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Canton Cover-Up Part 236: Michael Proctor, Brian Albert, Colin Albert, Jennifer McCabe Called Out For Corruption On Court TV Interview With Turtleboy


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This morning I was invited on Court TV for the second time to talk about both the Karen Read case and the 9 felony charges filed against me. Julie Grant was not in so I spoke with Julia Jenae and tried to get in as much critical information for the national TV audience that I could.

Points hit:

  • Indictments likely coming for journalism
  • Karen Read was a completely stranger to me before I wrote about her
  • John O’Keefe was found on Brian Albert’s front lawn
  • First became aware of the coverup after reading Alan Jackson’s 92 page affidavit filed April 12
  • 2:27 Google search by Jennifer McCabe for “hos long to die in cold”
  • Apple Health data put John inside the house from 12:21-12:24 AM
  • Ryan Nagel saw Karen Read alone in her car with tail light in perfect condition
  • Autopsy photos show that a Lexus could not have killed John unless it had German Shepherd teeth
  • Michael Proctor has a picture from 2017 with Jennifer McCabe’s daughters
  • Chris and Colin Albert attended Michael Proctor’s sister’s wedding in 2012 and sat at the same table
  • Michael Proctor’s mother called the Albert’s a “second family” in a 2019 Facebook post
  • I was arrested and charged because I was too effective at asking questions and exposing corruption
  • The police and DA’s office that charged and arrested me are the same police and DA’s office I have been relentlessly exposing, which really says it all

Julia asked me about the people protesting outside of the courtroom, which more often than not leads to “mindless mob” accusations. I made sure to emphasize that the people following this case are not a mindless mob. They are intelligent people who normally would support the police, but don’t appreciate being lied to, and that is what the Commonwealth has been doing this entire time. They lied about the relationship between the Proctors and McAlberts, they lied about what time they towed Karen Read’s car from Dighton, they lied about “daylight savings,” they lied about “scrivener’s errors,” and much more. We can all plainly see they are lies, which is upsetting because we are supposed to trust our institutions. That is why we are on the courthouse steps, and that is why all these people are giving up their free time to protest on behalf of a woman they’ve never met. We want law and order back, and we want the people who abused our trust to be held criminally responsible.


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  1. Ok yes. Not a mindless mob, but I’m sure many still eager with anticipation for a: GOOD OLE FASHIONED IMPROMPTU MOB JUSTICE HANGING!

    1. I think these decent and kind people go by “Random Fucking Citizen”. 😃❤️
      Good will always win over evil

    2. Nah, we abhor violence. We just pray for long prison sentences for these people.

      It’s the other side that obviously had zero issues with violence and suffering

  2. Keep at it Aidan…

    More Exposure = More Awareness

    The murder of John O’Keefe happened at the hands of another Boston Police Officer with the help of others. The cover up continues because of the Canton PD, MA State Police and the Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey.

    Once people see the evidence and the facts of this case then they will see the corruption and cover up involved.

    Things are unraveling for them as evidenced by the numerous news stories last week, the Court TV appearance today and tonight’s Investigative Report on Boston 25 News.

      1. Don’t forget. The FBI/DOj prosecute corruption , State Troopers good, DA’s better and judges gets them promoted… So they want this. Omg if they have Judge Cannone talking to her brother or father about this case in anyway shape or form she’s someone’s promotion…

  3. “They are intelligent people who normally would support the police, but don’t appreciate being lied to, and that is what the Commonwealth has been doing this entire time.”

  4. Excellent summary for the amount of time you were given. Very well spoken, as would be expected from an award winning journalist.

    Hold on to that energy. We got your back and we ain’t got no quit

  5. On average the supporters of Karen Read are over 50 years old. They are parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters. They realize that if this can happen to her it can happen to them.

    This is part of what makes this movement unique. Everyone should be outraged at the unethical and criminal behavior of law enforcement. These are organizations that take an oath to protect and serve and what we are seeing is a collection of officers intentionally compromising a murder investigation for the benefit of another officer.

    John’s murder was BLUE ON BLUE…

  6. Coffindaffer backpedaling BIG TIME on Twitter… love watching someone’s own words & elitist attitude smack them in the face . TB’s CourtTV appearance & Boston 25’s exposé on FBI investigation tonight leaving a mark apparently…

    1. Hey Joe, This story is HUGE. It effects all of us if our law enforcement agencies are corrupt.

      If you can’t follow it then just have some confidence in those that are following it and seeing it for what it is.

  7. I promised my hubby I wouldnt post anymore but I can’t help it.i was a naughty troll and I shouldn’t be punished for that. I have such a crush on Aiden that I can’t help but to comment on here. Anyway…. free Karen and TB! Maybe someday I’ll find out what a real man feels like?!
    Your secret admirer❤️

    1. Nah, you just can’t help yourself because you’re all kinds of f’d up. I personally look forward to these crack pot comments.
      Just another validation of being on the correct side.

  8. This just can’t be the first time these cops have done this.

    Makes you wonder how many times these officers intentionally compromised cases that may have put innocent people in jail.

    It’s not believable that this is the first time these cops have acted unethically and criminally. You don’t just wake up one day and decide to veer off the path.

    Every case they have been involved with deserves another look.

    1. I’ve posted pretty much the same words in previous messages. It really is disgusting when we think about the depth of destruction these
      corrupt cops have inflicted on our injustice system

  9. And yet none of this will save you from the witness intimidation charges, or the conspiracy charges, and whatever other charges you’re facing. Cancelling your appearance in court today should be a BIG “Oh shit” moment for you.

    1. It was re-scheduled, probably due to the fact that the Feds are getting involved, so that’s likely a good thing. Once these scumbags are outed, charges go bye-bye…

      1. Are you stupid? The delay was because Aiden’s case is being moved to Superior Court AND there’s now a grand jury looking into MORE charges for TB.

        Aiden’s case is a slam dunk for the CW because the little Adderall fiend recorded everything he said and did.

    2. Just explain the Google search. And you won’t have to wrote all that bullshit ever again.

      It’s really simple. Just explain that ONE THING then all of this goes away for your crew.

    1. Gotta love the name. If Chloe is in Vermont than easy to get samples/tested.
      Unless anything that could has been “lost”. So hard to keep track of what is missing.

  10. Great job on the interview Aidan! You were composed, factual and effective. This makes people want to know more. Keep it up!!

  11. Great Job TB. Very well spoken. Got every point across is a very articulate and effective manner. Well done! Congratulations!

  12. Worried about tb going to jail for real..
    I was told the mcalberts have connections all the way up to the Feds and the White House.
    Where does Marty Walsh side on all this?

    1. Oh no! You must have scared people with that one!
      Not Marty Walsh?!
      Dam, that just changed everything.
      Those Albert’s are so dam smaht.

  13. We protest because Aiden’s investigation revealed that the Coverup is just has horrible as the crime. Free Karen Read, Free Aiden Kearney and Free the Canton Nine

  14. Even though I am a regular blogger, I have to tell that I absolutely appreciate reading your blogs. The article has aroused my interest in reading more about it. Your blog is going to be added to my bookmarks, and I will return to it in the future to look for new stuff.

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