing a shoe was found on the lawn
  • Did not ask Brian Albert to examine his body for signs of injuries or a struggle
  • Allowed Karen Read to leave 34 Fairview Road, despite the fact that she allegedly confessed to murder several times according to the Commonwealth
  • Used a leaf blower to look for evidence in the area where O’Keefe’s body was found
  • Found zero pieces of red tail light, despite the alleged existence of 35 pieces of red tail light that were “found” by Michael Proctor in subsequent visits over the next month
  • Used red Solo cops to store droplets of blood found at the scene
  • Is close personal friends with Jill Daniels and Courtney Proctor
  • Has exchanged money with Michael Proctor on Venmo

Sean Goode is the poster child for why the Canton Police Department needs to be audited. On the morning of January 29, 2022 he did not follow any of the proper protocols for a murder, which worked out to the benefit of the Alberts and McCabes, who he has been friends with his entire life.

Kevin Martinek claimed that the there is no reason for an audit because police will self report their own discipline issues. This of course ignores the fact that the Canton Police Department almost entirely consists of people who have grown up with each other and have shown that they will not apply the law equally to people they know.

His best line was this one:

“If there’s a conflict of interest the Massachusetts State Police take over the investigation.”

The fact that the audience burst out in laughter when he said this is indicative that the entire town is well aware of what a ridiculous statement it was. The idea that CPD can hand over a murder investigation to a corrupt State Police Detective who they all personally know, and who has even deeper ties to the Alberts and McCabes, and that somehow this is less of a conflict of interest, is laughable.

Martinek also bragged about how CPD was in the top third of police departments for discipline issues. However, as Kathleen Howley pointed out in her presentation, this is actually a better argument for why an audit is necessary. CPD had zero disciplinary actions reported on their officers according to the POST commission, whereas neighboring towns had between 7 and 30.

All this shows us is that the Canton Police Department cannot be trusted to police themselves. It’s just not plausible that a police department that employs and promotes corrupt cops like Michael Lank would have no disciplinary actions.

It’s also notable that Michael Proctor and Colin Albert were present in the auditorium for the whole night. You can see their heads circled here, sitting in close proximity, despite allegedly not knowing each other:

Colin was seen towards the end walking down the aisle to go back to his seat.

The Canada Goose jacket Colin was wearing sells for $1,125 online. How does a college dropout whose parents owe over $65K in taxes, and have had countless court judgments against them for unpaid bills, afford clothing like that? I could think of a couple ways.

Colin was accompanied by a man named Jason Marcell.

Marcel’s wife Jaime McGillicuddy Marcell was one of the women who expressed disgust at my peaceful protest outside of D&E Pizza in late August.

Colin Albert doesn’t strike me as the type of person who goes to a lot of town meetings or cares much about town politics. He was there because every vote counts and the McAlberts needed as many votes as they could get. Colin Albert was never listed as a suspect or a witness by the Canton Police Department. He was there to support them because their corruption has helped keep him from being in Karen Read’s position.

The most iconic moment of the night was the reaction of the 5 members of the Board of Selectmen when the moderator announced that all three rooms had voted in favor of the audit.


That face you make when you realize that you have completely underestimated the determination of the “random f***ing citizens” you previously disparaged.

None of them thought this outcome was possible. Their immediate instinct was to stand up, shout, and demand a different outcome. John Connolly has been on the Board of Selectmen since the beginning of time, and has ensured that the Police Department and other town agencies were above reproach. Those days are over, thanks to a bunch of random f***ing citizens.

Denise Galvin claimed that a “silent majority of residents” opposed the audit, whereas only a “small fraction of outspoken residents” were leading the calls for change.

But it appears as if she underestimated just how reviled her family and friends are in town as a result of our reporting and activism.

Congratulations to the people of Canton for their successful exercise in democracy. They overcame a police investigation into their signature drive, suppression of free speech that only ended after the ACLU threatened a lawsuit, and a series of anonymous threats from the McAlberts. They would not allow themselves to be bullied into silence, and in so doing took steps to take their town back from the corrupt public officials who currently control it.


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  1. John Connolly really really hates sandcastles. He was BIG mad and could barely contain himself. Chris Albert had the look of someone who pooped himself in that live action shot.

  2. Oh Johnny Boooooyee the pipes are piping. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man has a striking resemblance to Johnny C. I’m looking forward to the McAlbert who post comments on here over and over under different names to start. Your inner circle ain’t as big as you thought and your in the minority in the small town of Canton. Outside of Canton it only gets worse. Everyone sees what happened here and it’s only a matter of time before the truth is on display.FKR!

    1. You’re so right on! The noose is getting tighter by the day. How the tides have changed for Karen over the past year

  3. Is it just me or do others think that there is something seriously wrong with the men of Canton that associate with the McAlberts?

    Can they not think for themselves?

    The guy that spoke at the meeting Monday that didn’t disclose his name but is connected to a police officer.. didn’t he think that someone would discredit him?

    How about the ER doc.. just horrible and he deserves to be shamed

    How about Denise Galvin’s husband…. wasn’t he one of the ones that harassed the 20/20 crew?

    Bazooka boy …. just pathetic. He just looks like he so desperately wants to be part of the group.

    Grandpa guy… yikes.. imagine how embarrassed his family is?

    The fool from the meeting that was attended by the McAlberts, the one that was doing the pointing. UGH… Come on buddy.. You’re at a Town Meeting not a barroom.

    Just seems like so many looked up to the Alberts and wanted to be part of that group. Now look where you are? A bunch of grown men that are blindly following the McAlberts.

    Come on, use some common sense. If you truly believe that they are innocent then you are just beyond stupid.

    For god sakes have some self respect.. The sooner you smarten up and distance yourself the better off all of you will be.

      1. If my husband was blindly following a group of losers like this I would call him out for it. They just look like such jackasses.

        1. That type wouldn’t listen to their wife.
          I guarantee they all have a self imposed man of the house mentality.
          It is in the body language, smirks, and attitude.
          When women get up to speak that oppose them they make comments, snicker, and roll their eyes.
          A real man is the opposite. A real man knows how to have respect for women and people who deserve it.
          A real man is confident on his own. He doesn’t need a “group “ to have confidence.
          He doesn’t fall in line with a bunch of a holes because he is a coward.
          Luckily the idiots are transparent, easy to spot, easy to avoid. Although somewhat fun to provoke.

    1. Easy. They’re weaklings who latch onto losers they think are the epitome of strong. It’s like high school where these weaklings are the toadies of the school bully, (who’s really nothing but a blowhard coward too). Most all of them sadly end up as alcoholics, trapped together in their dependency.

    2. These are the guys who would give wedgies to the unpopular kids in the boys room in high school. Tough in a group. Not so much when alone.

    3. Probably some of that. Probably also some of where the Alberts have dirt on these people, so they have no choice but to get up there and say this nonsense. Or weak men whose wives are friends with this crew, nagged to get up there.

  4. The audit will be interesting, they probably don’t want any outside eyes looking over the books especially the evidence room. The stuff on the shelves has to perfectly match all the arrest reports and anything missing will have to be replaced before the audit starts. I kindly refer you to google the situation that happened a while back in the town of Braintree where the police woman who was watching that room shot herself in the head when they came for her. There was a vigorous effort to stop this audit, if that room has any criminal case money or drugs missing they will discover it. If this department runs by the book they have nothing to worry about……It’s not easy finding someone honest to oversee evidence rooms….

    1. “why audit a police force with zero disciplinary issues?”

      Why do you check on your kids when it’s been too quiet upstairs for too long?

  5. No one has brought up this fact. It’s painfully obvious the DA will try Karen Reade, she will be exonerated. Upon this the DA will posture that the jury got it wrong , but they respect their decision. With that the( DA ) will hope it goes away. However, there is no statute of limitations on Murder. I’ve noticed that county ( Norfolk ) is comprised of several wealthy towns , Canton being one of them. Within these towns there has to be numerous high end lawyers , partners at the big firms in Boston. Here is the rub, does someone run Morriessey out of town and become the DA , and subsequently reopen the case. It’ll be hard for Boss Hog and Roscoe to intimidate someone with those credentials. Secondly, it would be exceedingly easy to reopen this case whereas standard procedures have been bungled so badly. This isn’t going away in my humble $.02 . I think someone with restraint will be waiting to pounce once Read is cleared !

    1. That is a good thought process.
      The current DA knows she won’t be convicted and will not look at anyone else.
      Interesting to think of someone else coming in and opening it up.
      I think he will retire.
      Too much has finally been exposed.
      He doesn’t want to lose a race and he probably would.

      1. I’ve thought a legal superstar who maybe wants to be a Congressman, or US Senator could come in as DA 6 guns blazing. Small town politicos can bully you and I, but a real deal partner at one of the firms will have two things absent from this: Brains and resources!

    2. Once found not guilty by a jury, she (KR) will be free to piece her life back together. The law doesn’t allow for the government, State or Federal, to take you before a jury again for the same crime. Double jeopardy applies. If we didn’t have that safety net, we’d have defendants tried again and again preventing people from putting a bullshit prosecution behind them.

      1. I did not mean retry Read. I met to go after the real culprits. My reasoning being that buy railroading Read, they ( the culprits ) think they will be Scott free. However, if and when Read is Not Guilty, a new DA can reopen the case and go after the real culprits, Sorry if I confused anyone .

  6. Wow….during that English-imposed famine in the 1800’s, it’s like Ireland opened up and dumped all its trash on Boston and South Shore – look at these inbreds! Jesus.

    I think the significance of these families goes way beyond Canton. I’m guessing they’re basically the police mafia kingpins of Eastern Mass. Like the Sopranos of the police mafia.

    It’s been estimated that the global market for illegal drugs (substances that were legal for 300 years of American history until the 1920’s) is the same size as the world market for petroleum and oil.

    Think about that for a second – the same amount of money is being spent in Eastern Mass. on illegal drugs as is being spent on all gasoline and fuel for home heating, industry, etc. So every time you see a gas station, there is a parallel underground drug business, along with money laundering and underground banking.

    And who is best to run the drug rackets? Why of course the people who are above the law – LEO. And that doesn’t include illegal gambling and prostitution which are still thriving underground industries. Some of the money gets kicked upstairs to the high leaders of the Irish and other political clans – right up to the Speaker of House, Senate president, and governor. Everybody gets a taste, everybody gets to wet their beak.

    1. Settle down………….$10 says none of them have pure Irish blood, just because the last name is Irish, doesn’t mean the blood is, just ask Willie McGinest!

    1. Well he has to keep the crowd that wants to rip each other apart civil and I smell bad. That’s a lot on his plate.

  7. Have any of these Hardo’s ever had a picture taken without someone giving the finger?

    We’re going to have to hire more techs to blur out all these Hardo’s giving the finger when we air our shows.

    I hope my budget request gets approved.

    1. If you wait long enough you’ll be able to get the photos of the of the whole clan getting boned up the ass by LaRoy in Cell Block D …..

    2. It’s the canton salute. It’s how they say show respect to each other. Hold your middle finger up high for all to see.

  8. It’s interesting how hard some people fought the audit. If everything’s running correctly, the audit will prove that. Since when is anyone suddenly worried about spending a few hundred thousand $$ on anything (well, besides the older gentleman with the flip phone)?

    Seems to me like there’s something to hide.

    1. Definitely. The strong reaction “against” is noteworthy and probably in direct proportion to the action trying to be kept out of public view.

  9. What exactly did that Tella-Tubby, Connolly think he was going to do? Is it that he is just so used to having the final say and being able to quash anything he dislikes?
    Regardless, his reaction was glorious.

  10. That photo of the select”men” is absolutely priceless. No one will convince me that all of them don’t have severe substance abuse issues. None of their faces are NOT red, even in f—in black and white!

  11. I was in the cafeteria. There were at least fifteen 18-20 year olds there that had never voted before on anything. All there to vote “no”. It was as though they had all just registered last week. Unsure of the auditorium and gym but if Bang Bang was there I can only guess they had other newly registered young adults in both.

    1. Of course all of the younger generation and friends were going to have to be there to vote.
      There was a lot on the line for these people.
      In the end it didn’t even matter.
      I love the shocked look of the old townies.
      Good stuff.

      1. I got impression the younger ones were forced there by the townie parents. it looked like they had stacked the deck in their favor. Us non townies were shocked when it passed.

        1. Congratulations and very happy for the non townies. It’s a clear message that things are not right. I am sure the other side was just as shocked. Especially poor John.

  12. Anyone notice Karen Kelly in the background to the last video? She’s wearing the same flannel shirt she wore to the BOS meeting. That must be her “going out on the town” outfit. Sean McCabe front left

    1. I bet the group headed up by Ed Davis will bid on it. But interesting…. I wonder if his connections to BPD will disqualify his company. Hard to imagine it would create any actual conflicts as I’m pretty sure Davis et al isn’t doing anything as a favor to this band of misfit toys but the appearance alone isn’t necessarily good.

    2. They were discussing doing a revote next week because a lot of the citizens that were supposed to vote no but we’re gone for the holidays. Also they found a duplicate vote so the whole thing is null

      1. Revote? What a bunch of retards that town is. They had a vote didn’t like the outcome so now they want a revote. How about reinvestigating the murder they had in their town and then maybe people wouldn’t want the police department auditted. Canton is dumpster fire right now because the people that have power in that town abuse it and think everyone else will just shut up. Your board of select refered to someone as a random fucking citizen on a hot mic. He has to be a little slow mentally and the real people of Canton are sick of a bunch of idiots running the town. All of those people should be fire but instead they are trying to control the narrative and that’s starting to slip through their guilty fingers.Bang Bang!

  13. These people gave others in places that have been struggling with corruption the courage to start taking the steps to take their own cities & towns back. Thank you TB, thank you Canton. I can’t wait to see the results of the audit.

  14. I wonder if Colin asked his mom why Auntie Jill was playing ride the girl cowgirl style with Uncle Penis head. And if she was better than Auntie Nicole.

  15. So glad responsible taxpayers showed up and voted in the Town’s best interest. Regardless of the current state of CPD, an audit isn’t a bad thing! Aside from finding shit that is underhanded/illegal, an audit also reveals financial duplicates, mismanagement of budgets, incorrect accounting practices, erroneous expenditures, ect…. It will turn out to be a good thing for taxpayers. Audits usually find ways so recover money and save money for taxpayers. No one should b afraid of an audit unless they have something to hide.
    I hope for the benefit of honest citizens, an independent audit is done. But I’m not optimistic.

  16. ok…. we got an audit…. and???? are we now getting clarity of what happened at 34 fairfiew? If not then who gives 2 shits about all this drama out here… grow the fuck up people and smarten up

    1. Because it could happen to anyone and they are taking steps to assure it doesn’t happen again.
      You forget Sandra Birchmore.
      It isn’t about one case. It’s about cleaning up.
      Red solo cups are unacceptable!
      Favors for friends is unacceptable.
      Accountability is necessary.

  17. One thing: the people opposed to the audit got everyone they could there to vote against it. Kids, friends of kids, even the kid who dropped out of school and fled to Florida came out of hiding because they desperately needed his vote. That tells you how little power these people have left. They got everyone they could, and that’s only 800 people. The walls are closing in on them.

  18. They either get bagged for destruction of evidence or corruption or both at once. How many bodies under the police station are we about to find out about? No wonder they’re white as a sheet. They’re created a no-win scenario. These cops are acting more suspicious than when they bring a dog up to a car full of fentanyl. You’d think the people who interrogate for a living know what suspicious behavior looks like.

    How many fun emails are we about to read? You should invite hillary clinton to your police station. She knows a thing or two cuz she’s seen a thing or two.

  19. Thanks turtlenuts for ruining the faith of policing for Canton residents. Listen the blue line is thin but honorable.it makes no sense that a police department with zero discipline issues would cover up a murder. Think you need another layer of tinfoil. Also proctor took down the limes of Brian walshe and if he didn’t do his due diligence mr.walshe would still be out there murdering. I doubt Chris Albert would be elected to the board if his son did what he was accused of. That’s why we wait for the courts issue orders and not random citizens because that have no idea what is really going on and the sacrifice our boys and girls in blue actually make.i live in Canton and things were a lot more peaceful before you got involved. Maybe actual residents don’t like outsiders coming in and ruining star athletes lives. Just a thought

    1. You can thank the shitbag chief and shitbag cops for doing that. I will respect the cops of Canton when they explain why they couldn’t find any taillight fragments the day of the crime but proctor and Berkowitz could days later. Canton cops need to step up to the plate and explain that to the public. They won’t though because then they would have to throw the state police under the bus.

      1. They didn’t the resources to effectively search for tiny pieces of plastic and had to call MSP because they have the tools to properly search a crime scene. People outside of Canton should mind their own beeswax

        1. I would mind my on business if the Canton cops weren’t a bunch of nutless bootlickers that try to lock up innocent people like Karen Read. You are such a pussy that must be a townie like the rest of the trash.

        2. When it involves the Norfolk County DA’s office and the Massachusetts State Police, then, yea, as a resident of MA, it is my beeswax.

          1. Not sure but I bet it’s really expensive. Too much for a small town to afford. Bit whatever it was did an awesome job at finding it

          2. There isn’t a special device that another department had to find plastic.
            Easy to find something you planted.
            But I do commend you on answering.

          3. Sorry Liz or Mike’s mom.
            He totally sucks as a detective.
            Should maybe have gone into a different career.
            Manager of dicks sporting goods or something.

    2. This is a national story now and people are going to get involved to help the good people of Canton. They can’t remove the astronomical amount of trash in that town without help especially with likes of you living there.

    3. What the hell does Brian Walshe have to do with it? Any idiot with eyes KNEW he killed his wife within hours of her going “missing”… you think that he’s the only one who could have cracked the case?! Get the fuck out of here, that case solved itself, everyone knew she was trying to get out of her marriage inspector clueless just gathered evidence. BUT had he used the same tactics with John O’Keefe… MAYBE none of us would be here ARGUING right now bc the real culprits would be held responsible. Stop defending your town and townies when you have nothing to back you up except your hate for TB. It’s laughable reading your comments, honestly. look at the evidence without bias and you’ll see no way it happened by a Vehicle. But you won’t bc your stuck on the mcalberts Balls like every other townie.

      1. The guy had an ankle monitor on, wasn’t difficult to track him. Wow, great detective work. Lol
        But let’s thank them for doing their job. Please.
        We all have jobs. This is his big accomplishment.
        Are we supposed to give him a medal or something. Give me a break.

        1. A moving ankle monitor means nothing. Most people with them on have to move at least a few times while having to wear them. It was proctor that connected all of the dots and arrested him when no one else could

      2. No one was able to solve the walshe case. They had to call in proctor because no one else has the police intuition that he has. Then BOOM case closed

        1. So why haven’t they solved the murder in Sharon?
          Not every day a man in Sharon is murdered in his home?
          Where are these awesome detectives you speak of?

        2. You mean they needed someone special to check his Google search history? Are you kidding? One of the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen here.

    4. So typical of you people. Always someone else to blame. The blame is solely on CPD and select board. Residents asked over and over for dialogue.
      They were shut down and sent threatening letters.
      They took the steps they had to.
      Now look where you are.
      As for Brian Walshe, he had an ankle monitor.
      They knew instantly he caused his wife’s death.
      Then the blood evidence in the home.
      (Too bad they never checked Fairview)
      Actually they fd up on the Walshe case because they had all his movements due to ankle monitor and could have all trash pick up stopped for the dumpsters he visited. Would have had more evidence if they actually put thought into it.
      Walshe was no criminal master mind. No hard detective work there. Just like there are no star athletes involved. Wake up sunshine.

  20. That’s over the line implying that Colin Albert is a gay prostitute getting expensive jackets clothing from a man named Marcel how do you plan to defend these awful comments in a defamation suit?

  21. Canton residents spoke – they took action and are longer just a bunch of sheep following the sheep wearing the bell. Also what’s wrong with making sure public officials and working above board. If nothing wrong has been done than it will only strengthen the prosecution and police. But if they do uncover corruption- than the floodgates will open

  22. The person who should be most worried about the audit is Rafferty. She was placed into her role as chief to look the other way at all of the misconduct. She didn’t realize shes also the person who takes the fall when all the skeletons are uncovered. She claimed she will always be able to look at herself in the mirror. We’ll find out soon if that’s true.

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