Canton Cover-Up Part 234: Commonwealth Supporters Believe Lucky Loughran Saw Karen Read Driving John O’Keefe’s Chevy Traverse At Crime Scene That He Mistook For Ford Edge


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I have long argued that the most important piece of evidence proving Karen Read’s innocence is the testimony of Lucky Loughran. His eye witness account has been repeated to four groups of people who have questioned him – Karen Read’s private investigator, the FBI, Detectives Bukhenik and Proctor, and award winning journalist Aidan Kearney. His story remains constant – he plowed Fairview Road at 2:30 AM, John O’Keefe’s body was not on the lawn, he would have seen the body if it were there due to his position up high with good lighting, and there was a Ford Edge parked between 3-3:30 in the exact spot where John’s body would be discovered by Karen Read at 6 PM. If there was no body there at 2:30 it means Karen Read couldn’t have killed John at 12:30. If there was a Ford Edge there at 3:30 then it means whoever was driving that vehicle was involved in the murder.

In order to convict Karen Read of murder the Commonwealth is going to have to convince a jury that this determined, resolute, and experienced plow driver is either lying or mistaken. Additionally, Proctor and Bukhenik will have to explain why they have done nothing since their August 10, 2023 interview with Loughran to find out who was driving that Ford Edge.

Luckily for us it appears as if Boston Police wife Jackie Dugal has shown the government’s hand when she used her anonymous Twitter account to share a video explaining the plan.

Yes, that’s right – they are claiming that Lucky Loughran mistook John O’Keefe’s Chevy Traverse for a Ford Edge, which several members of the Albert family own.

They are now claiming that Karen Read, in her sinister plot to murder John O’Keefe, took his Chevy out at 3 AM and drove back to the scene of the crime to make sure the job was done! If O’Keefe was still alive then the dastardly Karen Read would make sure to finish him off. Then she would stick around for 30-45 minutes to make sure Loughran couldn’t plow the street before returning back to 1 Meadows Ave, calling Jennifer McCabe in an attempt to implicate her, and making sure the Ring camera caught her leaving at 5 AM in order to make it look like she backed into John’s Traverse to explain why her tail light was broken.

Keep in mind, they call Karen Read supporters “conspiracy theorists,” while saying all of this with a straight face. The only conspiracy theorists are the people who believe that a Lexus has dog teeth, no one saw a dead body just feet from the curb, a man hit by a 3 ton vehicle going 24.2 mph in reverse had no bruises or broken below his nose, and Jennifer McCabe’s free range feral children randomly happened to be in the background of a picture at the Proctor household in 2017.

But if there theory is correct, then why wouldn’t Karen Read just take her own car? Or did she do this knowing that a Traverse is indistinguishable from a Ford Edge, and knew that Loughran would be driving by at that time and would be likely to fall for the ruse? Why would Karen risk going back to the scene of the crime where more people could see her? Why isn’t the Traverse seen on the Canton Library footage at 3 AM? Why had an inch and a half of snow accumulated on the Traverse at 5 AM if it had recently returned to the house?

What evidence does Jackie have of any of this? Simple – the Ring camera footage from 1 Meadows Ave between 1-5 AM has disappeared.

Obviously then the dastardly Karen Read must’ve deleted just that portion. Sure, Read’s attorneys have filed four separate motions asking for information on where that Ring camera footage went, and the police can easily find out which device deleted the footage. But we’re not dealing with people who have any interest in facts or truth, so this is what we get. Jackie Dugal isn’t a stupid person, and she knows in her heart of hearts that Karen Read didn’t do this. She’s just too invested in the lie, too consumed with hatred for Karen, and too proud, stubborn, and embarrassed to admit that she’s been palling around with the people who murdered John for the last two years. She desperately wants to believe that Karen did this because it will be too humiliating for her to deal with if Karen didn’t do it.

You know that things are not going well for you when you have to cite sources called “Boundless Millenial,” “Yellow Cottage Tales,” and “Krusty Panties” to fight your battles for you. They can try to convince themselves that the feds have given up and the McAlberts and Proctors won’t be held responsible, but the fact of that matter is that they will be. And when that day comes it will be glorious.


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