Canton Cover-Up Part 230: Ken Mello Says A Grand Jury Is Indicting Turtleboy On More Conspiracy Charges, Shows He Doesn’t Understand How Phones Work


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Yesterday our motion to have my phones and computer returned to me in Stoughton District Court was denied by Judge Brian Walsh and kicked up to Superior Court for a hearing sometime next week. But the headline most of the media outlets ran with was this one:

Very special prosecutor Ken Mello announced that a grand jury was convened to indict me, and suggested that it may be more conspiracy charges.

It’s notable that WCVB employs Brian Albert’s Attorney Greg Henning as their official legal analyst. Their story simply says that Karen Read is accused of hitting John O’Keefe “outside a home in Canton.”

In other words, they’re happy to report on any baseless claims made by the Commonwealth, but will go out of their way not to mention the fact that John O’Keefe was found murdered on Brian Albert’s front lawn.

I honestly have no idea what these new conspiracy charges are about, but I always expected to be indicted. The whole purpose of this exercise is to scare me, shut me up, and most importantly gain access to my devices so they can find out the identities of confidential sources.

They claim they haven’t looked in my devices yet, and have agreed not to do so until a “taint team” of pre-approved neutral parties is assigned to look through the devices and screen out privileged communications that are not pertinent to the search warrant. I don’t believe they haven’t looked through my phones yet, but their acceptance of this means that they can’t use anything in the phone against me.

To be clear, I’m not the least bit worried because I haven’t committed any crimes. My concern is that they’re using this as a fishing expedition to try to find something they can use to trump up more bogus charges. They’re also able to read very private and personal conversations, and the police who are doing this would love nothing more than to find out the identities of police sources who have been giving me information about their illegal activities.


My lawyer Tim Bradl was excellent yesterday, but it didn’t matter because Judge Walsh had his mind made up when he walked into the courtroom. Bradl pointed out that he’s had a client in a murder case who had his phone returned to him by Yuri Bukhenik within two days because the State Police can just “mirror” the device. Ken Mello is a boomer so he doesn’t understand how any of this works, and he said that he was worried that I would delete all the “evidence” if they returned my phone and then claim that I would accuse them of planting evidence on the mirrored data.

That’s not how any of this works Ken. You give both the defense and the Commonwealth a copy of the mirrored data. It’s the exact same copy so there can’t be any shenanigans later on. If I were to claim that you planted more evidence on the mirrored data you could simply look at our mirrored data and see that the exact same data was there.

They just don’t want me to have my phones back because they want to make it more difficult for me to do my job.

Mello also accused me of running down the street with a bullhorn screaming at a state trooper outside of court, and telling Chris Albert’s customers that there was blood in his pizza.

  1. I followed Detective Bukhenik down the street asking him questions with a bullhorn that are relevant to his involvement in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder.
  2. Detective Bukhenik is not one of the 8 “victims” of witness intimidation.
  3. Nothing about what he just described is remotely close to being illegal.
  4. Blood pizza was a joke I put on a sign because Chris Albert murdered a 23 year old man in 1994 and served 6 months in jail for his crime.
  5. Holding a sign that says blood pizza because I’m unhappy that Chris Albert murdered someone 29 years ago has nothing to do with the John O’Keefe case.

Mello truly showed his hand when he complained that I was “blogging away,” and going “several hours a day.” He also said he had communications with other individuals that suggest there are items that are confidential on my phone, including leaked grand jury minutes.

Mello is upset that I continue to express my First Amendment rights and do the job that I’m paid to do. He thought that by having me charged with this crime it would get me to do the only thing they wanted me to do – stop writing about and exposing corruption in the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office. He’s upset that I haven’t given up, despite the fact that it was significantly harder to do my job and cost me thousands of dollars to get new devices.

As for the “communications with other individuals,” I can only assume he’s talking about Natalie Wiweke, the California woman who volunteered to be a source of information early on because she had access to the primary subject of my reporting – Karen Read.  Natalie turned out to be a lunatic because Karen no longer wanted to be best friends with her, and has since begun sharing our communications. Whatever Natalie gave me she did so freely, so I’m not sure how I’d be charged with conspiracy for that. Regardless, leaking grand jury minutes is not a crime, so Natalie has nothing to worry about if she did.

This is another reason they don’t want me to have access to my phone – they don’t want me to be able to read my old text message so that way I’ll have no idea what they’re thinking of charging me with. Of course they could just mirror my phones, hand my phones back, and still have access to everything that was on there. But Ken Mello likely still uses a flip phone so this concept is foreign to him.

Even though I know I’m innocent it’s still not a good feeling to have the people with all the guns, who have nothing but bad intentions for you, plotting to use the machinery of the state to make your life as difficult as possible. These recent setbacks have made it clear that although millions of people support me, the people with the guns and gavels don’t. Fighting this battle will be time consuming and arduous, as we look to overturn this blatantly unconstitutional witness intimidation statute, and keep me out of jail so I can continue to report the news that no other media outlet would dare report. I greatly appreciate any and all donations to the Turtleboy legal defense fund. You can donate here.

My next court date is Tuesday in Stoughton, and I look forward to seeing many of you there. Thank you.




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