Canton Cover-Up Part 237: Trailer For Boston 25 Investigates Claims Federal Grand Jury Is Only Investigating Law Enforcement, Ted Daniel Has Memo From Michael Morrissey To DOJ


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In anticipation of Boston 25 News Investigates story tonight at 10:15 about the federal investigation into the Norfolk County DA’s Office coverup in the murder of John O’Keefe, a trailer was released that gave us some clues about what the story involves:


  • The US Attorney’s Office is investigating the investigators
  • A whistle blower went to the US Attorney’s Office long before Karen Read’s lawyers made public claims of a coverup
  • Federal grand jury is only investigating people in law enforcement
  • People who have gone in to testify in front of grand jury are not the target of the investigation
  • There is a difference between not following protocols and criminal behavior
  • Ted Daniel has a letter sent from the Norfolk County DA’s Office to the DOJ
  • Feds won’t acknowledge the probe
  • Ted Daniel received new information over the weekend

As I’ve opined several times, the McAlberts do not appear to be the target of this investigation. That is why they were all called to testify in front of the federal grand jury and couldn’t plead the fifth – they are not being investigated. As an example, they likely want to know if the State Police provided cover for Colin Albert, Brian Albert, Jennifer McCabe, and Allie McCabe. They could ask them questions about their relationship with Michael Proctor, and what sort of actions Proctor took in the investigation. They could ask them about their relationship with individual in the DA’s Office.

Coincidentally, almost all of the people who were called to testify in front of the federal grand jury were interviewed by State Police investigators for the first time after testifying. None of these interviews were recorded, and MSP had no intention of actually asking them tough questions about the Karen Read case. They just wanted to know what the federal grand jury was asking them about the State Police and DA’s Office, because they are likely being left completely in the dark. No one from law enforcement has been called in front of the federal grand jury.

Now we know why all of the McAlberts have attorneys – they were all called to testify in front of a federal grand jury. If they were smart, and properly prepared by their attorneys, they would’ve been told that the feds already know the answer to any question they’re asking. For instance, if they asked Allie McCabe what time she left 34 Fairview Road with Colin Albert, they already know when she left. They likely have Geo Fence and other forensic data that Karen Read’s lawyer could never get due to obstruction from the DA’s Office and Judge Beverly Cannone, who has an unhealthy desire to remain on this case despite no longer being the presiding justice.

Now we know what the September 25 meeting between Jennifer McCabe and the Proctors at the Proctor household was about – the federal investigation. They met in person because they likely assume their phones are being tapped. When I reported on this clandestine meeting the DA’s Office, which we now know as a fact is under federal investigation, charged me with witness intimidation. In reality I was getting much too close to the truth, so they did the only thing they knew how to do – weaponize their office to persecute anyone who they deem as a threat to their power.

I have no idea what the memo that Morrissey sent to the DOJ was about or when it was sent. But according to the preview his office would’ve been kept in the dark about the investigation. We will see what Ted Daniel has to say about that tonight at 10:15. The Young Jurks will be streaming reaction to it, which you can subscribe to and watch here.




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