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Canton Cover-Up Part 240: Former Norfolk County ADA Michael Morrissey Claims Is Conflicted For Being Married To Federal Prosecutor Has Not Worked For Him In 8 Years


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Michael Morrissey claims that the US Attorney’s Office for Massachusetts is too conflicted to corruption out of his office in the Karen Read case because a former ADA who worked for him is married to a high ranking federal prosecutor in the public corruption unit. He did not say who either of them were, but a federal prosecutor named Dustin Chao comes up on several high profile public corruption cases out of the US Attorney’s Office. Upon further review Chao is married to Attorney Laura Greenberg-Chao, a partner at Henshon Klein LLP.

She was previously honored by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly as one of the Top Women of the Law in 2018 for being a role model for young women entering law, and making contributions to the legal profession. She sit (or sat) on the Board of Bar Overseers, is an adjunct professor at New England School of Law, and has devoted time to pro bono work for asylum matters.

She has been a partner with Henshon Klein LLP since 2017, and has worked there since 2015. Her tenure as an ADA in Norfolk County was brief, lasting just two years from 2013-15.

She likely makes significantly more money in private practice than she was making as an ADA, which is why so many quality lawyers go into private practice.

Michael Morrissey is now arguing that the government agency that exists to oversee public corruption in offices like the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office, cannot investigate him because this woman who briefly worked in his office a decade ago is married to someone who works in public corruption for the government agency that exists to oversee public corruption.

Obviously this is not even remotely close to being a conflict. He has not alleged that this woman has some sort of long standing grudge against him, and she likely doesn’t since she left 8 years ago for greener pastures. But even if she did it wouldn’t matter. You can’t just halt an investigation into you because one of the people who may or may not be investigating you is married to a woman who briefly worked for you 10 years ago.

Now compare this level of conflict to the conflict that Michael Proctor has with the McAlberts, which he is OK with. Proctor is close friends with the most important witnesses against Karen Read, and intentionally chose not to investigate any of them as potential suspects. Dustin Chao isn’t trying to protect anyone, isn’t friends with Karen Read or anyone else who would benefit from this investigation, and hasn’t done anything like Proctor has to suggest that he is covering for guilty parties. It is beyond laughable that Morrissey would accuse anyone else of being conflicted while maintaining a straight face.

This is how desperate Michael Morrissey is to stop the investigation into him. If he had nothing to hide then he would welcome it, but clearly there is something he doesn’t want the federal government to discover. Perhaps it’s the fact that his office has gone out of their way to protect Brian Albert and the other people who murdered John O’Keefe, or that he withheld exculpatory evidence from Karen Read’s defense team, or that he was well aware of Michael Proctor’s obvious conflicts with the McAlberts. Whatever it is, he is petrified of what is going to happen to him if this investigation doesn’t end, and he’s trying desperately to stop it. Unfortunately it’s not working, and clock is ticking.


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  1. She’s got some great traps. Probably remembers Morrissey as “the fat turd who leers at me.”

      1. Is “mike” your bud? And why would you call her a skank? mike pulling anything is a non-starter when I’m guessing he has a hard time pulling his penis out of his pants to take a leak.

  2. I wonder if he reached out to her for some back door info on what the feds had on him and she told him to go pound sand?

  3. Meatball thinks he’s untouchable. How did this buffoon get a law degree? His reasoning on all these decisions is laughable. And Cannone going along with it is wild, and criminal. Hopefully they take down the whole lot: Morrisey, Cannone, Tully, Bukenik, Proctor, Rafferty, Lank, and whoever else enabled these fools. Untouchable my ass.

  4. In my head I just keep going back to that dumbass video he came out with. That could be the dumbest thing we have ever seen a DA do, ever. I can’t wait to visit him in jail.

    1. It’s called a press release turtle brain. It’s what he had to do to try to stop you all from intimidating witnesses. I heard it was people in the comments that got Chris to change his testimony. I would be careful what you say

  5. Would love to be in Morrissey’s office when he reads this TB article (and he surely does. He is gonna be ripping mad and calling for TBs head on a spit. I would prepare for retribution.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Fat boy is gonna have them looking for the “yellow target” again. I can’t wait to see this corrupt group go down!

  6. Morrissey,Tully,Proctor and Bukkake better start a gofundme and meet with a financial planer to ensure that their families don’t end up in a homeless shelter next Christmas. Brian Tully is a coward pussy who destroyed his career and family for Michael Proctor and his second family. Stupid fuck hahaha you too Yuri, you’re a bitch!

  7. He’s withheld evidence from Karen Read’s defense team and is in bed, (perhaps literally?) with Proctor and Tully. When they cry about people disrespecting them, they need to remember they brought this on themselves by acting more guilty than a guy carrying an ATM machine down the street.

  8. If Morrisey did this once he did it 1000 times, How many cases are going to be retried because of him and the State police. They need to stop thinking they are UNTOUCHABLE!!!!!

  9. You people have abused the alberts for too long. Get outside there is more to life than the Karen read case. You are going to be disappointed when the feds don’t show up and the docket not changed. Tick tock bitches

    1. Says the person trolling all TB Daily News… I’m still laughing to myself about your last comment on another post regarding CA and supporters “ruining” his academic career and football career at BSU.

      PRICELESS.. sure blame us that he’s a punk and helped kill a person. Maybe when he gets sentenced to prison he can pick up that “academic career” and get a degree from jail.

        1. Where did the bite marks come from on John’s arm? Why did Coke head McCabe google “hos long to die in cold”? Just those 2 things alone make Karen NOT GUILTY

          1. John’s injuries were not consistent with being hit by a taillight. One would expect to see more significant damage to Karen’s vehicle if it had in fact inflicted those injuries.
            Maybe Colin was not the killer. At least not by himself. Maybe Colin attacked John, John fought back, and then Brian came to Colin’s rescue.
            Karen will likely be found not guilty based upon reasonable doubt. If not, at least one juror will vote not guilty and a mistrial will be declared. Worst case, if she is convicted, it will almost certainly be reversed on appeal.
            It is unlikely that any of the Alberts, et.al. will see any jail time given the level of corruption the people of Canton are willing to accept. It has been that way for decades and not likely to change ant time soon.

    2. So these arr the investigators you want to investigate your murder or murder of a family member? The feds just don’t grand jury anyone. I’m damn near 50 an never once. They started this investigation when someone inside the house went to the feds because she was getting framed. Atleast that person has a soul. Proctor is definitely doing jail time, Tully an Bukkake prob just as likely (bukkake will run to Ukraine). If you don’t really think that good luck. I’ll screen shot this an plaster it all over Canton when it happens. P.s. hope you got yourself a vpn…

      1. You don’t understand satire do you.Im impersonating a Canton boomer Albert supporter I seen on reddit

  10. People in Canton come up to me and ask were my cape is . I say I’m not a hero just a resident trying to protect his town from conspiracy minded turtleslobs . But other than that it’s a thankless job.

    1. Still in a dream state eh? Just wanting attention….. but you are a very boring individual…nothing unique 🤷‍♀️.

  11. I believe that the tactics employed by police and prosecutors in this case are not uncommon.✌❤🐢

  12. Rita hit the nail on the head, Canton is gonna be swimming in lawsuits in the very near future. Maybe Chris can pay his taxes and help cushion the blow a little 😬

  13. Getting far away from the Norfolk County DA’s office was the best move of Laura’s career. She no longer has to worry about Morrissey coming near her with his bad breath and smelly farts. Plus she no longer has to let him grind his fat shit self into her!

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