Canton Cover-Up Part 229: Two Months After Letting John O’Keefe Die In Cold Jennifer McCabe Started “Peggie’s Angels,” Took John O’Keefe’s Mom And Niece Out To Dinner With “Real Housewives Of Canton” 


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Multiple sources from Canton sent messages today telling us that Jennifer McCabe’s Jeep was parked at the free house Peggie O’Keefe inherited from her murdered son, just hours after we published the damning 911 tape showing that McCabe did nothing to save John O’Keefe’s life after finding him alive in the snow.

Manipulating the O’Keefe’s is essential for the conspirators who murdered him and framed Karen Read because they believe it gives them moral superiority to have the backing of John’s remaining family. It’s why they often deflect from their own guilt and hide behind the O’Keefes – they are useful human shields.

When I first announced on April 17 that I was writing about this case, and I made it clear that I would be taking a pro-defense position due to the facts and evidence in their favor, I received several message from supporters of the McAlberts who tried to prevent me from writing the story. These people already followed me, were clearly fans of Turtleboy, and understood the influence the article would have on public opinion. And since these people knew that the facts and evidence were against them they all used the O’Keefe family as a weapon to try to prevent me from exposing their friends.

Karl Dugal was clearly skeptical of the McAlberts when he messaged me in April, stating that he “would like to know the truth,” about “whoever left him to die on a front lawn in a snowstorm.” He conceded that I “may be right” about who was responsible, because even someone as stubborn as Karl cannot be completely blind to the facts. But he, like all of the McAlbert supporters, used John’s niece and nephew as pawns in order to protect the people who killed John.

Why would anyone who cares about justice object to autopsy photos being shown if they could shed light on how John was murdered, and who murdered him?

None of these people could articulate why the defense was actually wrong. None of them could explain or justify the 2:27 Google search, the Apple Health data, Ryan Nagel’s testimony, the dog scratches, or the failure of Michael Proctor to reveal obvious conflicts with witnesses. They all agreed that the defense had created reasonable doubt for Karen simply by citing evidence, and claimed that the prosecution couldn’t combat that with their own facts “without compromising the case.” They all promised big bombshells to come, which have never arrived.

That is why their only play is to use Peggy O’Keefe, Paul O’Keefe, and John’s two innocent, twice orphaned children, as human pawns in their online game of murder coverup. The bad guys aren’t the ones sharing the autopsy photos or defending Karen Read. The bad guys are the people who use the O’Keefes as a weapon to prevent you from talking about any of this.

The McAlberts have been trying to push the narrative hard that I have attacked the O’Keefe family and booed them at the courthouse. They use disgraced former FBI diversity hire Jennifer Coffindaffer as their mouthpiece to spread these lies, which are easily debunked by video footage explicitly asking people NOT to boo the O’Keefes on the courthouse stairs.

In the Boston Magazine article about the Karen Read case Gretchen Voss made sure to include this lie, by including out of context quotes in which I am critical of Paul O’Keefe for drunk driving and aligning with his brother’s killers. They push this narrative hard because if people aren’t talking about how mean I am to the O’Keefes then they might focus on all of the facts and evidence proving the McAlbert’s guilt.

People like Karl Dugal and Paul O’Keefe are blinded by hatred for Karen Read, and their behavior is less forgivable and less understandable than Jennifer McCabe’s behavior. At least Jen and her co-conspirators were in self-preservation mode, trying to save themselves from potential life in prison. Karl and Paul have committed no crimes (recently), and claim to love John. Yet they’ve aligned themselves with the people who even they concede MAY have been involved in murdering their friend and brother.

Jennifer McCabe is one of the most cold hearted criminals I’ve ever seen, and definitely someone you would want on your team if you ever murdered someone. She quarterbacked the entire operation, immediately going into self-preservation mode after realizing that John was dying inside 34 Fairview Road and would likely not survive.

Jennifer McCabe commissioned her daughter Allie to take part in a murder coverup by acting as the getaway driver for Colin Albert. Keep in mind, Allie was 17 years old and out driving past midnight during a blizzard. My mother wouldn’t let me drive in the rain because she thought I would hydroplane. She didn’t let me drive minors to and from parties where they were consuming alcohol at 1 in the morning during a nor’easter.

What kind of mother would have her teen daughter drive Colin home when she could do have driven Colin home herself? But then she wouldn’t have been able to sit in the house, plot the coverup, and make sure the loose ends of Julie Nagel and Sarah Levinson knew what to say if asked.

There is a reason that Jen and Chris are the two most active McAlberts in this story – their children both took part in a murder and/or the subsequent coverup. They are fighting like only a parent can.

When Jennifer called 911 she showed zero emotions, and referred to her good friend John O’Keefe as simply a “man lying in the snow.” She didn’t go inside her sister’s unlocked house to get blankets, even after the dispatcher told her to find blankets.

She made sure to speak with all 5 responding Canton Police Officers while Karen Read was screaming and trying to save John O’Keefe’s life. While Karen was sent to the hospital for mental health treatment because she was experiencing genuine trauma, Jen was emotionless and able to speak with Sgt. Michael Lank on the phone at 8:38 and 8:59, before calling Michael Proctor’s personal cell phone and planting the LIE that Karen Read admitted to running John over with her car.

But Jen knew that the most important person she needed on her side wasn’t Proctor, Lank, or Michael Morrissey – it was Peggie O’Keefe, and by extension Paul O’Keefe and John’s niece and nephew. That’s why she called Peggy at 1:38 PM and had a 7 minute conversation after she knew Karen had left 1 Meadows Ave for the last time with her parents.

It’s why she started making cheap “Justice for JJ” pins and wearing them to court.

It’s why she rubbed the shoulders of other attention seeking drama queens in court who believed her lie that Karen killed John.

It’s why she got John’s niece to transfer out of Bishop Feehan and go to Canton High School as a sophomore so she could be closely integrated with and monitored by the McAlberts.

It’s why she brought John’s niece to school orientation night.

It’s why she left heart emojis on Peggie O’Keefe’s Facebook page every time she shared a picture of John.

And it’s why on April 13, 2022, Jennifer McCabe did something that will make your stomach spin – went out to dinner with John’s niece and Peggie and inducted her into the “Real Housewives of Canton” as part of the group they call “Peggie’s Angels.” Jen made sure to sit directly across the table with the child she helped turn into an orphan for the second time.

I shared this image on Twitter today, and the response from the few remaining McAlbert defenders, all of whom hide behind anonymity, was predictably, “How dare you share a picture of John’s niece that was publicly used for McAlbert propaganda on Facebook!”

These people simply don’t exist in real life, just on Twitter. My response to their faux outrage is this – stop pretending like any of you frauds care at all about John O’Keefe or his family. I get it – this is all you have. Without the ability to use them as human shields you’d have to publicly defend some of the most vile, unlikeable people in Turtleboy history.

But just know that your words are meaningless, and although you maybe have been able to fool Gretchen Voss, Jennifer Coffindaffer, and other easily duped individuals, you haven’t fooled millions of people, and you certainly haven’t fooled the FBI. Your day is coming, and all you’re doing is ensuring that when that day comes it will be the most glorious victory in the decade long history of Turtleboy.


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