Canton Cover-Up Part 243: Real Estate Agent From Firm That Sold Brian Albert’s House Writes Scathing Letter Accusing “Miscreant” Turtleboy Of Being Behind Diabolical Audit Of Canton Police Department


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This is Gilda McGonagle from Canton.

She submitted a letter to the Canton Citizen about the recent vote to audit the Canton Police Department, and she wasn’t happy with the people who voted Yes, or with a certain award winning journalist.

Only on Planet Moron can you be called “anti-police” for demanding a thorough investigation into the murder of a police officer. Notice how she calls it a “subversive movement,” and suggests that they are going town to town trying to defund the police. Not once has any of these people ever suggested they are anti-police or want them defunded in any way. They just want a better return on the investment they’ve made as taxpayers.

Better Boomer really needs to chill out with the hyperbole too. There are no diabolical minds at play, nor is anyone’s life being a target for annihilation. It’s unfortunate that Gilda thinks I’m a miscreant, but the people who spearheaded this audit are not affiliated with Turtleboy. I had nothing to do with the Special Town Meeting, I just happen to support them 1,000%.

As for the “Canton is so divided because of the people who want transparent government” bullshit, the only people dividing Canton are the McAlbert supporters. If you’re gonna pretend like you give a shit about “coming together,” then maybe don’t refer to other concerned citizens as a “radical group of hate filled zealots.” If your home values erode it’s because nobody wants to live in a town run by corrupt hacks like Chris Albert and John Connolly. Nobody wants to live in a town where a bunch of murderers are roaming free and going to your kid’s soccer games. The “constant attacks and threats” that Canton Police have to deal with are nothing more than concerned taxpayers trying to find out how their local police department bungled a murder investigation so badly.

Don’t worry though Gilda, good people will still want to run for town office. The problem now is that bad people like Chris Albert currently hold office. We’re fixing that problem.

It should be noted that Gilda works for Raveis Real Estate, the firm that sold 34 Fairview Road.

Realtor Eric Hanson told every potential buyer at the Open House that no pictures could be taken, and ended up selling the house for $50K less than asking price. Another agent for Raveis named Renee Roberts, the sister in law of Kerry Roberts, is believed by many to be behind a troll account on social media that often shares anti-Karen Read propaganda and has left negative reviews for businesses that support the Free Karen Read movement.

Ironically, Gilda is very active in politics and campaigned for Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito.

It’s OK when she’s politically active, but when others in town are politically active for causes she doesn’t support, then they’re being diabolical, subversive, anti-police, hate-filled zealots, out to cause the annihilation of civilized society. Gilda liked it more when her friends could murder people, cover it up, and not get any pushback. Sorry Gilda, but you’re not in charge anymore. You can call me a miscreant if you want, but I’m also your new Mayor, so you better get used to your new normal.



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