Canton Cover-Up Part 244: Special Prosecutor Ken Mello Promotes Tweets From Anti-Karen Read Twitter Accounts Currently Charged With Crimes, Believes All Democrats Should Be On Prison Chain Gangs


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Special Prosecutor Ken Mello appears to have a Twitter account that he’s been using to make some controversial comments.

The account @KenMello has been around since 2009, but went nearly a decade without being used. It is followed by, and follows, Mello’s friend Peter Aspesi, an attorney from Cape Cod.

I asked Attorney Aspesi if this was in fact Ken Mello’s account. He told me he wasn’t sure, and that he thought it was someone he went to school with, who was also named Ken Mello.

He just happens to be friends with Ken Mello the special prosecutor, who also follows Peter, as well as several anti-Turtleboy accounts.

This account was noticed by a turtle rider who saw that he liked a tweet from an anti-Karen Read account, run by a woman who lost her two youngest children to the state, and is set to be arraigned in Stoughton District Court on Monday for violating a harassment prevention order at my arraignment.

I am a witness in that case for the Stoughton Police Department, as I saw the victim while I was being arraigned walk directly passed Katherine Peter inside the courtroom. Ms. Peter chose not to leave, which she is required to do because the victim has a full year restraining order against her. Ms. Peter also claims to be working with Special Prosecutor Mello, so it wasn’t surprising to see that he likes her tweets.

However, Mr. Mello is prosecuting me for witness intimidation, while his friend Katherine Peter has been actively engaging in it for months. I was a witness against her in a recent case out of Boston, where she admitted guilt to violating a harassment prevention order against the same victim in a plea agreement. Despite the fact that she knew I was a witness, she made statements online in which she threatened me with physical violence if I showed up to her court dates. On January 6, 2023, she followed through on those threats when she brought her boyfriend Andrew Johnson to West Roxbury District Court with her, and he assaulted me on camera on the courthouse stairs.

This same woman has threatened multiple times to show up at my 8 year old daughter’s cheerleading practices, presumably to harass her.

She talks about my children a lot, often making graphic sexual comments. She also makes threats to show up at my house, and followed through on those threats when she filmed herself in my driveway on July 22.

In March she sent her 16 year old daughter to message our Facebook page, and made graphic comments and threats towards my children. The troubled teen even threatened to birth her own children, just so they could assault mine. Ms. Peter knew her daughter was doing this, and posted that she was “pretty proud” of her behavior.

Apparently this is the kind of person Special Prosecutor Ken Mello associates with online.

Attorney Mello appears to be a big Donald Trump supporter, and has expressed his desire for Hillary Clinton to be jailed.

Ken Mello is a real “law and order” guy, who has no tolerance for witness intimidation, except when he’s supporting people who are currently charged with committing crimes. Mr. Mello doesn’t like that the courts are being weaponized against President Trump for political purposes, but he’ll gladly take a paycheck from a corrupt District Attorney currently under investigation by the FBI to prosecute the DA’s political enemy.

It should also be noted that Ken Mello liked a tweet which said that justice would only be served when every Democrat goes to prison or works in a chain gang.

It should be noted that Judge Peter Krupp, who Mello practiced law in front of last month, has donated money to President Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and State Senator Rebecca Rausch.

Additionally, the @KenMello account appears to associate with disgraced former Fall River Mayor and convicted felon Jasiel Correia.


Ken Mello the Special Prosecutor is from Fall River, and the @KenMello account follows and is followed by Mello’s real life friend Attorney Aspesi, so safe to say this is him. Mr. Mello’s online behavior is revolting and problematic, and shows that he has no respect for our judicial system. His association with criminals who commit crimes inside courtrooms where he is the prosecutor, is troubling. Then again, this is the kind of guy who has no problem accepting a check from a corrupt DA, currently under investigation by the FBI for corruption, so the bar wasn’t high for Ken Mello to begin with.










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