Canton Cover-Up Part 223: Random F***ing Citizens Vote To Audit Canton Police Department Despite Organized Pushback From McAlbert Mafia


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At Monday night’s Special Town Meeting in Canton the citizens voted Yes on a motion to audit the police department and select board after months of petitioning the board at meetings. Going into the night I must admit that I thought it was going to fail. There are many people in town who instinctively trust the police, and if you’re not on social media there’s a good chance you haven’t been following just how corrupt the Canton Police and Board of Selectmen are. People like this have a tendency to come to town meetings and vote:

That guy LIVES to vote no on overrides, hates the idea that he has to pay taxes for public schools that his kids don’t attend, and almost definitely owns a flip phone. There is no way people like him are aware of the corruption that exists in their town.

But citizen leaders in the Canton community were able to effectively mobilize a grassroots campaign that ended up voting 903-800 in favor of the unprecedented audit.

The opposition to the audit was predictable, starting with this guy:

Kevin Martinek was reading a speech that was clearly written for him by the Canton Police Department. He is the brother in law of Sergeant Sean Goode – one of the five responding officers to John O’Keefe’s death, and one of two who stepped foot inside 34 Fairview Road. Sgt. Goode:

  • Did not make any attempt to search Brian Albert’s house despite the fact that a dead cop’s body with a missing a shoe was found on the lawn
  • Did not ask Brian Albert to examine his body for signs of injuries or a struggle
  • Allowed Karen Read to leave 34 Fairview Road, despite the fact that she allegedly confessed to murder several times according to the Commonwealth
  • Used a leaf blower to look for evidence in the area where O’Keefe’s body was found
  • Found zero pieces of red tail light, despite the alleged existence of 35 pieces of red tail light that were “found” by Michael Proctor in subsequent visits over the next month
  • Used red Solo cops to store droplets of blood found at the scene
  • Is close personal friends with Jill Daniels and Courtney Proctor
  • Has exchanged money with Michael Proctor on Venmo

Sean Goode is the poster child for why the Canton Police Department needs to be audited. On the morning of January 29, 2022 he did not follow any of the proper protocols for a murder, which worked out to the benefit of the Alberts and McCabes, who he has been friends with his entire life.

Kevin Martinek claimed that the there is no reason for an audit because police will self report their own discipline issues. This of course ignores the fact that the Canton Police Department almost entirely consists of people who have grown up with each other and have shown that they will not apply the law equally to people they know.

His best line was this one:

“If there’s a conflict of interest the Massachusetts State Police take over the investigation.”

The fact that the audience burst out in laughter when he said this is indicative that the entire town is well aware of what a ridiculous statement it was. The idea that CPD can hand over a murder investigation to a corrupt State Police Detective who they all personally know, and who has even deeper ties to the Alberts and McCabes, and that somehow this is less of a conflict of interest, is laughable.

Martinek also bragged about how CPD was in the top third of police departments for discipline issues. However, as Kathleen Howley pointed out in her presentation, this is actually a better argument for why an audit is necessary. CPD had zero disciplinary actions reported on their officers according to the POST commission, whereas neighboring towns had between 7 and 30.

All this shows us is that the Canton Police Department cannot be trusted to police themselves. It’s just not plausible that a police department that employs and promotes corrupt cops like Michael Lank would have no disciplinary actions.

It’s also notable that Michael Proctor and Colin Albert were present in the auditorium for the whole night. You can see their heads circled here, sitting in close proximity, despite allegedly not knowing each other:

Colin was seen towards the end walking down the aisle to go back to his seat.

The Canada Goose jacket Colin was wearing sells for $1,125 online. How does a college dropout whose parents owe over $65K in taxes, and have had countless court judgments against them for unpaid bills, afford clothing like that? I could think of a couple ways.

Colin was accompanied by a man named Jason Marcell.

Marcel’s wife Jaime McGillicuddy Marcell was one of the women who expressed disgust at my peaceful protest outside of D&E Pizza in late August.

Colin Albert doesn’t strike me as the type of person who goes to a lot of town meetings or cares much about town politics. He was there because every vote counts and the McAlberts needed as many votes as they could get. Colin Albert was never listed as a suspect or a witness by the Canton Police Department. He was there to support them because their corruption has helped keep him from being in Karen Read’s position.

The most iconic moment of the night was the reaction of the 5 members of the Board of Selectmen when the moderator announced that all three rooms had voted in favor of the audit.


That face you make when you realize that you have completely underestimated the determination of the “random f***ing citizens” you previously disparaged.

None of them thought this outcome was possible. Their immediate instinct was to stand up, shout, and demand a different outcome. John Connolly has been on the Board of Selectmen since the beginning of time, and has ensured that the Police Department and other town agencies were above reproach. Those days are over, thanks to a bunch of random f***ing citizens.

Denise Galvin claimed that a “silent majority of residents” opposed the audit, whereas only a “small fraction of outspoken residents” were leading the calls for change.

But it appears as if she underestimated just how reviled her family and friends are in town as a result of our reporting and activism.

Congratulations to the people of Canton for their successful exercise in democracy. They overcame a police investigation into their signature drive, suppression of free speech that only ended after the ACLU threatened a lawsuit, and a series of anonymous threats from the McAlberts. They would not allow themselves to be bullied into silence, and in so doing took steps to take their town back from the corrupt public officials who currently control it.


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